Crown J and Seo In Young perfect for each other

Remember the big event and surprise that Crown J prepared for Seo In Young in Episode 9 of MBC “We Got Married”? It was really generous of him to serenade her with his song “Too Much” and present her with a “shoe” sweet cake to make up for the Daegu non-event which made In Young’s life miserable.

As much as they look dysfunctional, they are actually giving the most realistic portrayal of couples today. They have been the most “fun” to watch since quarrels always have more of an impact for variety shows. Their infatuation with new limited edition products, Crown J with his bling bling, In Young with her shoes and calling them her “children”. Granted that In Young isn’t very likeable, perhaps you would change your mind slightly after this before the next episode.

Crown J posted the shoe cake that he made on his Cyworld. Nice isn’t it?

While Alex “flowerpot” was romantic and sad, Crown J showed that he could actually bring the same impact with his rap song, “Too Much”. The song tells the story of a couple who has different set of values and despite quarreling often, they are still very much made for each other. Add Seo In Young’s vocals to it and you have a great song. Love it. “A!” “A!” “Double A!”

6 thoughts on “Crown J and Seo In Young perfect for each other

  1. Totally agree! Crown J and Seo In Young are perfect for each other. They may fight a lot…but their ‘makeup’ session more than makes up for the fights.
    Crown J’s surprise for In Young has got to be one of the sweetest moments in the show.
    I’m really glad the show is showing a different side of In Young in the last episode…dare I say she’s actually quite thoughtful? The fact she still wrote the letter to Crown J’s mom even after their argument showed some maturity on her side.
    But of course the highlight is Crown J’s song and cake. My oh my our ‘gangsta thug’ rapper is turning out to be a super romantic guy after all.
    With Alex and Shin Ae now gone they are without a doubt my clear cut favorite couple on the show now.

  2. ^
    I agree, Without AlShin in the show now, they are my current fave couple to watch right now.
    I was astonished at the end when SIY said that even though its make believe, she really felt like it was real feelings between of them. I had this impression that out of all the couples, they were the ones who played their fake roles for the camera the most, rather than genuinely developing some kind of real feelings for each other. But with this, ah . . . They might be the ones to surprise us all in the end.
    Love this couple! A!

  3. oooh..i am obsessed with this couple..i even downloaded the duet song they sing….i know a lot of people having been saying bad stuff about seo in-young but i think they are the most realistic couple and they are fun to watch…ah,,,,if i can juz keep crown j for myself…hahaha… =D

  4. Though it’s a make believed marriage shown on tv, the feelings for each other some how will appear and affect each other.
    Double A for In-Young for her maturity by writing a gift card for Crown J’s mum even after hearing the hurting words from him.
    Enjoy watching this dysfuntional couple.

  5. NyssNisaCha: do you mind telling me where i can download the duet crown j and in young sing? thanks so much!!

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