Im YoonA passes her first test as “You Are My Destiny” draws good rating

As the follow-up drama to ratings king “I Hate You But It’s Fine”, KBS “You Are My Destiny” which counted So Nyeo Shi Dae member, Im YoonA among its cast got off to a good start judging from last night opening episode rating and received generally good reviews from the television viewers.

Im YoonA in You\'re My Destiny

According to TNS Media, “You Are My Destiny” obtained 23.4% last night for it’s first episode. Although it was a far cry from the final episode of “I Hate You But It’s Fine” of 43.5% by nearly 20 percentage points, the rating of 23.4% for the first episode was better than it’s predecessor by 3 percentage points. Analysts foresee a upward trend in ratings for future episodes.

Viewers left favourable remarks expressing, “This drama is light, refreshing and is very suitable for the whole family to watch it together.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae member Im YoonA also got a lot of attention as the female lead. Although there were the usual negative remarks like, “Her acting needs some polishing”, “Kind of awkward looking at her”, etc, most viewers felt that she was pretty good and left messages on the website to show their support.

2 thoughts on “Im YoonA passes her first test as “You Are My Destiny” draws good rating

  1. Congratzz yoona!!!i’ll alys watch ‘u re my destiny’ n i’ll neva miss a episode of it!!!!nways thanx coolsmurf for postin it !!! toodles………

  2. oohhh!! i love Yoona so….much!! keep up da good work..n ol da best, ma Yoona……..muuaaahhh!!!!

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