It Can Only Get Better for Charice Pempengco

Charice Pempengco inked a one album deal with Star Records for her debut album so technically she’s still free to sign a contract with anyone in the world (thanks to nighthawk). Why is no one taking the chance YET?

Anyway, Charice first music video from her debut album was released recently.

Charice Pempengco – It Can Only Get Better MV (credit to nighthawk)
Originally performed by Swedish pop singer Amy Diamond, Charice does a credible job here with her trademark confident vocals. But there’s not much differentiation really and the song does not do Charice vocals justice. The MV is just…in terms of today’s techonology, well…it can only get better.

Her album titled after her own name, “Charice” will be released internationally on 10th May and will be available at ABS-CBN Starry Starry Store website.


1. And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Going) – Jennifer Hudson
2. It Can Only Get Better – Amy Diamond
3. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston
4. Born To Love You Forever
5. I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston
6. Mama

Contains six tracks which are basically covers with the exception of track 4, 6.

Alternatively if you are living anywhere near Canada, you could order your copy via who are approved by ABS-CBN to carry it. What’s unique here is that it will include a cute little “Certificate of Purchase” from ChariceDiva, something like a stationary like certificate with chaRie on it.

Charice latest single, “I Have Nothing”  is also available for download on iTunes.
Buy from iTunes Apple Store (iTunes required)

On a sad note, FalseVoice2 Youtube account has been suspended again for reasons unknown. On the bright side, Charice appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show will be beamed to a worldwide audience on 12th May.

16 thoughts on “It Can Only Get Better for Charice Pempengco

  1. Man Alvin… You had such a vital role in jumpstarting her career… You should be proud! Haha…

    She looks really different though on her CD cover… Can’t even tell it’s her.

  2. it’s bittersweet. glad she’s getting some promotion but she has so much more potential untapped. i hope this is only the beginning to bigger and better things from her.

  3. Congrats Charice! Praying for your continued suceess.

    The song “Mama” is an original Filipino composition by Ryan Cayabyab, a respected musician/composer.

  4. woot! i went to her mall show! she was really a good performer and was very comfortable chatting with the audience. everyone was charmed by her ^_^

    i have her album! i like ‘it can only get better actually, though i havent listened to the original. i didnt know the mv for the song came out.

    yah alvin oppa, you really were instrumental to her present fame! hwaiting!

    i really think she should sign with SM Entertainment if they really asked her, which they probably did. star records? pffft. frankly if she didn’t become this famous she might still not have that album. i really hope she signs somewhere good, like in the states. idk.

    looking forward to her appearance in oprah! ❤

    thanks for the update! ^_^

  5. Another song of Amy Diamond would have been nicer maybe, but at least her version of it is really beautiful. Has to be sung like you almost have to cry.

  6. thanks for including the announcement regarding carrying her album. we’re really trying to get the word out and we can always depend on you to help us.

  7. coolsmurf you’re really awesome
    and you’re really a charisse pempengco fan..:)

    thanks for sharing..:)

  8. Coolsmurf, thank you so much for your undying support to Charice. God bless. Please feature Charice on Oprah, it’s already available in youtube. Your video was featured too on Oprah with your name.

  9. oh yeah! i was gonna say the same thing as pastilan because i was rewatching charice’s performance on oprah. i saw your name and i thought “i watch his videos!!!!”

    i just want to say thanks so much for uploading all those videos and the vids of charice. i really appreciate you taking out the time to sub and upload and time and what ever else goes into making those videos. and thanks for keeping me updated on k-entertainment gossip!

  10. coolsmurf, you’re the mannnnnnnnnnn!!! you started the whole feeding did a great job. thank you.god bless

  11. yeah “Mama” as composed by Mr. Ryan Cayabyab and her cover of the song I Have Nothing is really good and is the one she sang in Oprah…

  12. … hmm on behalf on charice i’d like to thank STar King, ELF , super junior and Korea for taking notice of her talents of which philippines… didn’t and make her a star.

    Coolsmurf. You also have changed the life of this girl. You subbed a video of which reached thousands (before it was removed) and showed the world her talent through your much treasured popular account on youtube. Thank you. You have just created a star. Before you subbed that video on the internet… well she was under appreciated. I’m a great fan of Charice, and i’d like to say Thank you.

    Thank you kpop -_^

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