Lee Jun Ki Reveals His Military Enlistment Plan

Lee Jun Ki revealed recently that he is enlisting himself for the army next year.

In an interview during the photoshoot of his drama “Iljimae”, he was asked when was he enlisting for the army, he said, “I have many work this year so it’s not possible. The plan now is to enlist next year.” He added, “I don’t have a concrete plan now but I feel that since I have to go eventually and rather than delaying it, I might as well quickly go and then make a return.”

If Lee Jun Ki (born in 1982) enlists himself in the army at the age of 27, it’s kind of late compared to commonfolk. But it’s earlier than most Korean stars who only enlists themselves when they are near 30 years old.

When asked if “Iljimae” would be his last work before enlistment, he said, “I will continue working before my enlistment, thus Iljimae is unlikely to be my last. But I will not delay my enlistment plan just because of work definitely.”

38 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki Reveals His Military Enlistment Plan

  1. soooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
    there’s nothin’ we can do, we have to abide to our obligations…..hushhh!!!……
    we’ll juz’ wait, juz’ keep on supporting lee jun-ki…that’s all…aja!!!!

  2. it will be the longest 2 years of my life waiting for him to finish his military service….

    btw… do u have anything new on LJK?

  3. HEy…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sup8888 man!…………….
    Are you……..male or female………soriiiiiiiiii,,,,,,,,
    cause i,m confuse………U look like a GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. he’s working on a drama called Unseen Wars, playing a modern hero who used his genius to save the world. Like modern iljimae. Through iljimae he made a lot of fans who include kids lol.

  5. even though im likin how celebs join the army and that, but if i was living in korea i doubt i cud do it, its unfair that ur forced to do 2 years service, i mean its gr8 u learn taekwondo haha and to shoot a gun then bam ur bk into civilian life, but i shudder to it, im thai and in thailand u get like a lottery, they pic out a ball or letter, and if its red or sumthin ur inlisted, if not u dnt have to at all, but if u get this other colour, u have to come bk and do the lottery again in so many years, how horrible is that, and u have to enlist for longer then 2 years aswell, THNK GOD I LIVE IN ENGLAND 😀 i wuda had to do it, even got a letter or sumthin to my mum about it, but lucky ive just got brit citizen :D… though i shud serve :\


    p.s. lee jun ki does martial arts, adn is fit already, they prob make him the instrutor as soon as he starts lmao

  6. so sad…im going to miss him..
    every men in korean must join military service???????

    always support lee jun ki..!

    *Iljimae will be on air in Malaysia soon.cant wait!*

  7. oppa..saengil chutkhae^^
    i really want 2 going to korea..to see oppa T_T
    im so sad when i hear oppa want go to millitary in this year..
    but, hyerin always support oppa^^
    oppa annyong…fighting…T_T
    hyerin jeongmal saranghae oppa eonjenna..

  8. cter nie sedih sgt…
    kesian il-ji-mae kan…
    tp suke tgk muka lee jun ki
    cute sgt…
    lee jun ki oppa saranghaeyo…

  9. what?????? it’s true???? very sad!!!!!!!!! i’ll miss u jnki oppa…… i’ll………………………………….. love u forever………

  10. citer iljimae tu memang tamat macam tu jer ke??? tak de sambungan ke???? takkan iljimae hilang macam tu je??? ishhhhhh……. ni yang tak puas hati ni…….. takkan maharaja terlepas macam tu jer??????? ummmmmm…… tapi ape ape pun… junki oppa tetap nombor satu!!!!!!!!! sarangi junki oppa!!!!

  11. we will wait 4 u lee jun
    u ar baka ….how could u leave ur fans T-T >>SO SAD

    reach the 50 and then go to the army

    nooooo i cant take it ……..

    come back quickly we ar waiting …

    u ar the best lee

    please come 2 dubai once u have many fans here ^_^

  12. OMG LJK! SARANGHEYO! =( i dnt want yu to GO atleast SHOW ME YOUR PENIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!!

  13. > Is this really true…..? OMG…… so when is he goin? damn I’m gonna miss him… Go jun ki!!!!!! military service isn’t so bad ……

  14. So just keep it up!! Ive seen a man who keep his word and stick to his plans, that is a man with integrity, People love you, so i know they, we can wait till you return, just have fan and i know you will learn a lot inside the military camp..Hope to see you soon, Lee Ju ki..Josip haseyo!!! Smile!!!Go! Go! Go! Fight!!!

  15. i used to be a big fanatic of lee jun ki
    but now…
    idk what happened to me…
    maybe coz super junior just like took over me…
    like their cute and hot members
    completely used their looks
    to drag my attention from lee jun ki
    to them…

    but lee jun ki is still awesome
    always was
    always will be

  16. 오빠… 조심하세요! 오빠 사랑해! 오빠 파이팅!

    아자 아자 파이팅!!!


    sending my lucky bunny with you, wherever you go…
    he will protect you…
    from anything… 조심해요!

  17. Hi…..lee junki
    Iam from Myanmar .I like your hair style.I like “My Girl”and “iljimae”.I pray for you to success more than now.Fighting!!!!

  18. I just simply admire your acting. YOU ARE AMAZING Lee Junki(and very hot ;D). Love you forever *heart*
    Will be waiting for your new work 😉

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