Son Dam Bi’s Bad Boy Performance Shuts Down Music Core Website

According to Sports Seoul website, Son Dam Bi (25) caused a shutdown of MBC “Show Music Core” website yesterday as more than 500,000 people (that’s half a million) tried to access and catch Son Dam Bi perform her “Bad Boy” song.

Son Dam Bi Lingerie-clad performance

The homepage was down till 5 PM and when the site came back up, Son Dam Bi’s agent said that more than a million people tried to access and watch her performance on the site! Why the interest?

According to the article, many people were curious after they heard that Son Dam Bi performed her hit song in a sexy lingerie-looking outfit which spiked people’s curiosity about the star, the song and the show.

Son Dambi – Bad Boy @ MBC Music Core 080516


26 thoughts on “Son Dam Bi’s Bad Boy Performance Shuts Down Music Core Website

  1. I thought she WASN’T gonna sell her body just her music. But she’s not so great at singing, so I knew this would happen, but still….I can’t believe she wore THAT though!

  2. lame. she’s nothing special and doesn’t really stand out to me. and what she’s wearing looks terrible.

  3. this is what they call the female version of rain???
    are u kidding me…as far i have lost interest in rain i guess this girl isn’t even close enuf to be moving like rain…
    seriously her posture sucks big time and it shows in her very bad dancing skills… she sure looks forcing too much and it seem unattractive at all and her top, totally UGLY unappealing at all like a vegas whore uniform…
    I think everyone who watch this performance were all dissapointed as it was really not cool at all, she definately was lipsyncing as her facial expression showed she was out of breath most of time trying to keep up with the dance routine…

    anyway the female rapper who came out almost at the end of the performance saved the day,,,
    as she was HOT..moves like a vixen… and she sure can make a stir in the industry…how come i dont know her?

    im sure Som Dam Bi wouldnt be staying long in this industry…
    well maybe after she and her management figured out she need more vigorous dancing lessons!!!

  4. i think the top looks hot but maybe she (or her stylist) should have layered it with something other than lacey lingerie. it looks like something from the Comme des Garcons cages dress from the SS08 and the skirts/dresses from Acne’s SS08 collections

    who is the rapper? i only know that her name is Park Ga Hee… is she debuting soon or is she an entertainer in her own right??

  5. Now if only that many people would start supporting their music industry and buy albums……

  6. Umm her dancing for this song is kinda lame, but I love her dance for Cry Eye! Check that out instead!

  7. I think the rapper Park Ga Hee used to date Micky and JJ from DBSK…is it?…im not too sure



  9. yeah, that is the same Park Ga Hee that dated Micky (i don’t know if she dated JJ too) from DBSK. I didn’t know she could rap! Maybe that’s why she dated a lot of singers/rappers lol! She also use to be a dancer for BoA so I knew she could dance…does she have a website?

  10. I seriously love her song 😀 And I don’t really care much about that outfit ^^;; I pay more attention to her song ^^

  11. ok are there like people who don’t dance at all leaving comments or there just stupid “cough cough leanna cough cough” I keep reading people saying she can’t dance ive been dancing for a few years and practice almost every day and I know son dam bi can dance!! im not saying she is the best dancer in the world but she has a rythem and groove

  12. Fuck Ya’ll!!! and what’s wrong with her clothes sarah? her outfeet look so good & sexy in her! specially she get a good body! look her tank top & jeans..get so close to her body..look good on her! i don’t think you have a good body as she do! that why! and you call this outfeet terrible? what the fuck?? i don’t think don’t know even how to dress up! so shut the fuck up! and if you all think she don’t know how to dance so check out her video “Cry eye” and that it! and it’s nothing to compare her to Rain? what for? I check out Rain music & videos..and nothing special at all! his dance steps is always the same..same for his music! i don’t like Rain that much sop to compare” Som Dam Bi to Rain! Rain think to much he’s a handsome good looking..LOL!!! i prefer so far Se7en! make almost the same type of music..but his choregraphy dance steps look more better than Rain & he do look more goodvthan rain! at list he don’t look so much stuck up on his videos..Rain look so stupid some time..i don’t know how the hell he can be a famous korean star! shit! but SomDam bi she do look good & her works is not bad at all! so if ya’ll don’t know that much about korean pop ya’ll better to shut all the Fuck up!!! get it ya’ll???

  13. Leanna bitch!!! you just shut the fuck up!!! what you know about her, ha? she do look good! and dance well! what you are? asian or what? no matter! what the fuck! you just jealous that all! can you even look good like her? i don’t think so! i’m a guy and she’s the one i will not said no to her! but you? hell no!!! just shut the fuck up and get out of my face! stupid crazy ass bitch!!! don’t you ever come back on this site with your stupid bullshit! or i’ll kick your ass back where you from! i mean the “Jungle” get it BITCH??!!!?

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