Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong replaces Hyung Don and Saori in We Got Married

Following earlier news that Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo were replacing the departing Alex and Shin Ae on popular MBC variety “We Got Married”, news came today that Jung Hyung Don and Saori couple would also be leaving the show as well. They will be replaced by Lee Hwi Jae (36) and actress Jo Yeo Jeong (27). Hyung Don and Saori will make their final appearance this weekend.

Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong

Lee Hwi Jae has been host of several programs and is widely known to be someone in the mould of Alex, dashing, slick and with good dating skills. Jo Yeo Jeong is an actress and I was impressed with her outgoing personality when she appeared in last week “Change” variety. I think they are highly likely to be earmarked to be the successor couple to Alex and Shin Ae possibly.

Jung Hyung Don and Saori

Jung Hyung Don and Saori had been giving a realistic portrayal initially showing how couples behaved in real life and most viewers felt that it mirrored what most of their husbands were doing. But it was never going to work out between them and many lamented that they were so incompatible and totally misfits together as it went on. It’s believed that Saori was the one that initiated the “break-up” as she was thinking of embarking on a solo singing career. She never really looked comfortable during the studio recordings.

The new couple, Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong recorded their first episode on Jeju Island on 29th April and was present for the studio recording on 6th May together with Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong. This explains why Saori and Jung Hyung Don was omitted from this week preview. Looks interesting isn’t it???

14 thoughts on “Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong replaces Hyung Don and Saori in We Got Married

  1. It was a misfit couple alright, Jung Hyung Dong and Saori. There is no romance and relationship to hold them together. Hopefully the two new couples will be able to inject some sort of magic romance into the programme.
    Ever since Alex and ShinAe are leaving the show, I don’t feel the excitment for the show. Oh well…..
    Thanks Coolsmurf for this latest info.

  2. I agreee…it was time for Jung Hyung Don and Saori to break up. It looks painful watching the two on the show..they clearly do not want to stay ‘married’. I think this is for the better.

    I think the new coupling will do the show good… if they can bring romance back (after Alex Shin Ae left) then I’m all for it. The show didn’t need 3 MCs anyway so Lee Hwi Jae showing up as a celeb couple rather than the MC is actually a really good idea.

    Thanks for the news coolsmurf.

  3. I kind of liked Saori, and thought them not liking each other was part of the big plan :p Oh well, I am very excited to see the new couples!

  4. as far as i’m concern, i am still an alex and shin ae fan all the way and will wait for them.. (hopefully)…. true that eversince alex and shin left the program, my excitement kindda slowed down.. but will wait and see on how the new couple will add magic to the program.. I hope they act as natural and not imitate alex’s sweetness just for the sake of being romantic..

  5. I’m keeping an open mind about all the new couples, but I’m nervous as well. Like lylpinay, I’m still waiting for the return of Al-Shin couple after Alex’s album preps (I’ve frequently seen other artists coming back to their regular variety shows after their album preps), but will the PDs still welcome their comback when there are recent entrances of new couples and MC LHJ-JYJ couple being rumored to fill the “romantic” niche Al-Shin left?

  6. off topic-lylpinay, can’t help but notice the word “pinay” in your user name. Are you, by any chance, a “pinay”–a filipina?

  7. Wow. I didn’t know that Saori and Hyung Don were serious about not being able to live together. That’s really sad that they aren’t gonna be on there… Man…

    I can tell this show is going to get old once new people keep being switched out. I mean seriously, Hwang Bo and that Double S kid?! Who cares about ’em?!

    Lee Hui Jae. I’ve secretly had a crush on him since forever and the girl is cute I guess, but isn’t there like a 10 year difference??? He’s well in his 30s and I believe she’s ’89

  8. I never thought of Lee Hwee jae as a stud .. so this news is kinda …O_o for me… I don’t know if I will religiously watch the show anymore, since Alex-Shin Ae had left the show .. well maybe I’ll watch it for Andy and Solbi… and Hwang Bo cause she’s such a spunky woman (GOD I love her,,,ahahah) but the SS guy … hmmmhhh as long as he doesn’t call her noona on this show

  9. gee, after watching the last episode (w/subs-thanks again coolsmurf!)..I feel empty lol ya know??? I think its because of the feeling I got right after the first time(yup, I’ve watched it more than once since it got uploaded lol) I watched part3 of Ep.8(alex/shin ae part)


    YES! that’d be great. this news is new to me! WHOA. i was wondering why saori and hyung don weren’t in the previews. o.o anyway, despite me feeling that it was for the better, it really hits me that two couples have left the show, and new couples have entered. it just doesn’t feel the same. the original couples just had… i don’t know… i feel like their relationships were interwoven in a way because they all started at the same time. i think this show would definitely experience lower ratings as time goes by when couples leave and new couples come, unless the new couples are like… AMAAAAZING.

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