Andy reveals 90% intention of dating Solbi

On the 17 May broadcast of KBS2’s Star Golden Bell, Andy made a surprising confession, “I have 90% intention of dating Solbi.”

Andy and Solbi are currently playing a newly-wed couple on MBC’s We Got Married, and are enjoying a great deal of popularity among viewers. In response to Solbi’s recent confession on Sang Sang Plus that she’d like to date Andy if possible, Andy also made his feelings clear.

Andy said, “Solbi mentioned on the show that she would agree if I were to initiate a relationship. I do have 90% intention of dating Solbi.”

When asked by the MC if he really meant what he said, Andy replied “I’m still very busy now and I don’t have much free time. But after I’m done with the activities for the album, the musical and the movie, and if I have time to get to know Solbi better, we can talk about a relationship.”

Appearing on the same episode, Saori was asked if she preferred her own We Got Married partner Jung Hyung Don or Andy. She replied with “I hate Don Don”, and chose Andy instead.

Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

28 thoughts on “Andy reveals 90% intention of dating Solbi

  1. OMG I’m thrilled!!! Ahhhh they’re sooo cute! I actually hope they really do get together! And I hope the fans can accept it! EEE just toooo CUTE! ❤ ❤ ❤

    LOL at Saori

  2. I really hope they’ll be with each other one day. They’re perfect together:) I hope the fact that Andy is going to military won’t change the relationship. ANBI FIGHTING!!

  3. For celebrities, especially someone like Andy, i guess 90% means they’re couple areadly now. Anyway, It’s better when everything clearly like that.

  4. They are really milking the attention around this fake couple thing. I’m skeptical of both of their real intentions over such talks of really dating. There is obviously something in it for both of them to say such things now. It would be quite cute if they really did get together though.

  5. alvin, i just found out that oprah and elle degeneres knew about cherice from your youtube channel, is it true??
    that is sooooooooo cool!!!!
    thank you for uploading hundreds of korean variety shows :):)
    hope you wont get tired of uploading them.
    i notice that you always work on your blogs and youtube at 7 pm spore?
    it’s around 4-5 am at seattle, WA.
    fighting!! 😀

  6. I love how people but a numerical value on things like that. I mean what’s 90% intention? Every ten times he thinks about dating Solbi, one of the times he chooses not to? Heh.

  7. Poor Saori! She deserved a nice guy! Anyways, grats to Andy and Solbi, I am sure it can work out, even with hectic lives of their own.

  8. Andy & Solbi seem to be a nice couple and look like they do have good chemistry for each other.

    From his recent interviews, Andy is definitely eager to date, even settle down with the right girl.

    Hope this TV program will turn to a sweet reality for both of them.

  9. If he’s 90 % sure, then the rest is up to Solbi. i just watched Sang Sang Plus and they said that Andy is going to be their next week guest. I can’t wait to see it, considering the fact that Solbi is one of the MC’s . I usually like Tae Jae Hoon but in this week’s episode, i think he was a little overboard. Sung Eun asked when do you know a guy really likes you, and after that Solbi asked what if the guy gives her attention on tv but not on private. And Tae Jae Hoon said:

    I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on…..YOU ARE PERFECTLY BEING USED BY HIM!

    Now i want so see what’s going to happen next week and how Andy is going to defend himself after this

  10. lol it means amongst all the reasons he got, there’s like 10% of em are against the idea of dating solbi…? if it’s not too hard literally to be understood. :p

  11. AH!!! Nice to hear someone who’s truthful about their relationship!

  12. It’s nice to see someone actually admit that they want to date this person or are. Celebrities always try to hide the fact who their dating but I guess it’s because they don’t want to be posted all over tabloids and such. Let’s hope this relationship is for real because they do match each other so well.

  13. i found the episode on youtube, but it’s not subbed. =( could you sub that little piece, alvin? just that one piece? the episode with shinhwa as guest and solbi admitting that she’d say “yes” if andy asks her out is subbed and on youtube.

    i’m also skeptical though like Tenderly has mentioned. i have this kindof feeling that andy doesn’t really want to date solbi, but he may be using this for attention or publicity for his solo, y’know? i mean… i don’t mean to put malice over his intentions, but i just kinda have that feeling, y’know? i mean i certainly hope not… i love them together. =D

  14. It is 99% i believe. i am actually getting a very bad vibe from this although i wish with all my might that they will end up together. i feel that they are good for each other. so what is stopping them???? Is the 10th episode, the last episode???

  15. the bad vibe i meant is that it seems that andy is not giving enough…..solbi seems to be the one who is always giving….how tiring it must be for her.

  16. It would be cool four them if it became true ;Solbi will be very happy ,I think when she heard about that she was happily choked.She will become a Shinwha wife,it’s not nothing moreover she is a fan.

  17. As far as I see about andy and solbi. I think andy is really such a gentleman. And solbi is a cute and cool lady to be with.

    But i think the reason behind every move of Andy is like just a reaction to all of what solbi is giving. Its not like he really wanted to do those sweet things to her. Because she is nice and because he knows she has feelings for her. Andy would not in any way let her down. If ever it would be a one side relationship.

    I’ve been like solbi before. Just an advice. i hope she reads this. Take some time for him to miss you. Try not to be sweet and too kind. Let him do the things by himself. Without any other considerations.

    I don’t take it against solbi. But I think you should think about it.

    take care … good luck girl… fighting !!!!

  18. reminds me of Hitch (the 90-10 % rule)
    guy goes 90% of the way, girl finishes the last 10%…lol

  19. ” AHHH,! ”
    andy + solbi ♥ perfect couple.
    i loooovve them , and they should so date in real life. =D

    Andy + solbi = love .

  20. I really want them to be a real couple.. they match each other.. solbi is a nice girl, she’s cute and pretty.. she can be a good wife to andy.. Andy oppa is a nice and kind man also.. so they really match for each other.

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