Son Ye Jin fails to draw viewers as Spotlight ratings declines

SBS “On Air” has been consistently churning out high ratings and set a new high rating of 25.8% for it’s final episode last night. On the other hand, MBC “Spotlight” starring Son Ye Jin continued it’s ratings decline, achieving just 6.7%.

Son Ye Jin in Spotlight

“Spotlight” is MBC newest and hugely supported project and is kind of similar to SBS “On Air” as it uses the tv station as the backdrop. But in contrast to “On Air” which is based on the life of stars, directors, screenwriters and managers, “Spotlight” focuses on the jobs of reporters. MBC is trying to draw on the popularity enjoyed by “On Air” in the past two months to catch a slice of the pie.

Unfortunately, the poor rating of only 8.8% in the debut episode followed by 6.7% last night showed that it wasn’t a successful opening for them. It can be attributed that “On Air” was showing it’s final episodes this week.

Son Ye Jin had been very excited about her reporter role and had minimal make-up for most scenes to mirror reality. But despite that and having to rush all over the place (tiring) to gather news, the viewers aren’t buying into it.

Following the conclusion of “On Air”, “Spotlight” will have to up it’s game for they will face up against “Iljimae” starring Lee Jun Ki next.

4 thoughts on “Son Ye Jin fails to draw viewers as Spotlight ratings declines

  1. i actually liked spotlight a lot better than i liked on air.
    (and plus, i will always love son ye jin; she is too gorgeous)

  2. Watched the full first episode… Such a copy cat of On Air… Except it’s boring as hell. I love Son Ye Jin but I will not be watching another unbearable episode of this drama.

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