Spotlight Release Promotional Posters for Impending Broadcast

MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Spotlight” will start its broadcast on 14th May and they have released three promotional posters for it yesterday. The drama has been getting lots of attention as it marks the comeback of Son Ye Jin and Ji Jin Hee after a long absence from the small screen.

Spotlight Promotional Poster #1

The drama focuses on the work of societal news reporters at a tv station and will document their work and lifestyle. The three promotional posters released whilst focusing on Son Ye Jin and Ji Jin Hee, it also shows the tense situations that reporters often finds themselves in.

The first episode will feature Son Ye Jin masquerading herself as a hotel worker to interview a jail breaker which is based on the real event of convict Shin Chang Won in 1997. Son Ye Jin will also meet Ji Jin Hee for the first time.

But with SBS “On Air” only ending its run this week, it’s unlikely that “Spotlight” would get off to a good start. It will be interesting to see how much it will impact the ratings for “On Air” who will be aiming to go out with a bang. “Spotlight” should start seeing daylight from next week hopefully where it will then go head to head with SBS “Iljimae” starring Lee Jun Ki and Han Hyo Joo.

Spotlight Promotional Poster #2

Spotlight Promotional Poster #3

4 thoughts on “Spotlight Release Promotional Posters for Impending Broadcast

  1. wow… The first poster remind me of a criminal/suspect drama and not “normal” drama ^^

    It’s good to see “son ye jin” again in drama again… ^^

  2. The first poster looks okay, not too original, but it still looks better than On Air. lolz I’m praying for On Air to go out with a bang, so hopefully Spotlight won’t steal its thunder. Much sucess to it next week though.

  3. What will I do when “On Air” is over?! Ahh… Sucks butt.

    I’m a fan of Son Ye Jin but I honestly can’t will myself to support this drama… I’m a die hard “On Air” fan and I hardly ever support copycats.

    I don’t know about “Iljimae”…The only thing that can carry that drama at this point is Lee Junki cause the promos haven’t been good and the storyline looks bland. I doubt it will be competition for a drama starring two, big-name stars like Son Ye Jin and Ji Jin Hee.

    “On Air” better go out with a bang! T_T…

  4. Ah, Jin Goo! I’ve been a fan of his, I hope he get better screen time this time around. Not liking Ji Jin Hee’s hair, Son Ye Jin looked great as usual. And the same. XD

    The posters look nice… thanks for sharing!

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