On Air really going all out for high ratings

SBS has released photos of Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) kissing Seo Young Eun (Song Yun Ah) before the actual scene is shown on tv. Following the hugging scene between Oh Seung Ah (Kim Ha Neul) and Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soo) last night, the next highlight would be the kissing scene tonight.

Park Yong Ha’s character, Lee Kyung Min had always kept viewers guessing about whether he likes Seo Young Eun or Oh Seung Ah after showing an almost equal amount of care for both of them. But with the drama edging toward the finale, the question will be finally answered tonight.

With regards to this kissing scene, the production team revealed, “Both Park Yong Ha and Song Yun Ah were very outstanding for that scene. But it was quite a hassle filming it as many people crowded around to watch.”

Park Yong Ha revealed, “Me and Song Yun Ah are like brothers and sisters. So it was a bit awkward. But maybe because we get along well with each other normally, we saved a lot of trouble while filming this. I know that many viewers hope that both of them would have a happy ending. I feel comforted by that.”

The rating for last night episode was 23.5%, it’s highest thus far, surpassing it’s previous high of 21.4% by 2.6 percentage points achieved on 30th April.

9 thoughts on “On Air really going all out for high ratings

  1. omg! i totally freaked out when i saw that picture! well, i should’ve said awww but i’m really in limbo of who i like with who.

  2. Ahhh..So jealous of Song Yun Ah! Yep.. This will definitely make the ratings go up at least a little…

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  4. owesome, i like this scene, so sweet. I am the fan of Song Yoon Ah. She is certainly versatile in acting. She can play violin and piano too. She looked especially pretty in episode 19. Like to see this couple pair up eventually.

  5. AWWWWWWW this is such a romantic scene. kissing in a library???!! who ever thought of that! — well of course, only great scriptwriters can, right??! the kiss was light, uncertain, but innocent and i think that’s what caught viewers’ attention too. i love it how park yong ha was like “dont be suprise” and then when song yuh ah looks her, he gently makes his move…arrhhhhhg cute!

  6. Wow…i was watching this drama in Indonesia. And it was so awesome…..i’m a fans of Song Yun Ah. She is so pretty….i like her at the first time i saw her acting in Hotelier. With Bae yong Jun…i definitely hope they are real couple. But now i saw On Air…and i saw Park Yong Ha is very handsome and cool actor also….wah….i’m very happy to see this couple in this drama…Song yun ah not only a pretty actress, but i think she also smart…she can doing good in funny script, not also in serious time…good for you, Song Yun Ah. I hope i can see your next drama….^_^

  7. i also hv watch hotelie..but during me as a kid..so i cant recognise song yun ah also acting in the drama..i just remember bae yong jun and ….song hye kun( i cant rmmber her name)..i guess…
    haha..need to watch the drama again to refresh my mind..

  8. need to watch this part online… im surely cant watch this part as in malaysia..the kiss scene will be cut…

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