King of Singer’ Kim Jong Kook’s “Comeback Countdown”, Joy for Variety Shows

‘King of Singer’ Kim Jong Kook’s 2 year ‘return’ to the music and variety show world is highly awaited. Prior to serving in military service, he had appeared in many music and variety shows on SBS, KBS tv stations.

Return of the King - Kim Jong Kook

On 30th March 2006, Kim Jong Kook entered military training at the Nonsan training facility. Afterwards, he was assigned to Seoul Yongsan-goo Hyochang-dong (효창종합사회) welfare center as a welfare personnel. Kim Jong Kook will finish his military service after 2 years on 29th May.

Before he entered the military, his 3rd album sold another 100,000 copies and he participated in the variety show SBS ‘X-Man’ and KBS2TV’s ‘FC Shoot Dori’.

The fact is that the gayo (music) and broadcast industry are both very interested in Kim Jong Kook’s impending release from the military.

He debuted in 1995 as a member of male duo, Turbo. While in military service, on 13th April, 2006, he released his 4th album with the title song ‘Letter’. In 2006, sales exceeded 100,000 (108,609 – data courtesy of MIAK).

Previously in 2005, ‘Jejari Goreum (Walking In One Spot)’ which was part of his 3rd album sold 243,211 copies. He received 3 grand awards at that time. His 2nd album which included the song ‘Han Namja (One Man)’ sold 113,993 copies.

He gained many fans from the intense Turbo dance songs in the past. The unique timbre of his voice suits medium tempo songs and because of this, he has received widespread love from fans.

Before serving in the military, Kim Jong Kook along with Yoon Eun Hye garnered a lot of interest from the viewers with their ‘Supposed Love Line’ in’ ‘X-man’. He also showed his sentimental side to the public through KBS ‘FC Shootdori’.

Kim Jong Kook’s performance in ‘X-man’ and ‘Nalara Shootdori’ made the shows become the highest rated variety programs among the 3 broadcast companies.

A particular variety show program PD told Monitor Today Star News, “ Kim Jong Kook doesn’t necessarily make an outstanding specialty MC, but his reserved, polite sense is really something admirable.” He also said “Honestly at this point Kim Jong Kook is the only person with a strong point in variety show. (I think he’s saying how he feels that KJK can really carry a variety show by himself)”.

He also said “Kim Jong Kook isn’t quite the ‘pretty boy’ but he is very appealing to the female fans. They find the way he carries himself him polite and sexy. Those are definitely Kim Jong Kook’s strong points”

After his military release, Kim Jong Kook will take some time to rest before announcing the plan of his new album. However in the case of fans’ continuous demands, he will notify the fans of advance sale time for his new album.

Credit: Translated by o-cha

17 thoughts on “King of Singer’ Kim Jong Kook’s “Comeback Countdown”, Joy for Variety Shows

  1. i can’t wait.. finally this two years have passed… and i’m going to see him again. Can’t believe it! 10 more days and he’s with us again ! I’m SOO happy

  2. thanks for spreading the KJK news here Alvin.
    He’s coming back very soon. I’m curious as to what variety show he’ll end up in.

    If he can appear in We Got Married that’d be awesome. Or else hmm….I don’t know Infinity Challenge?? After all Infinity Challenge’s ratings has dropped a bit…KJK can come to the rescue hahaha.

  3. Thanks for the update on our Han Namja!! I can’t wait till he gets back. Thanks for all the x-man shows…been watching them while he’s been in the military. Too bad HaHa is in the army now, would love to see them together on Infinity Challenge!

  4. It’s been a hell of a long wait.
    Can’t wait for his album!
    They need to have a X-Man reunion!
    I wonder how he’ll feel about YEH now that she’s slimmed down and lookin’ very pretty… ^^

  5. Lol, I don’t think many people want him to participate in We Got Married :p Infinity Challenge though would be really nice 😀

  6. the han namja of my dreams (soompi thread credit???),…
    can’t wait for his return.. he should def do “we got married” with yoon eun hye… and he can always come to me if it doesn’t work out! lol

  7. can’t belief it’s only 8 days before he comes back! so excited!
    if he can’t be coupled with YEH in We Got Married, i think i’d rather see him in Infinity Challenge and be funny together with MC Yoo 🙂
    thanks for spreading the KJK love Cools!

  8. Miss him so much!

    “Too bad HaHa is in the army now, would love to see them together on Infinity Challenge!” [2] or in any other show!

  9. Hiii! Jong kook 🙂

    Am very happy you’re back..:)) Hep! Hep! hoooooray!!!!! WELCOME COME BACK!!! You are my inspiration …day and nite I turned on my enternet just to watch you, even in my car I have your CD which my Korean friend gave it to me coz’ he knows i luv to listen with your smoothy voice. But sometimes it made me lost my way going anywhere for concentrating and mezmerizing voice of your’s. It’s funny 🙂 thou, I don’t understand what’s the lyrics of the song? Ahh… it’s ok . I love it. Also thanks to the xman and I saw jong kook and in shoot dori and so I started to do research about you. My heart says you’re a sweet gentleman n charming as hye says.
    KEEP THE GOOD JOB!!! Korean fellowship are PROUD for you…..
    Filipina here… I FIGHT FOR YOU!!! i hate people critisizing you. You are a phenomenom creature of heaven…..AJA!!! :))))

  10. Also. am wondering if jong kook still seeing yeh ? I am feeling so bad if they aren’t. Jong kook c’mon go or call yeh or what ever for a date.. I know she kove you too. 😉

  11. Hi!!
    It looks like kookie have lost weight..:( and I think he was missing yeh so much. I know they have a good chemistry to each other. They are so sweet.

    I am missing both of them. I hope on homecoming presentation for Kookie”s concert will be his sweet girl Yeh. Can’t wait :))

    GOOD LUCK AND BE ALWAYS HEALTHY..i SOMEONE is very worried . I am looking forward to your concert.

  12. kjk n yeh for the sake of your fans can you do it??? please.. I only watch you n yeh in the korean show.. I thought I like lee byung but I found this singer from turbo n the actress from princess hour. I said “wow!” so up until now I love watching xman, and a li’l of others. kjk concert and yeh’s drama. The best! It makes my day all the time. It’s superb.. I can’t say anything bad coz it’s all good.
    Mind you I’ve done my browsing @ first I thought lee byung ,lee jung kee, lee dha hae , goo so and kwan sung wo were the best but not like as yeh she’s the best. “no offence.”” 🙂

  13. Hii!!!
    I am back.. Long time no see 🙂
    I am watching kjk most of my time,, He’s gorgeous with black and anything matching with bright colors. Jong kook, you look more sexy and sofisticated gentleman. You are really one of a kind . Oooh man … I can tell ..YOU ARE A VULNERABLE MANKIND ON EARTH. sO CHEERS!!

    hOPEFULLY 😉 YEH loves you for that…


  14. ççççççççççççççççççoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeel

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