Davichi grabs Mutizen Award at SBS Inkigayo

Female duo Davichi claimed the first Mutizen award in the first week of May on SBS Inkigayo yesterday with their song, “Sad Promise”.

Davichi claims their first Mutizen Award

In yesterday Inkigayo show, Davichi managed to claim the award ahead of tough competition from Nell, Epik High, Gummy, MC Mong, SS501, to win the Mutizen award decided by fans. Davichi gave their thoughts on winning the Mutizen award for the first time, “I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped us. We will work doubly hard in future to give better performance.”

Sad Promise (Remix) on SBS Inkigayo 080504

Besides the above-mentioned song which I liked from Davichi, I also loved their debut single, “Love You Even Though I Hate You” and “Byeori pitnaneun pam” from Unstoppable Marriage sitcom. Davichi is a pretty good group.

Yesterday was also Kim Hee Chul and Song Ji Hyo last episode as hosts. They would be replaced by Eun Ji Won and Heo Yi Jae starting from 11th May.

4 thoughts on “Davichi grabs Mutizen Award at SBS Inkigayo

  1. I also like Sad Promise but I prefer the CD version than the remix.
    Congratulation to them I was surprised to see them winning this huhu

  2. finally they get it. they’re seriously so talented. i’m glad they got the mutizen award even though i don’t really like the remixed version of sad promise.

    congrats davich/davichi

  3. This is the only girl group that I have serious respect for. Both are talented and are amazing vocals, the way singers should be. Every single song on their album is amazing and you should go see their cover of “Listen” if you haven’t yet.

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