Alex and Shin Ae departs We Got Married

Romantic couple Alex and Shin Ae became the first couple to leave MBC reality variety show, “We Got Married” following last evening’s broadcast.

End of the road for Alex and Shin Ae on We Got Married

Towards the end of yesterday’s broadcast, Alex had to break the truth to Shin Ae about him leaving the program with much difficulty. This was after he sang and dedicated the song “Flowerpot” to Shin Ae as he expressed, “Oppa has to leave for the time being. Thus today is the last time I will be on the show.”

Alex also made an analogy as he confessed

The reason why spring flowers are so beautiful is that it comes with such a force and lets people enjoy the briefness of their beauty and with the promise of it’s return the next year, and then they leave.

He continued

Today’s feeling of happiness is not one to end after this day ends.

Faced with the news that Alex is leaving straight from his mouth, Shin Ae couldn’t hold it in and teared after realizing that it was the truth.

Alex had to leave “We Got Married” plus other programs where he was a permanent fixture to prepare for his solo album scheduled for release in June. His departure also meant that Shin Ae had to leave the show as well.

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) and Hwang Bo will be their replacements starting from next week episode and will act out a older woman-younger man relationship.

It’s nice to see them taking a different approach since I really can’t see anyone coming close to what Alex and Shin Ae bought to the show. Plus it leaves the possibility of seeing them back on the show in future. Will miss them.

Alex Shin Ae

53 thoughts on “Alex and Shin Ae departs We Got Married

  1. It’s saddening that they will no longer be a part of my Sundays but for the time that they were…it was beautiful. I adored watching them and their relationship develope and I can honestly say, as a hopeless romantic, that love is possible even after all the hurt and pain. Alex has proven that to Shin Ae and that gives me hope, lol. Only if there are more “Alexs” out there, haha!

    I truly wish this couple the best and will wait their return. Hopefully they’ll still keep in touch even now that the cameras are all off.

    Al-Shin, hwaiting!!!

    Alvin, hwaiting! Lol!

  2. =( that was really nice.
    I hope Hyun Joong won’t be too shy with Hwangbo. Maybe DonDon and Saori can fill Alex and ShinAe’s romance… haha i must be going crazy. XD

  3. It’s just very comforting to me that we, Al-Shin supporters, have coolsmurf’s blog to show our love for our fave couple. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to read other comments in soompi about how some people didn’t like them at all. Everyone’s entitled to have their own fave couple.

    coolsmurf, I agree with you that Al-Shin has really brought something special to the show.

    Al-Shin, hwaiting!

  4. awww, i will miss this couple sooo much..they’re one of my fav couple other than solbi and andy..shin ae and alex really suits each other..hope they’ll still contact with each other although they’re not on the show anymore and i hope they’ll come back to the show sooner or later..seriously, the show won’t be the same without them..

  5. I have to agree with Friedtilapia…reading all the comments in Soompi about Alex & Shin Ae just dampen my mood every time.
    The show will never be the same without my favorite couple…

    Thanks Jess for the new tribute…it’s lovely.

  6. I too am sad they are leaving the show. I replayed the part where Alex sings flowerpot so many times already and I still tear up when he sings it *sigh* hope to see them back very soon!

  7. I agree with you both, Friedtilapia and Luv.
    It’s good to have Soompi to update news but it makes me feel bad when reading someone said something bad to our couple.
    And I feel warm and safe to be here and sharing with you.
    I cried everytime I watched them in the last Ep.(more than 5 times from yesterday I think) And even listening to Alex’s flowerpot song make me cry.How long I get through this sadness? =(
    Thank you Coolsmurf(Alvin).I appreciate all your works and thank god to have you here.I can’t understand what are they talking without you.And now you give me new inspiration that they will come back.I will prey for it.And of course I will wait for their return whenever it is. 😉

  8. I think my heart has not ached a long time this way. Seeing Alex being tongue tied and expressing his feeling by singing Loveholic’s “Flowerpot” – one of my fav songs… Its just so beautiful and sad at the same time… and this couple leaving the show just make me feel so empty that I have something less to look forward to during the week…

    Alvin, thank you for all your subbed WGM uploads over at Youtube… (I don’t comment in Youtube or Soompi coz its just too intimidating). I feel safe here as its ur own blog…
    Hehehe, am forever checking when you upload new stuffs…

    Gawd… what did WGM did to me?

