Lee Jun Ki said Scars from Injuries are like Medals

SBS new drama “Iljimae” has been receiving lots of attention recently. Leading man Lee Jun Ki appeared on a music talkshow for the 1st time just to promote it and the audience gave him a thunderous applause as he appeared on Kim Jung Eun Chocolate in casual attire, wearing spectacles and with his hair tied.

Lee Jun Ki has amassed high popularity through “The King and the Clown” movie and subsequently dramas like “My Girl”, “Time of Dog and Wolf”. He will once again be decked out in period garb as he plays Iljimae who robs the rich and gives it to the poor people in the same titled SBS drama.

During the interview, Kim Jung Eun asked if Jun Ki could share any details about injuries suffered during filming, “Most of the dangerous stunts were done by me personally, without any stunt doubles. So inevitably, there would be injuries. But to me, scars are like medals and also milestones of my acting career.” The audience gave him a thunderous applause for his humble response.

Lee Jun Ki also performed two songs each from Yoon Do Hyun and Buzz old works. He had gone through official vocal training before he debuted and thus his excellent singing technique wrapped up a wonderful night for the watching audience. This broadcast was shown last night on SBS.

6 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki said Scars from Injuries are like Medals

  1. he looks gorgeous with spectacles..
    and i always love his dark brown hair..^^;

    hmm..no wonder his singing techniques are excellent..
    i mean..
    he should be on Dong Bang Shin Ki.. but he chosed to leave SM and focus on his acting career..

    but, he choose the right thing anyway..

    he become korean’s top actor now..

  2. I think him being in DBSK is a bit too much neh?….. but his songs were very good for being an actor though. I absolutely adore him….every one keeps on saying how amazing he looks (which is DEFINITELY not a lie)….but he really DOES see like a kind, and generous person in real life. People say he overacted in Iljimae, But I think his acting was up to par with the character that he portrayed…the parts he cried in really tears at the heart cuz of the story line….very intense indeed….

    on another note: I WANT THOSE GLASSES!!!! LOL 😛

  3. I do agree he overacted in first couple ep but not that bad. I also find the people who bash him are fan of HGD (yet, they said Iljimae is utter crap compare to HGD). And now is the SCW v Iljimae. SCW fan turn to bash him and calling Iljimae
    exaggerated,just cos the show better rating.
    I guess he will get even more bashing when MBC Iljimae showing…hehehehe

    When will people cut LJK some slack?
    Oh well….famous do come with price don’t it.^^

  4. Junki, I love you!
    Although i admit the sometimes overacted but he is still a great actor.
    The fans of other dramas are really absurd
    its just that the ratings of Iljimae are high, doesn’t mean they have to criticize him.
    No offence to the fans of other dramas, but seriously, get a life!

  5. Iljimae is the best series I’ve seen … we must thank the production for a good project … great actors estubieron profecionales it is noted that they are … Lee Jun Ki estubo excellent in his role as Iljimae I think without The same thing would not congratulate him a great actor is very charismatic … goes on Lee Jun Ki

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