My One Sec of Fame on Oprah Winfrey Show thanks to Charice

Thanks to Charice, I now have my 1 sec of fame on the Oprah Winfrey Show on 12th May and the world through the videos online now. My screen name Coolsmurf was shown at 1:56 in the first clip below during Charice’s introduction. Thanks to everyone who have notified me on my Youtube channel. But Charice deserves the recognition since she has IMMENSE talent and deserves to be known to the world. Thanks for this.

Charice Pempengco – I Have Nothing @ Oprah Winfrey Show 080512
Another jaw dropping performance with her trademark feet stamping, mic switch and the powerful vocals. She nailed it perfectly and outdoing herself AGAIN.

Charice Pempengco – Listen @ Boy & Kris Show 080415
I was feeling bored and went searching for her cover of “Listen” and stumbled onto this. I just loved this song and I felt that Charice nailed this perfectly. Frankly, I loved this the most out of all her covers.

49 thoughts on “My One Sec of Fame on Oprah Winfrey Show thanks to Charice

  1. There you go really deserved that recognition of yours,congratulations!aside from falsevoice you’re the one who paved the way to charice’s international stardom thru your videos,good job!
    THANK YOU and be healthy always..GODBLESS you Alvin.

  2. I just watched the video on You Tube! Congratulations^^
    Star King appeared to, everyone high-fiving after she sang lol

    You really deserve the recognition, I can’t even describe how grateful I am for your videos, translations and sites…

    Greetings from Brazil!^^

  3. Man, she has such stage presence. This cover is the BEST I’ve heard, and I’m including the original in that.

    That’s so awesome Coolsmurf! Haha… You deserved it! ^^

  4. hahaha,Oprah called you a Stranger….but you totally deserved the recognition…congratulations…keep up the good work…now i know charice’s powerful voice runs in the family….

  5. Coolsmurf, thanks for always being supportive of Charice! All Charice fans are appreciate of your efforts time and again!

    To Charice, you never disappoint us in your performances. As Oprah said, you sure did bring your full game to the show!

  6. Hi Coolsmurf!

    I can’t even count how many times I’ve clicked on your Charice video…thank you, thank you!

  7. You deserve it!!!
    If it wasnt for you I wouldn’t have been able to know about her. Her “I Have Nothing” performance was EXCELENT!! She sure deserve all the best that is coming her way.
    Thanks once again for letting us be part of you.
    Greetings from the Dominican Republic!

  8. 😀 Coolsmurf finally gets the fame he deserves! 😀 Yay, cheers!

    She does sing really well! 😀 Charice for the world!

  9. A good deed is being awarded indeed.

    Lots of people are depending on your work (like subbing) and
    these people are foreign people. You give them joy.

    Keep up the good work.

    Do not get mad at SOOMPI group your work is beyond them.

    One of the most noble work are giving smile to every people
    on earth.

  10. Congrats!
    You did help spread the Charice love to A LOT of people. I wouldn’t have known of her if it wasn’t because of you.

  11. Charice’s fans are good awesome people. =)
    im gladd they did that because if it wasnt for you oppa
    it wouldnt have gotten bigg.

    good good jobbbb! congrats, stranger. ^^

  12. Thanks coolsmurf for covering Charice… and a big thanks for supporting charicediva.

    If could say more than a simple “THANK YOU” you know i would, cause I know you deserve more.

  13. Coolsmurf,
    With that Star King Video of Charice? You’ve just became part of a 7-year diva-in-the-making story. Part of Cha’s wonderful life that will be written down in asian history.

    I wish you more new media successes 🙂

  14. yes, thank you for all your efforts! with your star king subs people could truly understand what kind of talent charice is all over the world!

    thank you!

