080513 Andy’s Diary Entry: Propose~~

Decided to post this since it’s somewhat related to “We Got Married”.

Andy Lee

Hi everyone! This is the first entry I’ve written since I started activities for the new song… Sorry —. —

How’s the song Propose? Just like the lyrics~ I’d like to invite everyone and treat everyone to spaghetti… Looks like my house has to be big enough to accommodate everyone^^Erm.. Recently.. Because of the programme, there seems to be many people who feel hurt, and they’re upset with me sometimes… What should I say to everyone to make it better…

Before I started my solo activities, I promised to meet everyone via TV programmes. When I do recording for the programmes, I’d think of people on the programme as all of you.Although I don’t know if this can help clarify anything… I hope everyone will not get upset with me or misunderstand me, because of the things I do on the programme~

I’m very grateful for everyone’s opinions, criticisms etc, and I’m trying to improve myself based on that.

I’ll be working hard on my activities for Propose… And I’m preparing hard for the Japan concert in June, I hope everyone will look forward to it~
(During the concert, what songs should I use to present a whole new stage… Troubled. Isn’t everyone curious??)

Ah, I heard about the big earthquake in China… I’m worried about the fans in China. I’m praying for everyone.

Source: ND
Chi trans: evmist@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

7 thoughts on “080513 Andy’s Diary Entry: Propose~~

  1. who’d feel hurt and upset? hmm. i thought that he and solbi had more fans because of the show.

  2. He, and she, might have more fans because of them being coupled. BUT, the hard core fans of his wil probably have a harder time accepting it, especially if it were to be for real one day.

  3. although the program is fun to watch for us viewers, it’s difficult for them since it plays with their emotions.

    Alex and Shin Ae is a prime example.

  4. ya…who’s going to blame you by things you are doing in ‘we got married’…all of us wish that you with solbi unni will have good ending, since both of you are so natural in expressing your emotion. ..juz follow your heart oppa, fighting!!

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