Master Chef Andy – #1 choice for a groom

Shinhwa member and now solo singer Andy showed off his impressive culinary skills and was dubbed as the #1 choice as a groom by moved female viewers.

On the May 11 broadcast of MBC’s We Got Married, Andy personally whipped up a meal to welcome Solbi’s parents for a visit. Solbi and viewers alike were all impressed by his culinary skills, which were comparable to a professional.

And as for how Andy picked up his skills, he said, “I’d watch and learn whenever my mom’s cooking”. He was preparing pancakes, vegetables and seafood all at the same time, leading Solbi to exclaim, “I think I really married the perfect guy.”

Looking at Andy who was concentrating on making the meal, Solbi couldn’t help but hug the lovable Andy from the back, saying “Andy’s really a person whom you want to understand more as you get familiar with him.”

At the end of the segment, Solbi’s parents arrived at the couple’s home, and the nervous Andy greeted them as Solbi’s dad called out “An-Seobang~ (son-in-law)”, leaving the viewers with more to look forward to in the next episode.”

On MBC’s Show! Music Core on 10th May, Andy sang his latest song ‘Propose’ as a surprise for Solbi who was the MC, and gave her roses. And on SBS Quiz! Sixth Sense shown the following day, Andy once again sang to her. Viewers are now wondering if their reel-life relationship has spilled over to real life as well.

Source: NEWSEN
Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

7 thoughts on “Master Chef Andy – #1 choice for a groom

  1. Andy is tarting to care more and more for Solbi. He looked so nervous when he waited for her parents. Like he would really ask her hand from them. And really, i mean really, how can he cook this well? they looked great. In that moment, i guess many women envy solbi a lot: not only hansome and cool, but can cook to?

  2. Ahh! I love Andy.. Such a cutie.

    Solbi’s mom is hilarious! I loved when she was like “Oh, I want to see Alex” in the episode where she came to make kimbap. And I love how she calls Andy “앤서방”! ^_^

  3. meh…to be honest, when u watch their recent show other than this wedding 1, solbi seems to be more hold back in expressing any admiration for andy already, ie 6th sense, ssp, and mcore etc. :\

    i do believe andy is trying to …unseal his world…but will it be too late? we’ll see…

    or maybe think bout it, solbi told andy “i miss u” like around end of april and this episode is shoot like mid april, maybe andy did something in between…like tellin her he really like her? HAHAHA OMG NOW I FEEL LIKE A GIRL!

  4. but from recent show…will it be andy already told her he can only be friends or something….?


  5. Omo! On tablo radio show yesterday andy indirectly said that solbi has the kind of character he look in a girl, and also saying that 99% he’ll date solbi. (even this dumb kid said that he hasn’t got any special feelings yet. :\)

    wawawa i really hope things work out as solbi seems given up now. T_T

  6. all dat event outside of we got married show is all juz to make more publicity 4 d both of them… well, at least dats wat i think of… but seriously… how can andy be such a good cook… luckily alex aldy out of d show, if not, dis show will change into cooking show.. haha ^^

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