On Air Goes Offline with Happy Ending + Review

SBS “On Air” ended its run on 15th May as Oh Seung Ah/Lee Bum Soo and Seo Young Eun/Lee Kyung Min couples all ended happily together with each other, delighting all viewers who had been wishing for that to happen. The final episode rating also reached 25.8% surpassing its previous record once again.

On Air

We were left at the start with our two couples facing issues, Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soo) leaving Korea without saying a word leaving Seung Ah (Kim Ha Neul) behind not knowing his whereabouts. Seo Young Eun was facing issues too as Lee Kyung Min and his mother realises the links between them.

Jang Ki Joon had actually went to America as he admitted on his return to Seung Ah that he was laying the foundation for her to enter the US market by going to many management agencies over there. He asks Seung Ah if she is willing to go back to America with him, “You have to start from square one once you are in America, there’s also the possibility you might not go to Cannes and you might also be living with a penniless guy like me for the rest of your life, are you still willing to go with me?” Oh Seung Ah of course said yes to that and they held hands in view of the media as they make their departure from the airport. Young Eun thought so too as they hug to close out the final scene.

Seo Young Eun (Song Yun Ah) and Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) was at a lush green field after having just seen Ki Joon and Seung Ah off at the airport. Kyung Min starts irritaing Young Eun as she leaves in a huff but it was just a ploy. Kyung Min holds her hand as she struggles initially but stops sudddenly. Kyung Min releases his hand as we realise that she had a ring on her hand, it was a proposal! He started saying, “The only beautiful line in my whole life till death is Seo Young Eun.” This moving scene touched viewers as Young Eun thought so too as they hugged to close out the scene and drama.

Came into this show with minimal expectations and just slightly attracted by the plot, big budget and the initial star cameos. Sure it was unbearable intially because of the SHOUTING which dominated the earlier episodes. They even shout while talking. But I am glad I stayed on for the show as I was treated to an excellent behind the scenes of how the entertainment industry operate (some was over the top) focusing on drama production.

All Well Ends Well

Superb acting from the four main leads, Kim Ha Neul was excellent playing the top star and the mentally-challenged Eun Young, Seo Young Eun for all her chidlish behavior, she is actually pretty adorable in a way and good emotional range. Park Yong Ha was excellent as the sentimental director while Lee Bum Soo the unassuming happy go lucky manager. The rest of the cast were also excellent and I wish I had space to accomodate their names.

Great soundtrack too, especially the tracks by Song Yun Ah, Park Yong Ha and Han Ye Won, instrumentals complemented the show very well. And the star cameos too. The flashbacks technique. My drama of the year thus far.

15 thoughts on “On Air Goes Offline with Happy Ending + Review

  1. It was indeed a good drama. Both actresses’ roles in this drama turn bad to good and their relationship grew better as it progressed. As for actors, the character for actress’s agents (LBS) has a good heart; you will love his character more as story moving forward. Actress Song Yoon Ah is my favorite actress all this while ever since I watched her in “The hotelier” with Bae Yong Jun. Her previous drama in “My sister” was good too. Her acting is becoming so versatile nowadays, she can be sweet and sentimental, or can be funny and evil too if you have chance to see her acting in different dramas and movies. And her role as a divorced woman with one child plus ‘hyperactive’ character, it was a big change for her too although I don’t really like her to be in “hyperactive” role, but as story progressed, I love her in this role (quite adorable at times) and of course happy to see her pairing up with PD Lee eventually on the last eps 21. It was so difficult for a single mother to accept a younger man in the relationship especially in Korea’s society whereby women status is not so high in male-sovereignty world.

  2. Hey, i’ve just added you to my blog as my friend!
    i like your drama reviews, coolsmurf!

    well well well, it’s so hard to find korean drama in indonesia
    maybe you know, where to find korean drama’s channel at youtube? cox i want to watch Changing Partners movie

    thx b4

  3. I’m going to miss On Air! ㅠㅠ…

    At first, Song Yun Ah’s acting drove me nearly to the point where I couldn’t bear to watch another episode but the plot was so good that I had to continue. Eventually, her character grows on you, even when she’s squealing and jumping up and down like a maniac.