  15. nice coolsmurf..let us give you a long round of applause..*clap* (999999999x)
    i hope you and charice will meet..hehe

    what if jong kook oppa will have a duet on charice!!
    i cant imagine that..haaha (a diva and a mosquito)..hehe

    im just wondering here..^^

  16. hmmm,, as a Filipino like charice,, well…
    i guess most people will notice this,, but Charice get it all in her head…
    honestly ,, she’s not like the old charice we knew when she was just a finalist in a singing contest…
    she try hard to please people,, which in my opinion,, not really necessary.. im not putting her down,, but i hope she remain humble just like the Charice we knew before…
    despite having all those attentions people have been giving her,, i JUST HOPE she continue to keep her feet on the ground…

  17. there are a lot of other great singers here in the Philippines who could even do better than Charice.. there are many young singers like Charice who could sing the same songs she did in Oprah and other guestings she had..
    yeah,, i agree with rae..
    its all getting in her head…
    i dont hate her,,
    i just hate that she changed a lot in a little span of time since she had her guesting in Ellen DeGenres show

  18. it’s really sad that her fellow filipino is putting her down…they don’t even know this girl and yet they conclude already about her… crab mentality is really evident …

  19. ….there is no one in the philippines who could even comes close with charice… she sings her heart out… singers here in the philippines are too safe..they only sing songs within there stop saying that there are a lot of singers in phil. who could sing better than charice…..if they’re good where are they now….God has plans for her….. she underwent a lot of struggles in life she even experienced sleeping on the floor so now it’s time for her to enjoy her achievements….let’s support her guys…

  20. I’ve watched it and you also deserve the 1 sec fame for all the sub videos that you made for her….haha…. btw she currently guested in a concert of david foster but i can’t find any live videos of it except on the news. i hope you can also have it so i could watch it here. thanks

  21. Hey Coolsmuf Congratulations! The men and women of Charicediva is very proud of you. I hope you will stay and remain as Divanatics for life.

    By the way, will you please get in touch with “Rangolier”? He badly needs your help.

    Long live Divanatics!

  22. omg!!!.. i’m so sad on what happen to your youtube account.. im hoping that you will continue posting videos specially the videos charice pempengco.. i hate the people who done that to you.. they can’t understand the joy you bring..

  23. very sorry about losing your account… i missed you got married youre the best in subbing i got hooked on that because of you. also thanks about charice videos… youre the best… may your tribe increase.

  24. do you have the video of charice’s latest appearance on star king? it was dated august 17 2008. please. i wnat to watch it with the subs..

    i really appreciate you for subbing the vids. heehee. more power to you! :]

  25. really? haha congratulations, i guess..

    now, i have to think of something similar so ill get mentioned on oprah or ellen or tyra 😀

  26. Hi Coolsmurf. Thanks for your updates on Charice and the Korean soaps we Filipinos love. I hope they lift the suspension of your YouTube account soon. Don’t worry, this also happened to False Voice but now he’s back. More power dude! You’re the man.

    P.S. Hope you could visit the Philippines soon. If we have a Chinatown, we have a Koreatown as well. Koreans here are now slowly being Filipinized and Filipinos are Koreanized because of the continuous blending of cultures. Thanks to your vids. =]

  27. Hey Alvin aka Coolsmurf,

    Thanks to you, your efforts for subbing Charice at Starking, she was discovered. Hope you won’t stop subbing for her.
    They should also acknowledged you in Oprah Show and Ellen de Generes. LOL.

    To CHARICE, Keep it up girl! You’re one hella pinay!


    Lovin’ it from the Philippines

  28. Charice could sing and I think that her best performance was her duet with Celine Dion. However, I noticed that her low notes are awkward to listen to, she sounds like gagging or forcing something in her throat- it didn’t sounds natural. Her high notes is great though, and she has great control when not distracted,e.g, tossing microphone.

    Also, I noticed she is not good at dancing. Her Billie Jean was awkward for her age. I was hoping, since she is being managed by Oprah and David Foster, that they will invest for her dancing lessons. I watched her old videos and that was how she really danced. I guess, she came to an age that it’s risky to do that kind of stuff, that it’s not cute anymore, but awkward.

    I hope Oprah will support her all the way. She sounds great already, just need improvement on her low notes, dancing, and communication skills. More power to her!

  29. Thank you coolsmurf. Your Starking video started everything for Charice. Thank you for giving your time featuring Charice in your blog. It’s very much appreciated.

  30. Hey dude , more power to you because you have been instrumental in bringing pride back to the Filipino people. You didnt only do Charice good but the whole Filipino country whether they know it or not. Chartice was able to accomplish this because you did something to give her the boost. Like you lit up the fuse that started the rocket. hats off to you my friend. for your sensitive and unselfish deed and kindness, may you be blessed a hundred fold too. my sincere thanks to you .

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