Rain posts his Ninja Assassin movie rehearsal stills

Photos of Rain training for his role in his next movie, “Ninja Assassin” was released recently. He is seen wearing a singlet, holding two sword props in his hands as he went through sword fighting techniques. But most importantly, you can see his much talked about significantly beefed up body.

Rain rehearsing for Ninja Assassin

For his role in “Ninja Assassin”, Rain specially hired trainers that trained the cast in “300” to beef up his body. He went through more than 10 hours of intense training and strict diet each day just to sculpt his body as seen in the pictures.

Rain had revealed in an interview when he was back in Korea recently to promote “Speed Racer” that he was surprised with his body transformation, “I have a body that’s difficult to build up muscles actually. But just four months of intense training, I was pretty shocked at the results.”

Rain revealed himself that during his work-out period, he has only had a diet consisting of chicken breast, raw fish, sweet potatoes and salad. The work-out lasted for four months and saw his body fat level reduce from 12% to only 5%.

“Ninja Assassin” is Rain’s follow-up movie with The Wachowski Brothers after “Speed Racer”. Filming started at the end of April in Germany and is expected to hit cinemas next year.

20 thoughts on “Rain posts his Ninja Assassin movie rehearsal stills

  1. If I were to go by his face- I would not have recognized him! His bod is hot! But man- he lost the roundness in his cheeks.

  2. Actually, I know a thing or two about the training Rain is doing in Germany. They are training in a studio is Babelsberg (outside Potsdam) where a friend of mine works. He said that two guys from Epoch Training (www.epochtraining.com) are handling Rain’s conditioning and diet. They have him eating really well and training hard. Plus, he’s doing hours of fight training with a stunt team called 87Eleven (www.87eleven.com). It seems like there is a relationship between those two groups as their websites overlap.

  3. i miss my old rain with more meat..T.T now is to skiny T.T with many musle.. i want my jinny cheeks back T.T

  4. I’m cool with how Rain looks, yes even his face is just fine as it is. This only means that he’s no longer a cutesy-boy and lost all those baby fats, (thank goodness). He has now become a well developed “man” (finally).
    Anyway, there is no such thing as a cutesy baby-face ninja.
    And one reason for Rain’s long hair, because of the character he is portraying, DUH.
    Rain didn’t lose any meat and definitely didn’t get skinny. He lost the baby-fats and gain muscles instead.

  5. Come on face the reality! We should welcome the success that is happening with Rain. This is progress. He can’t be cutesy-cutesy forever. He has a lot of potentials and wanting him to be a teeny-bopper artist is not the way to support him. Rain with muscles or no-muscles-at-all is still RAIN!! He’s a refreshing face in HOLLYWOOD! Keep it up Rain!

  6. Who says that there is no such thing as a cutesy baby faced Ninja? Do you know Ninja personally? Silly comment.

    And Rain is not even Japanese, he is Korean!!! Just because an actor has slanted eyes it doesn’t mean some of us can’t tell he isn’t Japanese. Like the Geisha movie! Oh my gawd that was annoying! The movie was good but you could tell a lot of them weren’t Japanese! Hollywood ignorance is too bountiful.

    Other than that, I WILL be checking out the movie, it looks like it’s going to be kickin’ and yes, he is hawt! HA!


  8. Yes, his quite stunning and lethal/Martial Arts gifted & talented, too and especially so when his protected someone. Which RAIN character did numerous times in the movie “NINJA ASSASSIN” – I find RAIN quite a charismatic Actor and brilliantly genuine Martial Artist. I wish him much “success” in all his Movie endeavors/he and his NINJA ASSASSIN Co-star’s Actress Naomie Harris (she’s lovely/very talented..’loved her in 28 Days Later: dramatic & frightening movie to say the very least!) and the rest of the NINJA ASSASSIN Cast were a “total knockout” in this action packed film. Which is definately in my Top 10 favorite Movie films of 2009! Peace.

  9. I think Rain is HOT! I love the baby-face and ripped-body; the combo is sexy.
    And, I dont know how anyone can tell the difference between Japanese, Koreans etc visually, easily….he looks like he could be Japanese, but yes I know he is Korean…hes just HOT

    Rain is sexy and I LOVE HIM IN HOLLYWOOD—


  10. THE MOVIE WAS GREAT AND SO WAS RAIN. I think he still looks just as HAWT AS BEFORE. It’s his body anyways, it probably took him a long time to work that

  11. I’m a little late with this comment, but better late than never. I agree with Velvette, Rain looks great, he is not a teenager anymore, he is a man and a fantastically looking one too. His body is great and as for the hair, I think he’s sexy as hell with long or short hair, and like Velvette said, he has long hair for the role is playing, DUH. If you love Rain, love him for anything and everything, don’t say, “I love his body BUT I don’t love his face.” For those negative comments from the negative ppl, you’re not a 100% fan of Rain. Rain, keep doing what you do, you look superb!!!!

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