Crown J Happy About His Mother-Seo In Young’s Unison Attack

The always bickering couple Seo In young-Crown J couple tried to approach Crown J’s mother in a childlike way.

On the 18th May broadcast of ‘We Got Married’ Crown J’s mother came from overseas. Crown J and Seo In Young along with Crown J’s mother had a memorable scene at the sauna.

Crown J has been pointing out to In Young that he would be able to get revenge on her with his mom’s coming. However it turns out that Crown J’s mother and Seo In Young were similar to one another and they got along well like mother and daughter.

Crown J had ‘cowardly’ said to In Young “You’re dead now” when his mother showed up. Crown J’s mom turned out to resemble In Young very much from head to toes.

Crown J’s mother spoke of In Young “We seem to resemble each other” recognizing their similarities. However Crown J’s mother wasn’t happy with Crown J’s red dyed hair; she took off his hat to check on his hair. After seeing her son’s hair color back in black, she went along with the couple to the sauna to relieve her fatigue.

At the sauna the couple acted cute and had the ‘wait and see what happens when I tell mom’ look in front of their mother. Crown J predicted that Seo In Young would get a scolding from his mom but he ended up having to listen to his mother talk like Seo In Young. Throughout the whole time Crown J showed his open-mindedness when Seo In Young reported all the mean things that Crown J did to her to Crown J’s mom.

Seo In young accomplished her goal of having Crown J’s mother on her side. Crown J’s mom and Seo In Young took self pictures of themselves with rolled towels over their heads looking like mother-daughter providing a tender moment in the show. Seo In Young’s handpicked scarf gift and handwritten card made her receive a ‘100 point Daughter-in-law’.

Crown J said “At first I didn’t feel good about it (his mom and Seo In Young) but after some time had passed I was glad to see Seo In Young and my mother friendly with one another.”

‘We Got Married’ Topic of Crown J’s Mother’s Appearance

Cown J’s mother’s appearance in MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night-We Got Married’ has gathered interest.

On the televised 10th episode of ‘We Got Married’ on the 19th, the refined figure of Crown J’s mother appeared as she spent time with Crown J and Seo In Young. When Crown J’s mother first met him, she took off Crown J’s hat to check his hair color therefore making Seo In Young embarrassed. After that the three went to a sauna where In Young used her cuteness to get mom’s love.

Afterwards Crown J’s mother said “Actually I had a lot of dissatisfaction with In Young before the broadcast. I was worried that I’d fight with her from the first meeting. However from the first time I saw In Young she’s grown on me.” “

Netizens showed a great interest in how similar Crown J’s mother is to Seo In Young. They have the same aura.

In the meantime, in today’s broadcast Andy-Solbi invited Solbi’s parents to their house to eat dinner together. The episode also showed the first night together for Kim Hyun Joong-Hwang Bo couple and Lee Hwi Jae-Jo Yeo Jeong couple.

Both articles translated by o-cha.

12 thoughts on “Crown J Happy About His Mother-Seo In Young’s Unison Attack

  1. love this couple the mostttt!!!!
    they’re just basically the cutest and dumbest couple ever (in a good way).
    hahahahaha.very funny 🙂

  2. Crown J’s mum looks pretty young and because of this factor, In Young can get along with Crown J’s mum. In Young’s charm has won Crown J’s mum heart..
    Enjoy watching this couple pricking at each other.

  3. i loved that part!
    cj’s mom does resembles in-young A LOT!
    no wonder cj got to like in-young.

  4. I have a hunch that Crown J’s mom is very much like In Young…total control over Crown J. No wonder Crown J has immense patience with In Young lol.

    star : The look on Crown J’s face when his mom caught him feeding In young was hilarious. It’s almost as if he is embarassed by that…hehehe.

  5. If they really are that similar, they shouldn’t feel so comfortable with each other lol. But I guess it’s always nice in the beginning eh?

  6. o-cha and star, I saw that Look hahahahahahah !!! and his mum was kinda get what’s going on. When I saw how attentive Crown J was and how quickly he changed when his mum called him, I really thought that Crown J has possibly develop some feelings towards In Young.

    Hahahah people has been speculating if couple A is really dating or couple B is somewhat attracted to each other, but no one is speculating on Crown J and In Young ahhahahaha

  7. Their meeting was quite entertaining. How they slowly got to know one another, the way they bickered and talked… especially In Young’s evil smile when she finally got Crown J’s mom on her side.

    @ Star: That part was really hilarious… hahahaha.

  8. I do agree that no one speculated In Young and Crown J to be together in real.. but I would love it if they do. After In Young has gotten to know Crown J’s mother, I think that she has changed a bit and developed feelings for him.

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