Andy “proposes” to Solbi on Music Core

Well not actually a real proposal, but Andy bought Solbi into his stage this afternoon during his song “Propose” and gave her roses in the midst.

Andy was today’s MBC Show! Music Core, performing his follow-up single, “Propose” with a brand new stage design. Following the success of his “Love Song” which has grabbed the hearts of his female fans, his follow-up song, “Propose” has had the same effect as well.

In the middle of his performance, Andy walked confidently towards the MC stage, extending his hand to Solbi before bringing her to his own stage, grasping her hand tightly. Andy looks at her intently as he continued singing.

Andy proposing to Solbi

Andy then went down on his knees presenting roses to Solbi which led to huge applause from the audience. As Solbi went back to her MC stage, she said, “I really got a shock” and continued brashly, “Really have an urge to get married!”

Today was the first episode in which Solbi partnered Dae Sung and Seung Ri from Big Bang in a new format Music Core and was largely successful.

Who cares if it’s staged? They looked happy and cute together.

17 thoughts on “Andy “proposes” to Solbi on Music Core

  1. That was really sweet of his part .Out of We got married couples ,andy and solby are the only ones that have an outside story. This is the second time she is on scene with him and each time they had such a natural connexion . I remember solbi said on Sang Sang Plus that she would go out with him if he would ask…so i’m guessing that he just did ? 🙂

  2. awwwwwww………… it! Love It ! and I love Andy! HE is so sweet and cute!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Totally agree! It doesn’t matter if it was arranged before hand they look to cute for words!!
    Thanks for the follow up Alvin!!
    Awesome as always!

  4. That was super cute! x)

    I think his backup dancers dress like the SNSD girls, during their Kissing You days, har har.

  5. I love Andy and Solbi! Thanks so much for subbing the shows and your blog. I am enjoying both a lot. 🙂

  6. lol.hell yeah.
    who cares.
    as long as they look happy/comfy with each other
    and we love them for it ;p

  7. they’re just too cute 🙂 they really should go out.

    solbi looks so much prettier these days!

  8. haha u see andy’s expression was so nervous, he kept looking at solbi’s direction secretly as if she might walk away or something. :p

    look at solbi’s reaction when she got the flower..haha…that’s like she’s happy till an extend she doesnt know how to react. :p

  9. after reading a couple of info here and there, and also personal judgement, i really think a soft hearted person like andy did develope a “special feelings” towards solbi, but the thing that really stop him from it is because his career just start, just look at those scary fans eyes…lol…mroe or less it would affect his popularity if he ever get in a relationship. That’s y more or less he’s like avoid contacting solbi when they’re not shooting.

    2ndly, is that, as a son like that, i do believe 1 of his partner choosing criteria would be “soembody that could take care of his parents well”. And…*cough*, although solbi did try her best…but…there still alot for her to learn.

    3rdly, as far as i know, both his parents are very very ill, and as of Korea overall economy towards the social standard of those nations with good medical facilities, korea are still relatively poor, hence the burden on the medication for his parents at this points, and also because there’s love, and his own character, he’s the kind of people that want to give his family the best, just as how he pick up the responsible as the head of the family when his dad got stroke or something. THat’s also the other reason why he havent got into relationship for 6 years, i mean, for a youngster that gone through such toughship in this stage of life…i can und the reason why he’s a loner and quiet person as wat solbi describe him.

    4thly, if solbi doesnt really feel a lil something here and there, constantly from andy, will she still be that passionate after going through all this close-ship with andy?

    5thly, somewhat i feel that andy still trying to take a break from being at the head of all responsible for other individuals, as he’s the only son in the family, while his dad is sorta disabled, dont think he wanna take more responsibliies at this point, considering he also got his career to focus on, and it’s in Shinhwa that he really feel no burden or being in a role of head that handle all the responsible since he’s the youngest.

    6thly, for those that dont know, since young, andy’s ambition is to become somebody that can make others happy, a general entertainer to be exact, and this is one of the traits of a mom’s son, a good son, we can also see this traits in his instincts on picking up stuff here and there randomly and make solbi happy.

    7thly, from interview on few shinhwa’s members regarding Anbi’s couple, personally i feel they really hope this lil brother got hook up this time as if he really been through alot of suffering in the past and he deserved much better, considering that others around his ages are still in dream doing useless stuff that waste time.

    8thly, andy really protect his family’s privacy alot as he rarely talk about it, it’s sorta like he’s been trying his best to built a castle around his family, and his world. hence, to really gonna accept solbi, even that his heart feels like it, rationally he still cant really offer much of his world to her, as wat he said.

    9thly, i needa go to work, thanks for reading my thoughts. :p

  10. whoa crap, that make me down a bit after watching episode 9 when solbi express her disappointment at andy’s lack of response and expressions.

    Sometimes when u think bout it, is it just us who add up all the special and lovely imagination on this couple? or they really that perfect that we cant see the flaw and problem in btw?

    After all, none of the couple in this world that doesnt have any prob after all, not to mention they’re “paired” instead of knowing each other in rl, everything gonna be bit too fast for them…but do hope they got through it, and …. live happily ever after? :p

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