Lee Dong Gun back to work as he rehearses his lines

Lee Dong Gun who lost his younger brother in March has gone back to work. He was at MBC TV station on 2nd May as he rehearsed his lines with Kim Sun Ah and other cast members before the actual filming.

Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Gun rehearsing their lines

All who attended the rehearsals sent their condolences to Lee Dong Gun and he thanked with a smile on his face. One of his sunbaenim, Park Young Ji said, “It hurts my heart seeing him, but still, it’s great to see him back working.”

“When It’s At Night” will take over the slot vacated by “Yi San” when it ends. Lee Dong Gun plays an casanova art professor Kim Bum Sang who crosses paths with Heo Cho Hwi played by Kim Sun Ah and starts their journey of finding national cultural relics. It has already gotten lots of attention thanks to its interesting theme. Drama will start airing on 16th June.

9 thoughts on “Lee Dong Gun back to work as he rehearses his lines

  1. sounds like “national treasure.” still can’t wait for this drama to come out…love em both!

  2. Nice to have you back…….I can’t wait for this drama.
    Take one day at a time…………….
    love ya kid !!!!

  3. I love LDG very much.It’s great to see him again! More power LEE DONGGUN. Goodluck!!!!

  4. Thanks God. Happy to see him back again with the smile nodoubt he slim down a lots.

    Hope everythings is fine to him now. Aja, dong gun.

    I will continue my prayer to you.

  5. thank you guys for all your supports………!?
    i hope that all of you guys keep on doing this..

    just keep on supporting my idol..and also to all of his coming projects…


  6. I’m glad he’s feeling better.
    But, I’m always sad when I look at him.
    I understood the pain he went through.

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