We Got Married Ep 10 Summary

It was a suprise to see Andy’s “Propose” being used in the opening preview for today’s episode. And another surprise was in store as they started showing Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong and Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong couples instead of the other two. Guess they wanted to leave the “advanced stage” couple till later.

Hyun Joong is a riot! Even though it was their first “honeymoon” night together, Hyun Joong was really funny occupying himself with reading comics! And when the mosquitoes invaded their room, he started getting busy with killing the mosquitoes as Hwang Bo was left disappointed. But she picked herself up and started working together as a team to kill the mosquitoes.

When interviewed, Hyun Joong said, “When I killed the mosquitoes, it was like protecting my wife”, “And if I caught more than 10, it would be like saving my family from it”, his words invoking laughter at his eccentric way of thinking.

It was cute to see them applying make-up on each other and overdoing it while they also wrote a love contract. Then we shifted to the next morning, where Hyun Joong went “missing” but he was actually cooking ramen secretly for Hwang Bo as breakfast. His actions making Hwang Bo rethink her opinion about older woman/young man relationship.

Now for Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong, it was really nice to finally see a woman on “We Got Married” who knows how to whip up a meal! Their interactions were noticeably better and I really love Yeo Jeong’s cute and bubbly nature.

Crown J and Seo In Young went to pick up Crown J’s mum who had arrived from America. Boy when Crown J’s mum stepped out of the arrival hall, it was really unbelievable because she looks so young. She could pass off as Seo In Young’s sister as the latter also mentioned it. Anyway, In Young underwent a 100% transformation as she went all out trying to win the heart of Crown J’s mother.

The much-awaited scene where Andy gives Solbi the ring present was shown in Episode 10 of MBC “We Got Married” yesterday.

Andy and Solbi treated Solbi’s parents to dinner as part of their Family Month mission. After doing a bow to their elders as a form of respect, Andy proceeded to have dinner with them in a very nervous mood but eventually finishing it.

Solbi’s mum thoughtfully bought soup for Andy’s mum who wasn’t in the best of health as Andy said in his interview that he was really moved when he received the soup. He felt that Solbi’s parents was like his real in-laws. Although he didn’t drop a tear, he would definitely be if they had say anything more. He really thanked Solbi’s parents for their kind thoughts.

Andy and Solbi then presented the couple clothes for Solbi’s parents, then they took a family portrait, doing the heart dance and generally having a wonderful time together. As Solbi parents left, Andy said Solbi’s parents was almost like his parents and it’s been a long time since he had ate together with his own parents (Andy’s parents are divorced by the way). Having dinner with Solbi’s parents was almost like fulfiling one of his wishes.

Solbi bought tonics for his ill mum and a self-penned letter.

Solbi’s letter to Andy’s mom (translated by kriza_09)

To: Mother

How are you? I’m sorry for greeting (you) like this~

(I) should’ve come to see (you) in person…

Hearing that Mother is sick, I wanted to take care of (you).. (I) hope (you’ll) be healthy always..

(I’m) very curious.. since Andy oppa is so cool/great, (I’m) curious about Mother too~

(I) will be praying always~ (for you) to be healthy, to be happy…

Also, (I am) really grateful (to you)~ for sending an angel like Andy oppa…

Just like how (you’ve) raised (him) with care and love, (I) will make (him) happy~

Don’t worry ^^ (I) will come to see (you) some time~ until that time, fighting!!

Andy then came out from the room with roses which really made Solbi touched. Solbi couldn’t hide her excitement after discovering a ring among the roses. “When I saw the roses, I was really shocked but this is really a blissful moment for me.” “This is the 1st time in my life that I have received such a gift.”, Solbi revealing a smile as she spoke.

But even through this ring present, we still can’t ascertan Andy’s feelings for Solbi. In his interview, “I thought of a ring because I felt that it would be meaningful to her. I wanted to show Solbi that I was slowly opening my heart.”

I think my blog is becoming like a “We Got Married” blog.

42 thoughts on “We Got Married Ep 10 Summary

  1. Don’t stop updating on WGM!! I love all of your recaps, comments and other stuffs about the show:)

  2. LOL..
    we’re not complaining.. =)

    but thank GOD I can read the summary in your blog..
    soompi seems to be down somehow..
    maybe tooooo many people accessing the forum for the hollywood bowl update.

  3. ohh. i was disappointed. i was expecting that Andy would do a big event for Solbi when he gives her the ring.. but he didn’t. ahh. i mean a BIG event. its cute that he did it like that but big. Andy oppa, Solbi deserved and needs a big event.

    Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong are starting to grow on me. hehe. ^^

    on a seperate note, YOO BIN’s new look is out! itss sexy. hehe.

  4. THANK YOU so much! I just wanted to let you know that I always look forward to your updates, and everything you have done for all of us fans are greatly appreciated.

  5. LOLs. I always visited your blog. Maybe first time dropping by to say hello? XD

    Soompi isn’t working for me… thanks for the updates as well… 🙂

    Andy’s event for me was more than enough actually. Considering he’s not that kind of romantic person… But his action in todays episode, although small it shows that he’s opening up towards her in more ways that we can imagine.

