Andy and Solbi chosen as Best Couple

Andy/Solbi couple has been chosen as MBC “We Got Married” Best Couple.

Andy/Solbi and Alex/Shin Ae

According to a poll carried out by a wedding information bureau on 489 singles (255 males, 234 females), in the “Ideal Married Couple” category, Andy/Solbi couple was first with 48.9%. Alex/Shin Ae couple was second with 45.6%. Crown J/Seo In Young got 2.9% while Jung Hyung Don/Saori had just 2.7%.

In the same category, females picked Andy/Solbi as their ideal couple with 55.7% of the votes while for males, 50.9% had Alex/Shin Ae as their choice.

For the best husband, Andy was the number one choice with 55.3% votes. The reason was being able to look after people with great care. Alex was second with 34.1%, Crown J had 10.2% while Hyung Don had only 0.4%.

For the worst husband, Jung Hyung Don was the overwhelming choice with 87.1%. Among female voters, 5.5% felt that Alex did too well and makes them feel burdened, having to match up to his standard.

For the best wife, Shin Ae was top with 54.3%. Solbi was second with 30.3%, Saori had 12.8% while Seo In Young had only 2.6%. Reason for Shin Ae’s win was because she had a beautiful appearance and excellent body shape.

Seo In Young was voted as the worst wife to have with 78.2% of the votes, the reason being she has no money sense.

12 thoughts on “Andy and Solbi chosen as Best Couple

  1. ^
    ME TOO !!!! every time I log into this blog and see a big A** Al-Shin banner I am sooooooooooo devastated that they’re no longer on the show… Any news about them ????? pleaseeeeee

  2. Alex and Shin-Ae were definitely the best couple, they were fun to watch. In Young is the most annoying, she treats Crown J really badly sometimes, not caring about his feelings, just her own, in real life they would not be a good match. Saori got the worst of the group, Don Don didn’t try much, he gave up too easily, i wish he gave it a better shot and had fun, but he made Saori so miserable.

  3. Missing our AlShin! T___T

    I have to say that even if undoubtedly Andy-Solbi couple are the most popular right now, our Alex and Shin Ae still came in a close second.

  4. I agree with the beautiful part, but “excellent body shape”? I always thought she was a bit chubby.

  5. Eventhough my favorite couple, AlShin couple, didn’t win the best couple award and Alex was only second to Andy as best husband I’ still happy because Shin Ae was the best wife. She totally deserves it because a wife should be like that. Who wants a wife that’s over the top? Fighting Shin Ae! Fighting Alex! I also agree that she has a nice body. It may not be stick thin but most men prefer their women with some meat in them. Who wants to hug a stick figure?!!!

  6. thanks!!!
    andy and solbi are the best couple!!!!!
    and andy as the best husband,,hahaha!

  7. Just like everyone here, me too miss AlShin. Probably they would have won if they’ve stay on. They’re the best couple in showing their feelings and relationship on TV.
    Just wish that MBC will show how they’re coping after leaving the show.
    Like ShinAe sang the song with Alex “Keep it up, keep it up”, hope they’ll keep it up in real life.

  8. The most ideal married couple…?! Should be changed to the most ideal newly-wedded couple!! In my opinion…
    Although they are indeed cute & Solbi looks pretty; for me, I don’t like being tricked or trick people, esp. my supposed partner like her in ep. 3. I stopped watching Ur subs of Andy and Solbi from that ep.
    All the same, thankss a ton, coolsmurf!! I’m back-tracking on Alex & Shinae’s subs ^^ Fell in love with them from the 1st ep.

    Kindda disappointing on my part, though, coz Shinae only won Best Wife for her “beautiful appearance and excellent body shape!!”

  9. I love andy and alex and I am cruzy about solbi and shin ae they are so cuteand I love the show just married from the big famme abdellah frome algerian biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss for solbi and sin ae and a hug for andy and alex

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