Se7en impresses with his English speaking skills

Korean popstar, Se7en English speaking skills has been acknowledged by Koreans living in America after viewing his press conference video online.

Se7en held a press conference before his album preview party at Hollywood Club, Highlands where he performed three songs from his upcoming debut English album. He showed his good mastery of the English language during the press conference when posed questions from the media.

The press conference video sees Se7en answering questions like about his new album in America, how his name was derived from, etc was uploaded onto various video sharing websites and generating interest.

At one point during the interview, Se7en said

First of all, I just learnt English like 6 months, (can you) guys understand what I’m saying?

Koreans living in America commented on his performance, “His pronounciation was accurate and fluent. He was very pleasant and polite, and was like a youth introducing Korea to the Americans.” Some also said, “Compared to me who has been living in America for the past 10 years, he speaks the language far better.”

The event was shown on MNet Channel recently and the press conference clip was uploaded onto UCC sites. From 5 – 12 May, it has been viewed over 1000 times and with generally positive remarks.

Se7en has been undergoing 1-on-1 English lessons since six months ago and is preparing to debut in the US market soon with his CD single, “Girls”.

16 thoughts on “Se7en impresses with his English speaking skills

  1. woah…
    his english is really good
    keke he speaks konglish now
    its no longer pans its fans XD
    ill be waiting for his album

  2. Please quote correctly. Seven said… “First of all, I just learnt English like 6 months, (can you) guys understand what I’m saying?”. It sounds less offensive.

  3. wow.. his english is pretty good.. for just learning english for 6 months.. well i learn it in 4 months when i first came to the states for i was 9 then.. he is a much older than me at that time… although he is good in english sometimes when he speak he left out words.. for the americans if they listen to him talk they will tell him that he dont make sense( those people dont know that he just learn english for 6 months)… overall im waiting for his debut over here…

  4. He speaks it great.. seriously, for a person who just learned it for 6 months! So adorable. ^^ I’m excited for him! He’s way better than Bi lol~ I’m sorry to Clouds but Bi speak English like how homosexual speaks. I’m not trying to offend anybody but.. just my opinion.

  5. oh that lucky se7en thing was so adorable…i never liked him that much but I hope he makes it in the US! he’s so cute!

  6. i’m impressed with his english.^^ he’s accent is much better than rain’s.. ehe..
    anyway good luck to the both of them! ^^

  7. I love se7en and love him even more now that he speaks english since i couldnt understand korean. He is an amazing singer/dancer. Good luck for your new single/album.

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