Happy Together defeats Infinity Challenge finally

KBS2TV “Happy Together” Season 3 has finally defeated MBC “Infinity Challenge”, becoming Korea’s highest rated tv show.

Happy Together defeats Infinity Challenge

According to TNS Media, “Happy Together” got 18.2% on 8th May, surpassing “Infinity Challenge” which had 17.2%. This was the first time that “Happy Together” has defeated “Infinity Challenge” after eight weeks of competition.

“Infinity Challenge” which once commanded impressive ratings of 30% in the past has been seeing a decline in ratings to just 20%. With competition hotting up, everyone is waiting to see who will be top come next week.

8 thoughts on “Happy Together defeats Infinity Challenge finally

  1. I don’t know why, but I’ve just never been a fan of Inf. Challenge. The comedy is just not funny to me… I honestly can’t understand why 1 Night 2 Days isn’t surpassing both of these shows, although Happy Together’s pretty funny.

    I guess either way, Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo win, huh?

  2. Well, they both have mc yoo in it, so it was expected to be good, but for me Infinity challenge was better because it had HaHa. Now that he left, i think that they are at the same level for me. Either way, i laugh a lot when i watch them( both of them)

  3. how come 2 mc are in both and then the two shows are directly competing against each other. Dont these stations have an odd policy of not allowing their stars showing on the other station during sunday night?

    Anyway, I like MS Yoo and PMS a lot so good for both of them. I miss Haha too.

  4. i like how MC YOO is his own competition… it doesn’t matter which show wins the rating war, he will always come on top… Love that man!!

  5. i love MC Yoo, and those other MCs, both shows are funny but they seem repetitive and based on the interactions i prefer Infinity Challenge, especially when they trick each other or just laugh at each other.

  6. i love both reality show
    i just like both and i feel entertained watching korean show
    i always have fun watching Happy Together n Infinity Challenge
    the shows have both their own fun….
    love it

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