Goo Hye Sun in Strongest Chil Woo drama

Pictures of Goo Hye Sun in her latest drama, “Strongest Chil Woo” was released recently in which she appears opposite Eric Mun. The drama airs in June.

Goo Hye Sun

Strongest Chil Woo, set in the Joseon era, depicts the story of a lowly najang (judicial court officer) who transforms into a deadly assassin that punishes evildoers by night. The najang, Kang Chil Woo, will be played by Shinhwa member Eric Mun. Goo Hye Sun plays the daughter of a yangban, who was abducted to China before being brought back to Joseon. She is a beautiful woman who acts as Chil Woo’s love interest.

After acting as a concubine and then queen in her previous drama “King and I”, Goo Hye Sun seems to have been “demoted” as she returns to wearing plain commoner clothes but is still attracting attention nevertheless. The drama is now being filmed on a tight schedule around various folk villages in Korea.

Eric and Goo Hye Sun

off-topic: Just learned that her old daily drama, “Pure 19” will be shown on Channel U in Singapore from 16th May, I can finally watch it on tv if I have time.

4 thoughts on “Goo Hye Sun in Strongest Chil Woo drama

  1. I don’t know what it is about her really. She’s pretty, but really plain. Nothing stand out.

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