Kim Sung Min and Yoon Se Ah cameos in On Air finale

Korean actress Yoon Se Ah and actor Kim Sung Min will be making a cameo appearance on SBS “On Air” as it enters its final week of broadcast this week.

Yoon Se Ah and Kim Jung Min

Yoon Se Ah was acquainted with director Shin Woo Chul and writer Kim Eun Suk during the filming of “Lovers in Praque” in 2005. Kim Sung Min has not much relations but he would still be making an appearance.

Yoon Se Ah plays a outspoken screenwriter and makes Seo Young Eun (Song Yun Ah)worried as she works besides Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha), talk about injecting some danger only at the very end. Kim Sung Min will play an important role in helping Jang Ki Joon linking up the smaller management agencies into one big corporation. It would be interesting to see if “On Air” can surpass its ratings in its final week against new competition from MBC “Spotlight”.

The number of star cameos appearing on “On Air” has been unprecedented and probably won’t ever be seen again on television. Then again, never say never.

Star Cameos

I certainly enjoyed their brief appearances.

7 thoughts on “Kim Sung Min and Yoon Se Ah cameos in On Air finale

  1. alvin, is it possible for you to list or show me where to find which episode does each cameo celebrity show up in?

  2. i had no idea there were that many cameos, i will definitely check out On Air because of that and Kim Ha Neul.

  3. Hmm…just wait till “The World That They Live In” starring Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo… I think it’s gonna be even better than this 🙂

  4. Yoon Se Ah, will you marry me?? She is gorgeous, I love her!!! I would love to hit that ass boy..!!

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