Kim Hee Sun 4 weeks pregnant

Actress Kim Hee Sun comeback in the latter half of 2008 will be delayed after it was revealed that she was 4 weeks pregnant and will thus stay at home to prepare for the birth of her baby.

Kim Hee Sun

This was confirmed by a Kangnam gynaecologist and congratulatory messages flooded her Cyworld on her pregnancy. Not just just the couple who can’t hide their joy as Kim Hee Sun congratulated herself on her Cyworld, their family and friends were also very happy with the news

Kim Hee Sun had gotten married on 19th October last year with many of her fans blessing with Park Ju Yong, second son of Larksan Group CEO Park Sung Gwan. She has been off-screen since then,enjoying her blissful married life and posting photos of her and her husband on her Cyworld often for fans to see. She will now become a mother sometime next year.

And thus her scheduled comeback in 2008 will be delayed untill next year.

5 thoughts on “Kim Hee Sun 4 weeks pregnant

  1. hi alvin!! just wanna let you know that it’s Larksan, not Raksan. you can check it out at
    dont wanna get you in trouble 🙂
    you know how people can be very mean..

    i just dont want to let people to protest you again.. so you’ll have a great dayyy ahead!!

    love your posts!

  2. Isn’t four weeks a little too early to announce a pregnancy?
    Congrats to the expecting parents and their respective families ^_^

  3. Announcing the pregnancy at 4th week old is quite early. Most people would do that when they’re at least 3 months in.

    Not sure if the gynecologist spilled the beans first or after KHS congratulated herself on her Cyworld.

    Any way, best wishes to the mom & dad to-be

  4. I am Happy for you Kim. May God bless you and your husband. May you live a peaceful and happy life as a couple. May God bless the fruits of your womb!!!!!

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