Lee Hyo Ri and Song Seung Hun endorses Mnet Media

It was announced today that fashion star Lee Hyo Ri and Hallyu star Song Seung Hun has become Mnet Media new image ambassadors with a new CF.

Lee Hyo Ri and Song Seung Hun

Mnet hopes to promote it’s new slogan, “Beyond Music” using the new CF and move away from it’s fixed music video channel image. They want to nail home the point that there’s so much more than what music can only bring.

Mnet representative said, “Lee Hyo Ri and Song Seung Hun are undoubtedly the definitive icons of Korean entertainment culture. That’s why we chose them to endorse our new slogan. We felt that they can raise the image and profile of Mnet with maximum effect. We hope to project the image through them that Mnet is not simply just a music video channel but offers much more.

The CF theme is, “In the instant you know Mnet, your life becomes much more enjoyable”. The CF was filmed towards the end of March separately in Namyangju and Paju. Lee Hyo Ri starts moving to the music together with several dancers on a stage while Song Seung Hun filmed his short part pressing a jukebox on the streets. They don’t actually meet or film it together.

6 thoughts on “Lee Hyo Ri and Song Seung Hun endorses Mnet Media

  1. i don’t know how they are staying away from the “music only channel” image, when the commercial features a club scene…and Hyori is mainly a SINGER…plus only makes me think of music!!!

    nice, fun commercial nonetheless, even though it does portray the actual concept well…

  2. Cute commercial…She seems to be doing a lot now. Has she even came out with a new song/album?

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