Ahjummas to Seo In Young “ Please treat Crown J better”

Article translated by o-cha.

“Please be nicer to your husband~.”

Seo In Young (24), who’s been gaining more popularity from MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ recently received advice about men from the ahjummas. The ahjummas at the sauna complimented her saying “I think well of you now. You’re much prettier in person.” They also gave her some advice “What is Crown J (to you). He’s your husband, right? Don’t get mad easily and be nicer to your husband.” “You shouldn’t treat men like that.”

In ‘We Got Married’, Seo In Young’s fake husband Crown J is always unable to move whenever In Young says ‘Seobang~(husband)’ in her loveable cute voice. She gets really angry whenever Crown J says “You’re just like a witch!”. In Young explained that, “I’ve always been like that from the beginning of my entertainment career.” She also said laughingly “It’s because I still don’t know a lot of things. When I first start performing I’ve always grumbled a lot. After some time I’m not like that anymore.”

5 thoughts on “Ahjummas to Seo In Young “ Please treat Crown J better”

  1. haha i kinda like her madness cos this is just a show so i don’t think she’s really that mad. Even if she is, still i find it funny watching this couple.

  2. I love this couple, even if Seo In Young is a little harsh. But really, that’s what people love about them. She gets mad, he surprises her with an event, they make up, and start this over again.

    I miss Don Don and Saori…

  3. He deserves better.
    Sure I get their whole gimmicks, but sometimes she’s really annoying. Crown J is such a pushover. It’s mostly her fault when they fight, but he has to be the one who buys her presents? That’s bull.

    “Balls & chains”.

  4. I dont like her in that show either, she is really annoying. Either she’s over-acting or just be herself is still annoying. I get the impression she’s such a spoil brat, nagging too much and CJ is too nice to her. he’s also immature too

    I dont like watching them, they should change In-Young wif some one else for CJ but I guess it too late now

    still missing ALSHIN….!!!

  5. i’m glad those ajummas spoke up. some other people need to make her realize that she’s not treating people well. -_-

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