Kim Hyun Joong’s Behind-The-Scene Thoughts After Catching Bride Hwang Bo

“Is my age bigger than you thought it was?”

“Before if I had a girlfriend, I just called her by ‘Ya’.”
“Then you can just call me ‘Ya’.” “(nervous)…”

“I should make more money.”
“OKay, I have two activities this month.”

Kim Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo couple who appeared on Ep 9 of MBC’s “Sunday Night” popular segment “We Got Married” have attracted a lot of discussion.

Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo

When talking about the first meeting, Kim Hyun Joong disclosed, “I thought that it would be a cute girl that I would be able to match well with, but when I saw Hwang Bo nuna I was really surprised.” During the recording, he always displayed a nervous image in front of Hwang Bo.

Different from Kim Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo used the phrase “it’s like winning a lottery” to describe her excited feelings towards becoming Kim Hyun Joong’s wife. But nevertheless, because of her older age in the relationship is difficult to hide, she bore a shy image.

Regarding what Hwang Bo called the “not couple clothes, but something very similar” t-shirts, Kim Hyun Joong expressed that he wanted to “change them so that it doesn’t look like they’re similar.”

Afterwards, they wore them and went on a yacht to fish. On the swaying yacht, Kim Hyun Joong did not catch a hold of Hwang Bo’s hand but rather he caught a hold of Hwang Bo’s neck. All the way until the sea surface became dark, he was unable to catch a fish, letting Hwang Bo feel very tired.

Kim Hyun Joong expressed, “I want to do well. Even if I catch a fish as small as a fingernail, I still want to let her see that I am a guy that she can count on.”

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31 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong’s Behind-The-Scene Thoughts After Catching Bride Hwang Bo

  1. Hwangbo fighting! I really hope that Kim Hyun Joong could see what a great personality she has. Sometimes men like him are blinded and focused too much on outer appearance. Thanks a bunch for this article, coolsmurf!

  2. hi Gi, I check ur link, and it did not appear anything. As far as I know, no one sub it yet, and I’m dying to see it

  3. Hey coolsmurf, I don’t know if anyone has told you this yet but Charice was on the Oprah Winfrey Show today and while they were showing the clip about her before she came out they showed a flash of your name on youtube. Then they showed a clip of her on Star King. Just thought you might want to know!

  4. Coolsmurf.. Who’ve become famous. – Getting your name on Operah ^^

    back to this topic:
    thanks for the little peek of this episode ^^

  5. correction of previous post

    “You’ve become famous” and not Who’ve become famous

    sorry ^^

  6. couldn’t blame him though… i mean, he’s still young n all… n hwang is like… much older than him, of cuz he’ll thought it will be a younger girl to be paired wif him. i like hwang bo since i’ve watch many korean gameshow, but seriously, they din really match each other… juz like hyung don n saori couple b4… n oso crown j n in young… but i grew to like crown j n in young couple after watching them in a few eps… and so, i’ll continue watching hyunjoong n hwang bo… who knew, they will be my fav couple in d end? huhu ^^

  7. i like this couple aside anbi.. hehe i just like them because andy is the husband haha…. and shinhwa was there at one pt. of their program.. hehe… like these two coz they are so real…hehe… u cant act like u are really husband and wife at first right… hehe they felt so awkward with each other .. so uneasy saw the show… hehe looking forward for the next episodes… heehhe love them both.. haha charming and very exciting couple.. love it when hyunjoong says things or comments on things so detailed.. hehe… and love it when hwangbo laughs..haha…

  8. i hope Hyunjoong know that Hwangbo is much better than other cute girls he thought, she’s perfect to be with, she know what to do to make ppl around her feel comfortable, make them shine


  10. May I know who is Kim Hyung joong girlfriend?
    May I know what your nickname is??
    Again, I wish you will have English songs.Saranghe

  11. shit your trust! shit your credit! you played many girls included Hwangbo! maybe you still have your first girl friend, but you told everyone you have broken up. you are lier!!! you think you are so smart?! who is the girl with you in HongKong? someone saw sheis your first girl!!! what is Hwangbo? you played her and other younger beautiful idols after “we married”.
    you are not handsome now. yes, you were handsome, but that was before oct 2008(what day you changed your face nose….).now, you are so popular!!!

  12. you just like youself and kiss sex money!!!
    you have nothing!!!!! you are poor man!

    we hope we can wake up. we only bless 1 lady who is a real person.

  13. Kim hyun joong, In fact, we will love you again after you marry with Hwangbo, and let’s share your happy life,your smile which kind smile come from heart. we will bieleve you again after you do a important thing that is marry.

  14. In fact, Kim hyun joong,we will love you again after you marry with Hwangbo, and let’s share your happy life,your smile which kind smile come from heart.
    we will bieleve you again after you do a important thing that is marry.

  15. i wish i could hear u saying that word at your drama
    and i wish i had your mobile no. kim hyun jong atleast read this my coment and we were proud watching you on tv is it ok to stay awake just to watch your drama

  16. hyun joong oppa if you’re reading this please have a heart to go fight your love for hwang bo unnie it’s pretty obvious that you have a great affection for your hypothetical buin and it’s obvious that you don’t either want to let her go you just can’t really express it. remember your farewell? you keep on smilling even though you’re hurt inside so much I never seen you felt this side in any igirls that you’re being with. you’re eventually emotionally, physically attached already to your yeobo buin so please stop pretending about your true feelings.

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