On Air achieves another high rating as Oh Seung Ah strips* to show her innocence

The pacing of SBS drama “On Ai” which reveals the story behind the entertainment industry has become more and more intense as it moves towards it’s final week. With the story this week centered around top star Oh Seung Ah’s video tape, last night episode achieved a new high rating of 25.6%.

Oh Seung Ah strips to plead her innocence

Last night was about someone behind the scenes spreading rumours that Oh Seung Ah had a video tape which led to reporters swarming her home, hoping to get her response. She was forced into a corner by the horde of reporters and strips (not totally) in front of her house to satisfy the curiousity of the reporters.

Her ouburst and actions made all the reporters felt like they were rotten scum as they eventually disperse. Although the video was verified to be non-existent later on, the negativity had already spread to anything involved with Oh Seung Ah. Rumours can really make and break an ariste life especially female celebrities. This is but a sad harsh reality associated with them. Although everything’s resolved, Seung Ah tells Ki Joon that “Ticket to the Moon” will be her last drama with Jang Entertainment and she will find a new agency.

Meanwhile, Young Eun (Song Yun Ah) learns that her son’s nanny is actually Lee Kyung Min’s (Park Yong Ha) mother. She worries about the moment he finds out since he is basically living on his “pride”. She was pondering about this in the bookstore when Kyung Min drops by and offers her his shoulder to rest her head. Now Kyung Min was filled with an indomitable spirit as he sees Young Eun sleeping face, he tells her, “don’t be surprised” and proceeds to kiss her.

Wonder what will be in store for the final week since everything is resolved?

6 thoughts on “On Air achieves another high rating as Oh Seung Ah strips* to show her innocence

  1. I will have to see this series, going to! But since I like reading your blog, can you try to be discrete with pictures and head lines? :p

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