    It was nice to see Park Yong Ha return to the screen after such activities in Japan. I’m glad he came back with this project. He fit the role perfectly.

    As for Lee Bum Soo and Kim Ha Neul, I’ve always respected Lee Bum Soo for his acting abilities and I have newfound respect for Kim Ha Neul. She’s such a versatile actress and she’s definitely proven that she’s not one of the so many pretty faces in the Korean industry.

    Can I just say this is probably the best soundtrack I’ve heard in years?! Ft Island, Park Yong Ha, Nabi, etc. etc. etc… Plainly put, it was just really good.

    Thanks Coolsmurf for leading me to yet another great program.

  4. At 1st I wasnt reali interested in dis drama buh bc ob ur review I decided to watch it. Im glad I did and now Im hooked. lol

    I havnt finishd dis d whole serie tho. Im up 2 ep 17. ne1 noe wher I can watch d rest w/ eng sub? Im currently watchin it at mysoju.com.
    I dont think ders anotha site dat has d rest ob d eps up w/ sub.. is der?

    Newais thank you coolsmurf!

  5. OMG I love this drama!!! It’s not even the best compared to other korean dramas that i’ve seen in the past, but i was just hooked to it from point one to the end. the cast are amazing and the storyline with its twist of couples and mystery is just exciting. this is actually the first time i watch a park yong ha show and im completely head over heels him — he’s so good-looking and he has such a good voice. his two songs in the drama were awesome and sooo smoothing and touching, although i have no idea what he’s singing about. the music is just beautiful.

    what can i say? this is not the usual typical korean drama —long lost siblings, leukemia, rich CEO guys, girl dies, and/or incredibly funny like ‘my girl’ or ‘full house’ but it sure keeps me going. at first, i was disappointed and annoyed with song yuh ah’s character because she seems dumb/funny and snobby. i’ve watched her character in hotelier and completely fell in love with her because she was such a good actress so when i saw her character in this drama, i was quite disappointed. however, that didn’t last long. i started to like her more and more and realize how good she was at acting her role — a rich, snotty, vicious scriptwriter, yet loving and caring inside — a women who has lost hope in love, but is still such a romantic freak but denies it. she’s sooo good. i love it when park yong ha told her to barrow his should shall she ever need to lend on, and she’s like “why would i barrow your should when i have mine own” — she’s just adorable and funny.

    im really amazed with kim ha neul’s character because she’s able to pull off her rude/mean/snotty character so well, while at the same time doing it in a way where you just can’t hate her. i love the twist that she has a secret love for her manager, although they make it seemed like she and park yong ha could be a couple. love her character alot.

    park yong ha is just AMAZING! i read an interview with him and he said that he was nervous about the show but will try his best to not disappoint his fans. that’s because he hasn’t been in the show biz for 5 years. but OMG, if i can talk to park yong ha, i would tell him that his show is a success and his music is awesome, no need to worry. i want to see more of him soooonnnnn!

    overall, the drama and OST where amazing! i will surely miss this drama ALOT. but im glad that whenever i listen to the songs, ill be reminded of such a beautiful drama!!!

  6. Eh, I didn’t like it so much. At first, I actually loved it especially Kim Ha neul’s character and I also liked how she and the director had something in the first few episodes and from episode 9 (?) when they were running away from the reporters/photographers/papparazi! It was the cutest thing in the drama but I hated the writer/scriptwriter! She was the most annoying character that with great help from her, everything just went downhill.

    I didn’t like her ‘relationship’ with the director whatsoever and I was dissappointed and even felt cheated with the actress & the director not end up together. It was too bitter for me and I just stopped caring…. The only character that kept me watching was Kim Ha neul and to be honest, I forwarded through half of the drama. In fact, I couldn’t careless about the ending….

    Yes, this drama was different but that’s it!

