Soo Jung was going to say YES to Ilbaek until Sambaek…

Things came to a boil in Unstoppable Marriage Episode 110 with Okhui finally delivering the long-lost love letter penned by Ilbaek to Soo Jung. She is initially in shock but slowly recovers and then exclaims to Ilbaek and Sambaek that it’s great to know that someone likes her. Ilbaek musters his courage after learning that Soo Jung hopes to hear someone confess his love for her through a song.

He passes a note to Soo Jung asking her to meet him at the park at 8pm rather openly. Soo Jung compares the handwriting and realises that it was Ilbaek who wrote the letter. Now on the other hand, Sambaek has been rather downbeat after learning about what Ilbaek’s going to do and appears almost lacklustrely throughout the episode. On one hand, he likes Soo Jung but on the other hand, Ilbaek is his dearest and favourite brother. And so we are set for the finale.

Ilbaek is at the park with guitar over his shoulder as he rehearses Aubrey by Bread (making another return) which was Soo Jung’s favourite song. Excellent singing again and some passer-bys thought so too and gives him money thinking that he’s a street performer, hilarious.

The other two are however at a crossroads, Sambaek feeling conflicted and Soo Jung going over the love letter and the “three pigs” photo sticker.

Ilbaek continues to wait patiently as Soo Jung eventually appears at the park but backtracks as she continues to ponder. But just as she musters enough courage to go towards Ilbaek, someone grabs her hand! It’s Sambaek!

Sambaek tells Soo Jung

Don’t go
Don’t go if you are going to reject him
I will tell him for you
He’s my favourite brother
So don’t hurt him
So just don’t go

Sambaek then goes over and tells Ilbaek that Soo Jung couldn’t be there because she had to go back to Daejeon (her hometown). Ilbaek accepts the decision without much thought. Sambaek then hugs him which tells so much without the need for words. What a touching scene between two brothers!

Then we learned about what Soo Jung said after Sambaek left

I wasn’t going to hurt him either…
…until now

Voiceover of Ilbaek reading his love letter

Soo Jung, happy birthday~
happy birthday~

I get the feeling that I can do anything that you want
Coming when you want me to come
Leaving when you want me to leave
Smiling when you want me to smile
Crying when you want me to cry

I want to be someone who can grant all your wishes
But can that someone be just me?

So to sum it up, Soo Jung was clueless about the two brothers liking her until the conclusion of this episode. She was going to say “Yes” to Ilbaek until Sambaek’s dramatic entrance that stops her and her words at the end suggests there’s more to come. This storyline has been very engaging thus far and a top draw for me. It does look like it would just be the three of them at the end rather than two of them becoming a couple. Wonder what will happen next?

7 thoughts on “Soo Jung was going to say YES to Ilbaek until Sambaek…

  1. I don’t want to spoil it for you but you need to catch up with the episodes! *cough* 122 *cough*

  2. i dont watch the show but thanks to you i become interested. please keep updating about this. I have always thought Lee Jung was cool since I saw him on Nonstop 5 and X man.

  3. Ah 125 isn’t the end. It was going to be but UM got extended so I think it’s going to have about 140ish episodes. It kinda makes me happy since there’s more time for the sooyoung sambaek thing. I don’t think they could wrap it up in just one episode.

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