Jung Ryeo Won reveals “scary” self-portraits

Jung Ryeo is a celebrity who loves to show her daily life to her fans naturally and makes one feel that she is a very down-to-earth and friendly person. But her recent photos have more or less make one feel a bit scary.

Jung Ryeo Won the Vampiress

She made an entry in her minihompy recently of her eating Vietnamese vermicelli with the title “Fierce”. She lifts both sides of her lips up with her chopsticks, looking like a blood-sucking vampire. But though you feel scared by it, you also feel that she looks cute in that pose.

Jung Ryeo Won is now busy filming the drama, “Cain and Abel” with So Ji Sup.

4 thoughts on “Jung Ryeo Won reveals “scary” self-portraits

  1. hahah!!
    i salute beautiful people who aren’t afraid of getting ugly… she amazes me in more ways than one.

  2. she is natural pretty and even though she did some funny poses it still looked cute.. i love jung ryeo won.. she is just so unique..

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