    GRADE: C- only thanks to Kim Ha neul!

  7. I have just finished this drama, 21 episodes in 2 days! I must admit that it’s the best K dramas I have watched for quite a while.

    The plot/story is fresh and interesting, it gives us some insight about the entertainment world. It also shows us the hardship and amount of effort it needs to produce a good drama. Besides, the life of a famous actress has been demostrated well by Kim Ha Neul especially the bitterness behind her popularity.

    All the main leads had played their roles well. Song Yoon Ah(Hotelier), Park Young Ha( Winter Sonata), Lee Bum Soo(Surgeon Bong Dal Hee) are not new to me, however Kim Ha Neul is some how new to me. However, my favourite role in this drama goes to Lee Bum Soo, his role as Oh Seung Ah’s manager is very adorable, kind/sincere, easy going and determined to have his actors’ best interest at heart. I am surprised (pleasant surprise!) that Park Young Ha can sing so well, the OST of this drama is very nice as well.

    Overall, I give this drama 9/10 and would highly recommend to those who haven’t watched it.

  8. Re: z0e

    Lol I thought Kyung Min was younger than Young Eun too, but from the drama website it seems like Kyung Min’s 2 years older? O.o But Park Yong Ha is younger than Yoon Ah so erm…odd. Thanks for all the reviews on this drama. Very interesting read.

  9. Love park yong ha and song yoon ah pairing! They have great chemistry although yoon ah is older than yong ha. Love park yong ha for his good look, manliness and his cute dimples. He protrays a devoted and romantic lover to song yoong ah in the show. Song Yoon ah on the other hand is cute and adorable in her way. She also have a good heart and like what she says, she have old personality.

    The manager and the actress act their roles very well too. I agree that they have good acting skills to showcase in the drama. However, i am much more attracted to the scriptwriter and the director part.
    I was initially annoyed by the shouting in the first two episode, but i am glad to watch the final episode. As i realized that this is an excellent drama. ( i just dislike all the sad story or the same old plot in korean drama) On air is a refreshing story with interesting character. Highly recommended to watch. 🙂

  10. now hv been aired in m’sia tv..
    firstly..i didnt like the drama bcoz of oh seung ah attitude irritating me…but after a few episode..im getting love with the story line..
    huhu…right now the story are going to finish..im guess i will miss all the actor/actress acts…
    what a great story…

  11. I love oppa lee bum soo…….he is so kute,….he is a good actor…..love On Air……Surgeon bong dal hee

  12. I want to know the song name that played at the end of the movie and I want to download it.Could you please you guys help me?

  13. I don’t want to add more to what you all have just said but I will naever forget this drama for Park Young Ha’s sake. What made the drama better is his leading role in it. If it weren’t him who could act as perfectly as he did? I htink that no one can take his role and excel in performing it as he did.
    Park Young Ha! Fighting! (~_~)~ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  14. i watched this drama, so excited at first (well it’s Park yong ha’s!!), but in the end, i kinda dissapointed. well, at first i thought that in the end oh seung ah(kim ha neul) and lee kyung min(park yong ha) would ended up together (they’re such a cute couple)… i don’t like jang gi jun (lee bum soo) character much. i think oh seung ah and lee kyung min is a better couple (actress and director, duh).
    but that’s only my opinion, and didn’t come true ><

  15. Only watched it recently. There was a part in the story where I thought they changed directions, and suddenly refrained delving too much into the intermingling relationships of the four leads. I thought the scenes in taiwan were a prelude to something else, but the mood abruptly changed in the succeeding episodes. Regarding Young Eun, while I did find her voice a little too high pitched (probably because I was on headphones) I thought she was good fit.
    The ending , I felt, was squeezed. The idea was there but I felt that they could’ve done more given an episode or two.
    Given some bits and pieces I felt were, missing or abruptly changed, I am still satisfied with the outcome. Good acting from the casts, a nice story and I learned a lot how the drama laid out the powerplay that goes on between the production company, the station, the artist management, and the film crew.

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