“On Air” Celebrates Drama Success with Sports Meet

Following the success of SBS “On Air” which ended its broadcast just last week, all production staff and cast got together on 16th May at a stadium in Gyeonggi-do for a sports meet to replace the traditional celebratory dinner as they had a relay race, soccer game and generally lots of fun!

The good consistent ratings saw reason for them to hold a big celebration as main leads like Kim Ha Neul, Park Yong Ha, Song Yun Ah together with supporting cast, Han Ye Won, Lee Hyung Chul, etc plus hundreds of production staff got together for an “On Air” sports meet. They took the idea from “Ticket to the Moon” in the drama. Although Kim Ha Neul was a primma-donna in the drama, she is actually the total opposite in real life as she kept on cheering for her team and even participated in the relay race which got her perspiring.

Park Yong Ha was also having a great time and shouted when he scored a goal. On the contrary, his “girlfriend” in the drama Song Yun Ah was having coordination problems kicking the ball but praised for her effort. Lee Hyung Chul showed his ball juggling skills, winning applause for it.

After having worked together for the past six months, Park Yong Ha prepared his self-penned messages and cups as presents for all. Han Ye Won meanwhile compiled photos taken during the drama filming into an album for distribution.

“On Air” will be shown in Japan at the end of July and Park Yong Ha will make a trip on 12th June to promote it. On another hand, during a SBS program shown yesterday, Kim Ha Neul revealed that she suffered depression a year ago.

3 thoughts on ““On Air” Celebrates Drama Success with Sports Meet

  1. I really love Park Young Ha and I loved him more for his humble gesture of giving personal gifts to the staff. It’s awesome from him to act like this. It shows his kind caring personality. Park Young Ha! Fighting

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