U-Know Yunho and Kim Hee Chul mistaken as couple

DBSK leader U-Know Yunho revealed recently that he broke up with his girlfriend because of Kim Hee Chul from Super Junior.

In a recent episode of SBS “Star Show” program, U-Know revealed that he had a girlfriend during his trainee days. But he proceeded by saying, “But because of Hee Chul hyung, we had a misunderstanding and eventually parted.”

“There was once when my girlfriend spotted me and Kim Hee Chul at a coffee joint and thought that I was cheating on her. Things just got from bad to worse and we eventually broke up.”

Yunho explained further, “Hee Chul hyung had long hair at that time and when I am always with him, he would always wear a pink jacket. I tried to explain many times that it was Hee Chul hyung, but she didn’t believe me and we parted.”

45 thoughts on “U-Know Yunho and Kim Hee Chul mistaken as couple

  1. this totally states the fact how pretty heechul actually is!
    like broke a couple up? LMAO thats pretty crazy stuff. ;p
    and the girlfriend didnt trust yunho so i think she didnt deserve to be with him anyways ;p

  2. it’s kinda a good thing yunho doesn’t have a gf now..if he did the fangirls would rip her to shreds!! but yeah hehe..i can so picture heechul as a girl!!

  3. hahah that’s hilarious… 😛
    heechul is really pretty in person so i’m not too shocked lol

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  5. funny, lots of those k-pop dudes have feminine features and just add long hair and pink clothes to the mix and there will definitely be a misunderstanding.

  6. This is so funny! too bad for Yunho but Heechul being the reason why he broke up its hilarious:-D

  7. heechul is so pretty! i couldnt help but stare at him at the hb because he’s wayyyyy more pretty in real life than they say.

  8. Am I wrong or isn’t the picture of the “girl” with Yunho actually Heechul and not the girlfriend?

  9. But really Heechul is much prettier than the girlfriend maybe she was just jelous. LOL. Good that they broke up she didnt even trusted Yunho and she might have been looking for a excuse to break up.

  10. then i wonder how jealous his ex would’ve been had she seen yunho with jaejae back then XD.. ahah.. yunjae rules!

  11. wuahhahah i expected something bad,,,,but when i read it couldnt stop laughing wuahahah heechull lovee yaa

  12. wow.. *WOW*

    the gurl was so dumb.. if she loved him [yunho] she should trust him..

    but really, after reading this i laughed hard as hell.!!

    loves heechul.!!!
    * i thot it was so homo, i was shocked.. but it was so funny.!!*

  13. hahaha………….

    oh.its really funny but i think if jaejoong (hero) heard that news he will be jeaolus…………… hahaha………
    but its real that kim hee chul was very pretty like a ‘girl’….. ^^

  14. oh…….I’m forget to said this, i agree with famillan that if she really loved yunho she should be trust to him……. and if i was his girlfriend i will be trust to him

  15. i wanna c heechul… i wonder how he looks like in person.. wonder if he’s really pretty to make a couple break up….

  16. pwahahahahaha this is really funny
    when i read the title i thought that it was bad too
    i even started doubting that Hee Chul might have actually done something like we all know he is really playfull
    but when i read it it was like a big ROFL
    that was so funny i could imagine u-know telling the story smiling and the audience laughing out loud

  17. heechul is as tall as yunho i think.. so the girl in the pic cant be heechul.. and I LOVE HEECHUL’s feminine structure XD kawaiiii

  18. haha….It is no wonder! It is funny, I think it is better that they were broken up, it is good, haaha……..heechul made it, it is true that heechul looks like a girl, it is very funny

  19. OUCH!

    YUNHO-OPPA!!! Come to me!!!
    I’m a real girl
    I’ll be good girlfriend for u!!!
    No matter if I have to change my tomboy appereance
    into a feminine girl!!!
    NO MATTER!!!!!

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