Park Yong Ha drags Song Yun Ah to do the Twist Dance

Note: Spoilers ahead for this week episode 18, 19. You have been warned!

SBS “On Air” has just two more weeks left to tell it’s story before drawing to an end and it’s pacing will become more and more intense. In tonight’s episode, Park Yong Ha will ditch his usual image and start singing a Korean folk song excitedly while dragging Song Yun Ah along to do the twist dance with him.

Lee Kyung Min does the Twist dane with Seo Young Eun

Last week ended with Cherry being withdrawn causing a big mess as filming for “Ticket to the Moon” was halted. The chief of SBC TV Station then stylishly rejected SW Entertainment personnel from appearing on SBC TV programs as a counter to Jin Sang Woo for withdrawing Cherry from the filming. Oh Seung Ah also takes a step back and persuaded Cherry to return to filming at the hospital. Cherry is moved by her actions and resumes filming.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, the SBC chief treated the whole team to a meal. Lee Kyung Min was overcome with joy and started singing a Korean folk song and even dragged Seo Young Eun onstage to do the twist dance with him.

Park Yong Ha’s performance won the applause of everyone present. There was a scene earlier that saw Kim Ha Neul singing super off-key. In reality, she sings very well on the contrary and even recorded a track for the drama’s second soundtrack. Her off-key singing came about because of the script. Lee Bum Soo also showed his vocals in an earlier scene. The entire filming atmosphere was very enjoyable thanks to Park Yong Ha’s song and dance performance.

On another hand, this week episodes will center on Oh Seung Ah’s sex video.

7 thoughts on “Park Yong Ha drags Song Yun Ah to do the Twist Dance

  1. And it had to take them 18 episode for a skinship ….driving me nuts !! usually in K-dramas they’ll ‘fall in love’ nearing the 10th episode, lovey dovey on the 11th-13th and then hell breaks loose on them at eps14-end.

  2. Park Yong Ha… I’m so obsessed right now with his character!

  3. park yong ha is so handsome. for some reason, he looks older and more mature than other actors, but he’s still such a hottie. i love his smie the most!

  4. amareally::

    yes, driving me nuts too..

    it was like how long do i need to wait for director just to be more intimate with Script writer.Only on epi 18 , he held his hands for a few seconds..

    but he always has eyes contacts with her,,his stare were just so erm..nice to watch with.=)

    Love the drama!!!

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