New Andy and Solbi Kissing Scene on Camera

Photos showing Andy and Solbi kissing each other back appeared on So Yu Jin’s Cyworld yesterday and has become a hot topic among netizens.

Andy and Solbi

So Yu Jin entered the following as the caption for the photos of Andy and Solbi kissing each other back on their cheeks, “Andy_Solbi, the ever so lovable couple from “We Got Married”, photo taken by me when I went over for their housewarming, gahh… I’m embarrassed (or shy) ~~@.@, please look forward to the broadcast ! ^^*” (credit smr05 for translation)

Although they are only a make-believe couple due to MBC “We Got Married” but their sweet moments together has been enough to invoke a scandal between them. Netizens said, “I have been been happily watching their sweet moments on the program and it feels really nice”, “I didn’t think initially that they would be compatible but now they are simply a right fit for each other.” On another hand, another group of fans was jealous and also blasted So Yu Jin for taking pictures of the sweet moment between Andy and Solbi and then posting it.

Andy showed his love by singing “Propose” to Solbi during last week Music Core program and they were voted the most popular couple by 489 fans in a poll.

This scene is definitely going to appear in future “We Got Married” episodes.

29 thoughts on “New Andy and Solbi Kissing Scene on Camera

  1. these pics are from WE GOT MARRIED???????????????
    or it’s pic from their own party
    can anyone tell me………..

  2. omo! i think its from wgm! i hope it is! i can’t wait to see it. housewarming party with all their friends! i hope shinhwa make another appearance for their andy! omo! this picture prove it all that andy & solbi relationshipi is getting deeper everyday! i really hope that they would date! i think the picture behind them where andy kiss solbi i think that they picture from when andy met solbi parents. they are wearing couple clothes in the picture! maybe we will see it in the upcoming episode on sunday! i can’t wait!! ANBI forever! thanks coolsmurf! you are my life saver!

  3. hahah what is it with Andy ?? he never show much affection or emotion in the show but off air he’s not too shy…I wasn’t speculating on them before nor will I ever..but this moment I just hope that Andy’s path to find his other half be open…

  4. Hey coolsmurf, did you see the picture behind them? Looks like a picture of Andy kissing Solbi! Cuuute! ^.^

  5. I don’t leave any comment for anything…but first of all thanks coolsmurf for subbing these great shows (especially XMAN!!!). I’m really greatful to you for bringing me laughter and smiles everytime!

    And for this couple OMGOOODNESS!!! Just get together already! (maybe they are already)
    The best thing about my Sunday is knowing that I will get to watch another episode of WGM =0D!

    This couple makes me feel good….AnBi ❤

  6. OMG..i love them! they are so cute together! i really do hope that they date for real. Andy is so cute and so is Solbi. you could never be bored with Solbi in your life.

  7. Aww, they’re adorable! If you look in the background I think there’s a picture of Andy kissing Solbi on the cheek.. I’m pretty sure it’s them since they’re sitting on a red couch xD

  8. uhhh…thank you so much…this couple is the best so cute!!!!!
    i love them.,..thanks!^_^

  9. it seems that we’ll be seeing this episode (if it’s WGM) around episode after the coming one or around end of this month.


    if it’s not WGM episodes….then we all know what’s happening! :p

  10. yes, i saw the photoframe of andy kissing solbi in the bg, although i think i never seen that happened before in WGM yet? anyone with me? omo kissing off-screen?

  11. They’re adorable and cute. Their relationship I don’t feel it not like AlShin. Some how or rather, the romance is a charade. No offence to AnBi’s fans. Anyway I wish them all the best.
    Thanks coolsmurf for the posting.

  12. couple can live like AnBi everyday, but definitely not like AlShin…lol…that’s wat differentiate the 2 couples.

  13. ok… thats very cute… but who is this so yu jin person? is she also an artiste? did she went over to
    the “housewarming” as a guest / personal friend of the couple??

    i can understand why some fans are upset that she posted it before the episode airs… it just dampens… the excitement and the anticipation i guess…

    mwah… i miss alex & shin ae…

  14. the picture in the back where andy kisses solbi is from episode 10 because they’re wearing their couple pyjamas that are the same as the ones they gave solbi’s parents.

    anywaaaay… *SQUEALS* i’m like a crazy person right now. the picture where andy kisses solbi is really cute!!! ^.^ if you look closely, andy moves his head a teeny bit towards solbi when she’s about to kiss him. solbi looks adorable here. ^.^

  15. i really hate there tandem! i like Lee Jin of FIN.K.L and Andy Lee. I don’t want solbi! i want JiAn! but its alright if that is the choice of my idol andy lee!

  16. see that… she kissed him first that. Andy’s gestures are just reactions. Not true feelings.

    Andy is just being gentleman enough.

    As for solbi. Iam really proud of her. She knows that he is not andy’s type yet shes always true to herself. And just enjoy the moment while it last.

  17. Andy told in the latest episode of Sang Sang Plus that his ideal type used to be different from Solbi. But after being close on the set, he got to know her better and impressed in a lot of her attractiveness. Now she is his ideal type.

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