Idol status boom or bane for Kim Ki Bum and Im YoonA?

Members from idol groups have been pretty actively recently, striking out in the acting industry. But there’s something that’s inadvertently holding them back. As a member of an idol group, their image has already been acknowledged and recognized by the public, and thus you feel that they somehow can’t shake off their idol tag and show their acting ability to the fullest of their capability.

YoonA and Kim Ki Bum trying acting

Kim Ki Bum had expressed during the filming scene of his new daily drama,
“Happy Events at Chunja’s”, “I hope that everyone won’t look at me as Kim Ki Bum from Super Junior but rather as actor Kim Ki Bum.”

Im YoonA of Girls Generation expressed the same thoughts at the press conference of her daily drama “You’re My Destiny”, “Whether it’s acting or singing, I will do both of them well.” Her words echoing what Kim Ki Bum said.

This has been a problem that members from idol groups find themselves afflicted with. The media often does not regard idols as actors/actresses but as members of idol groups taking acting as a challenge. Thus even if you do gain immense popularity as an idol group member, it inadvertently holds you back.

42 thoughts on “Idol status boom or bane for Kim Ki Bum and Im YoonA?

  1. They can never escape their idol reputation…it is true…when i heard that Yoona was going to star in the you are my destiny drama…i didn’t even make the effort to watch it because i thought….”here we go again another singer trying to be an actor.”

  2. ^ But the thing is, a lot of successful actors used to be in the music industry. Just give Yoona a chance and go watch the drama. She might surprise you.

  3. Her acting in You Are My Destiny is really awkward sometimes. I cringed during her crying scenes. I’m not saying she’s bad, just that she’s not that good… yet (hopefully).

  4. actually i think yoonAh is a great actor, great acting skills too, not the best maybe but she will get to the top. i’ve just watched cuts of her drama but wan’t to see the whole drama! Yoonah hwaighitng.

  5. didn’t ki Bum started out as an actor? he’s good though…
    @KjeSin…i don’t think she’s ugly but she’s not that pretty as everybody thinks either…she made me stop watching the drama…i don’t know why but her acting is kind of…weird…not convincing to say the least…

  6. ahh .
    im really sad that kibummie wants to be “known as a actor rather than kibum from suju” thats disappointing..
    cause; it makes me think that kibummie will eventually leave suju for acting…
    and plus.
    kibummie doesnt have that much stage time when he’s preforming. … which is even worse.
    – i predit, that this will become a future controversy.. suju and kibum.. –

  7. wah, i think as long as both celebrities follow their dreams in life. i think i’ll accept their decisions! besides making singers making movies, or drama’s make us go for it and watch them act so good.. they are good at acting, why not accept it!

    even though kibum, is leaving suju, maybe?
    its good though but sad!,its sad that he might lose his friends and can’t see them, same as yoona. at least making a change is best and thats not my life its his, it is his dream! following dreams is not that bad right?

    for my opinion with yoona, i think she’s very pretty, no ones ugly ok! i think her acting is very good at least she tried to do her best! i watched her in a movie though, i think it was good!

    people following their own dreams is very courageous!
    standing with their own feet is succeeding! FIGHTING!

  8. mga engot ung mga ngsa2bi ng msama kay yoona..hndi ksi sla marunong umarte mga bobo..hahaha.sikat na sikat nga ung you are my destiny ei engot..khit nga un mama q nsa pinas alam nya un ei pinanood nya ei ngandahan sya ei..ang galing nga ni yoona..mga inggit lng kau sa kanya wla ksi kayong talent mga panget ksi kayo hahaha..ang mga mahilig mgsalita ng msa2ma sa iba mga inggit..hahaha..yoona is so pretty…shut up kjesin ur the one that pde ktang sbhin nun ksi hndi k nman skat ei kya khit mgsbi aq ng msama sau hndi ibigsbhin nun inggit aq sau kpag ngsbi aq sau ng msama,paano aq maiingit ei hndi nman kta kilala. hahaha..bobo..stupid….

  9. ah,i see kim ki bum with his face is bad and i feel his character is bad,too. but i like him.


    I’m sick of it. Yoona is NOT ugly. She’s EXTREMELY pretty. Don’t even deny it.

    And YoonA was originally a CF actress before she became apart of Girls’ Generation, so stfu. Especially you, KjeSin.

    Oh and her acting wasn’t that great in You Are My Destiny because it was her very FIRST drama. Give her a break.

    It’s not like someone can have star-quality acting skills right on the get-go.

  11. so what??it’s none of your business if they are a singer that want to be an actor..what’s the big deal of that?? can u tell me..hahaha…lol..they’re handsome and pretty,and they are good in what’s the problem of that??oh maybe your jealous of…

  12. I agree with haha! 🙂 Some people should stop being so critical of Yoona. She’s a very pretty girl; there’s no use denying it. . . People who do are just jealous.

  13. aa selingkuh……………
    kejamnya c aa uhhhhhhhhh……..
    nyeel ak ngijinin aa ke korea klo utk selingkuh…………..

  14. I saw ‘Cinderella Man’ with yoona and it was really good. Her acting really improved from ‘YAMD’ and im glad to see that she grows. Idols can act!!

  15. aa kok selingkuh gmn mau d lanjutin gx hubungan kita
    ylp aku ea a klu gx dtg ke rumah aja ea//////………….

  16. yes i agree..

    it doesnt mean that they cant be what they want to be,, at this point think of it, yoona and kibum started as advertizers and actors before they joined their idol groups,, its not bat to go back to where you started…

    and to the hater that predicts yoonas beauty.. try to look at the mirror..

    yoona is pretty in korea because thats what korean beauty is like..
    and yoona isnt that bad in acting though.. why would they hire her if they dont like how she acts?? same with kibum..

    so stop predicting them.. they are what they are and we cant do anything to change what they wanna do in their lives!

    go snsd and yoona! fighting!

  17. _bagay nga sila ni Yoona but I like Eun Joong for Kim Ki Bum. Sobrang kinilig tlga ako sa dating game nla na Super Summer.Sino kya pnli ni Eun Joong?Si Dong Hae, Si Won or Ki Bum?may phabol. . .ang ganda mo Ga-Eul.

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