Han Ye Seul lays claim to “Dancing Queen” throne

“I am the Dancing Queen!”

Han Ye Seul Cass Lemon Beer CF

Following Kim Tae Hee dancing in her LG Cyon CF which became a hot topic, S-Line leader Han Ye Seul has also stepped up to show that she can do it equally well, laying down a challenge to Kim Tae Hee. This was evidently portrayed in her new Cass Lemon Beer CF for Oriental Breweries. Han Ye Seul starts doing the “Let’s Twist Again” dance in the CF when the music starts.

If you say that Kim Tae Hee was able to grab the attention of male fans with her cute hip and thrust dance, then Han Ye Seul is showing her refreshing charisma through her fantasy-like S-Line figure. In actual fact, Han Ye Seul had received professional dance lessons before filming this CF.

According to someone from Cass, “Han Ye Seul’s dance video has become a hotly discussed topic among various video sharing websites. According to reviews, this CF has evidently raised the profile of the product up a notch.”

7 thoughts on “Han Ye Seul lays claim to “Dancing Queen” throne

  1. Kim Tae Hee is 몸치… As much as I don’t like Han Ye Seul, she definitely moves better.

  2. Theres nothing wrong about how han se yeul dance…She’s CooL and stiLL sexy when she moves..

  3. i prefer to choose han ye seul commercial because she is really gorgeous and have the real pair of shoes when it comes on dancing unlike Kim tae so boring!

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