Best Actor/Actress chosen by On Air Cast

Ex-Sugar member Han Ye Won has been chosen as the best surprisingly.

Park Yong Ha on Ye Won\'s Manwon Happiness

She received this news from Park Yong Ha during part 2 of her Happy Shares Company episode shown on 10th May. Park Yong Ha said, “All of us (entire cast) got together to decide which actor/actress was able to act out their character the best. Ye Won got the highest number of votes.” He continued praising her, “If she continues working hard like this, she will become a very good actress.”

6 thoughts on “Best Actor/Actress chosen by On Air Cast

  1. I like Han Ye Won too, i think Cherry is a funny character *with a b#% side of course*
    But is nice to see the cast recognizing her acting^^

  2. It’s funny Han Ye Won won, but you put the pixs of the main cast. lolz I’m glad she won, because she is cute as Cherry. Plus, I don’t want more comparing among the main cast. lol

  3. I didn’t even know this girl before On Air, but she plays her character really well…
    Gosh… I have a serious crush on Park Yong Ha right now… So damn cute! ><

  4. ok so Han Ye Won IS Hye Seung … and I thought there was some cloning thing going on. Weird, because she can actually sing decently and well Cherry doesn’t really. Gotta love the whole parody thing seeing as she’s with SM Entertainment.

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