Alex ‘ We Got Married’ Return – Affirmative; Viewers wants a swift return

Both articles are translated by o-cha.

“It will be difficult to do it right now but he has intention on coming back.”

Fans are demanding the rush return of Alex-Shin Ae on ‘We Got Married’.

In ‘We Got Married’, Alex and Shin Ae’s movie-like romantic marriage life has made many female viewers’ hearts flutter. Ever since Alex left on April to prepare for his music/record, viwers have felt something missing.

After Alex-Shin Ae couple left, netizens have been actively posting at the ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ message boards asking for their return.

One viewer said “ I miss Shin Ae’s innocent smile and good character as well as Alex’s overflowing charm now that they are gone.” “Please bring Alex-Shin Ae back soon. The program is more lively (that way).”

Another viewer said “Actually I feel happy seeing their life.”

Alex’s mgmt company representative said that it’d be hard for Alex to return to the show right now. But the representative expects that he will be back.

Source: Today Korea

Alex ‘We Got Married’ – Viewers wanting a swift return

Alex’s management company said on the 16th via internet, “We’ve discussed it sincerely (his return) but until the end of May we are preparing for the album.”

After Alex-Shin Ae left the show, many netizens petition to the production company to bring Alex-Shin Ae back. The representative from the production company said “We will definitely consider it”.

Source: Consumer News Korea

16 thoughts on “Alex ‘ We Got Married’ Return – Affirmative; Viewers wants a swift return

  1. i watched all ep of this show yesterday and got addicted to it
    i was so sad when Alex left, he was the best husband ^_^
    i wish he can come back
    i’d like to get more info about Alex (pics, news, albums….) do anyone know where i can get them??

  2. Oh! I am happy now.At least there is a news about their come back.I will pray for this.
    Love you o-cha and Alvin.
    Thank you so much.

  3. if they’re going to return, which couple is going to leave? surely not andy-solbi.
    dont think it’s fair for the other couples and their fans too. sorry this is just my opinion.

  4. i have a feeling that if Andy and Shinae DO come back, the couple that will leave will be the one who ppl are not as interesting OR the one with the 10 years difference, the host dude? sorry i forgot his name… i think this because he is a host and like i think they couldnt find someone to go on so they put in on the show.. but like that would be the easiest to get rid off i guess since he can go back to being the host of the show.

  5. well, i think that it would look bad to throw out a couple just to make alex and shin ae return, so i’m guessing that they will introduce the fifth pair. Why can’t there be five pairs, but only four? This will be the fairest way

  6. I don’t think they’ll kick out a couple. Maybe the next time a couple leaves the PDs will bring Al-Shin back. At least that’s what I’m hoping hehehe.

    Somehow I have a feeling the next couple to leave might be Hyun Joong-Hwang Bo just because of the fact that SS501 might need to do promotions,etc…they were pretty active in Japan last year and earlier this year.
    I’m not saying I want them to leave or anything like that…just pointing out the possibility.

  7. Once again, thanks coolsmurf and o-cha for your posting. I want to petition for Al-Shin return, how do I go about it?? I’m not Korean. Two more weeks to the end of May and I’m want to add number to the petition. Hehehe…..

  8. I can’t help but think that this show is setting up the viewers for a major disappointment in at least one of the couples (AnBi/AlShin). It’s gotten to the point that most of the viewers seem to desperately want a real relationship to result from this show and anything short of actual coupling in real life and possible wedding bells is going to majorly disappoint and embitter viewers.

    I can deal with AnBi never getting together since Andy’s been pretty open about being busy with his career and then the army, but with the whole production Alex created with his going away scenes (ok, the show made his exit a production, but still…) if Alex doesn’t have real feelings for ShinAe, then he’s going to create some major Antis. On the flip side, if Alex really does like ShinAe and SHE’S the one that ends up turning him down, she’ll create a ton of Antis. There’s almost no good that can come from this show.

    It also doesn’t help that you have the world’s craziest fans in Koreans. Boy can those “netizens” hold a grudge.

  9. What made me feel relieved is the line that said “ALEX HAS INTENSION OF COMING BACK” when there is a will. there is a way…

    I do miss them alot, but AN-Bi and CrownJ-In Young are filling the gaps of my longing for Alex-Shin Ae. If they are not coming for a longer episodes, maybe the PD could consider giving short scenes of what the cast who left are doing now… (Alex-Shin Ae and Saori too) so the viewers won’t lost in touch with them. ^__^

  10. another clip of alex and shin ae that really made me happy!… if i could just jump forward to june so i will see alex again, to be honest since they left the show, my eagerness lessen a LOT (not like before that i can’t wait for sunday to come..that is how crazy i am with this couple)……….. my guess is that KHJ and hwang bo couple might leave if alex/shin goes back because of activities and concerts that SS501 will be having next month..those boys are pretty busy..(although i find KHJ/hwang bo very cute couple).. and hope they keep them too…. but there location is in this resort island which is just like they were there for vacation and not really a house to live in.. (that is another logic for me if ever KHJ and hwang leaves the show because they are just “tourist couple” in the show)….

    Thanks again coolsmurf..

  11. just wach the next episode, hwang and KHJ moved in t thei new house…. when alex and shin makes a comeback, i hope it will be 5 couples and not remove any old couples

  12. hi there, i am a viewer in thailand.
    i really like a couple of Alex-Shin Ae, you guys so sweet…..
    at first i have never known all of them except andy.
    however, i keep looking for the shows, it is so sweet and funny.

  13. omg…they really like their comeback ^^
    i would like to see them back….
    but i wonder they would be together for real ^^
    thanks to the show
    i really like Alex n Shin Ae couple so sweet~~~~

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