    Okay. I’ll stop writing before I turned this comment into a blog. XD

    About turning your blog into WGM blog, don’t worry. We are in the same boat. 😛

  6. you’re welcome oppa! checking JYP’s website is the first thing i did after i woke up, then i went here for WGM update, then hollywood bowl fancams. ^^

  7. Considering Andy’s personality, the “ring” event for me was a big deal. Andy is not really someone who is into events but giving a RING tops it all. So sweet! Solbi was dying of happiness. Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Thanks Coolsmurf for all the updates!

  8. you guys can get the new episode at http://www.dabdate.com

    if youre an apple user you have to download WMV player. you go to the page of the show you want to watch and do ctrl function. view page source then find the link with .wmv

    copy the entire link and paste.

  9. meh..we got some reliable poster on youtube, wat we still need now is just sub for it.


  10. thanks for the update about soompi. i thought i was the only one having problems accessing it. lol. and yes, it is turning out to be a wgm, and on air blog but it’s alright. lol. no one’s complaining =)

  11. awwww they’re matching!!!! how cuteeee!!
    hollywood bowl was amazing<3
    i love andyyy

  12. No one’s complaining lol… I like to read summaries before/after I watch the episode lol..

    I’m watching it right now and Yeo-Jung is really really cute lol..

  13. THANK YOU!!!!!! soo much for the summary!!! i watched the ep raw and didnt understand anything lol…..but i cant wait til u sub the ep on youtube!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!

  14. big thanks for the summary
    but i’ll come back to read your comments later << don’t want any spoilers lol
    can’t wait to watch it ^_^

    keep up up the good work;)

  15. “But even through this ring present, we still can’t ascertan Andy’s feelings for Solbi.” Can’t we? Haven’t you already stated that both said they wanted to date each other? Andy with 90& certainty lol.

  16. Some of my friends do complain that my blog’s turning into a hallyu wave promotion blog, given that it was started purely to record my emotions for the day.

  17. i love reading the WGH summary stuff, i watched a couple of episodes but i have to say what got me hooked was Crown J & Seo In Young. they have got to be the cutest couple ever, thanks so much for your subbing alvin! (:

  18. [b]coolsmurf[/b] …hahhaha don’t feel bad about it. I love coming in to your blog be it because of WGM or not. hahahah it’s always so much fun reading a jammed pack korean news in ONE blog hahahah. besides we share the love for Alex-Shin Ae other than any other blogs i trusted that YOU will be the first and will always be the one who will post any news on them..hahahah!

  19. But even through this ring present, we still can’t ascertan Andy’s feelings for Solbi.
    i agee with what you sayyy…..i don’t think Andy likes Solbi in that way maybe just dongseng…….
    no offense….it’s just my opinion

  20. LOL. no one is not enjoying every single of your blog. its lovely how you manage to update after every epsiode and give those who does not have chance to catch the show and have to wait for others to upload the show on youtube a short preivew of it. we would definately want more of this. kudos to such a job well done =D

  21. I love this episode entirely. Each couple is so cute and heart warming. If Alex & Shin Ae is back along with Andy & Solbi, Crown J & In Yong and Hwang Bo & Hyun Joong, the show will be perfect.

    Anyway, what I am awaiting now is the next Sang Sang Plus that Andy will come. Cause the last episode the man MC told Solbi that she was perfectly used. (For info, Sang Sang Plus Season 2 consists of 4 MC: Hoari, Solbi, Shin Jong Hwan and another guy that I can’t remember his name.

    Last but not least, thanks to you, Coolsmurf. You’ve been put effort and made us all happy. Keep up! Fighting!

  22. hahaha…Alvin..we are not complaining at all..as you can see a lot of your faithful readers here are WGM fans hehehe. In fact we urge you to continue updating us with WGM…

    Totally agree 100% …Yeo Jeong and Hwi Jae at this early moment show a lot more chemistry than Hwang Bo-Hyun Joong. I really like Yeo Jeong..she is really trying to make a wonderful marriage. After watching 2 episodes of Hwi Jae-Yeo Jeong it sure seems like they’re earmarked to be the next ‘romantic’ couple. Of course nobody can replace Al-Shin but at least Hwi Jae-Yeo Jeong fits the bill.

    Crown J and SIY… gosh they never fail to amuse me. Episode 10 proves once again how Crown J is no match for In Young lol.

  23. ahhhh! i can’t wait until your subbed cuts are out! i hope you release solbi and andy’s first. oh and i also think your blog’s becoming more WGM, but like o-cha said, we have no problem because we’re fans of WGM as much as you are! =D

    we appreciate summaries until you release the subbed versions. =D

  24. Hahahahahahahaha… Thanks for so much for translating the show. I was so touched while I was reading till the last line. Hahahaha… You’re so lovely also. Hahahahahaha…

    Also, thanks for bringing up some Crown J news. It’s so hard to get the news of that couple!!!

  25. yr blog has fast becoming one of my fav thanks to WGM!! keep the juicy bits coming… im not complaining 🙂 youtube is failing on me, i’ve resorted to watch it raw, yr summary helps a lot! thank you!

  26. Just finished watching the subbed last part, I got stunned on how thoughtful and care solbi has toward Andy and his mother.

    I feel she has turned from an immature whiz kid from the first episode to a woman with wife heart material. I think nobody would ever thought of, even herself. Frankly, lucky Andy.

  27. Any comments on these : (Andy & Solbi)

    Pls watch it at you tube :-

    080309-六感對決(chi sub)-1/7

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