    I was already crazy over Alex in Clazziquai and his Mr Vitamin cooking thingy… seeing this… confirms my notion, he is too good to be real. Where on earth do you find someone who sound that sexy, cook that well and sweet to a fault? Shin Ae is really cute and I just feel so much sweetness from the 2 of them… Scripted or unscripted, all I can say is some couples in this show seems to be falling for real ie. Alex+Shin Ae & Andy+Solbi.

    What I don’t understand is what’s next? I have faith that maybe Alex & Shin Ae will return, but what is next then? Make celebs fall in love for real in this program and marry for real? Like what is exactly the program’s agenda or objective? I know the program just aim to show how celeb couples might be like and showing us their life, now after showing us “that” life and suddenly you have almost real couple like Alex+Shin Ae & Andy+Solbi…if anything bad happen, like a “break up” or a “divorce”… yikes I don’t think I will be able to take it… I am quite sure the celebs themselves know this meant more than that as well, that its not just a program…

    I just hope in real life, if Alex & Shin Ae, if they think it might work out for them to really pursue it and when they do come back to the show and share good news with us that they are a real couple!!! Maybe being offline will let them really be themself and let their guard down to develop something beautiful. Till then I’ll wait… else I am giving up this program for good coz its just too painful… guess I am a dreamer… with dreams build in TVland…

    Alex & Shin Ae Fighting!!!

    Sorry for the long post!

  9. Porcelain : I think even the WGM producers aren’t quite sure either. This is all very new for them. I don’t think they were expecting so much life-like romance between the couples (esp. Al-Shin). I’m guessing the producers were hoping for some cute, funny moments, and maybe some romance….but little did they know that there is so much feelings involved between the couples. I think the celebs never realize that their feelings might be affected either. I’m guessing they thought it would be just like playing house…..but of course as it turns out it’s so much more than that.

    I agree with Friedtilapia,Luv ,ltbe and Porcelain that your blog here has been a safehaven for the Al-Shin supporters.

  10. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, Porcelain, we all do it.

    I’ve been wondering about that as well, how long will the PDs keep the celebs on and when they’ll decide to change them, my guess is till they start to have activities like Alex, be it solo album work or movies or other projects. Alex is a singer and singing comes first to him, so it is understandable that he’ll leave to fully concentrate on that. However, I noticed that Alex was not having an easy time telling her of his departure, especially knowing how she was hurt previously, I’m sure he didn’t want to be one to hurt her again.

    Shin Ae obviously seemed to have not known about it as you can tell with her expressions and trying to hold in her tears.

    Like I stated before, I don’t think they’ll end it here like this, I’m sure they’ll be keeping in touch even now that the cameras are gone. Knowing Alex, I’m sure he’ll still be sending ‘after midnight’ text messages, hehe. That cutie.

    Luv, so good to have you here too! Thanks for all of your caps. I’m glad you like the tribute.

    As for the posts on soompi, there’s a saying “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. However, everyone has their right to freedom of speech so as Al-Shin fans, let’s just ignore and let the negative comments pass. Do not let them get to us.

    Woori, hwaiting! Al-Shin, hwaiting!

    Alvin, hwaiting! Cause his blog rocks!

  11. Thanks coolsmurf for continuously supporting this couple along with the rest of us to:
    Friedtilapia,Luv ,ltbe, Porcelain O-cha I also have been trying to tolerate the couple bashing in soompi for a while and it just bugs me too much how people can keep saying how much they hate “so and so together.” Now that our Alex/Shinae couples gone they’re turning to the AnBi couple bashing now… ugh. Anyways its great to see a lot of supporters here! Alex/shinae FIGHTING!!

  12. can somebody please add the link in youtube..please
    i want to see this really…but unfortunately my boss blocked
    youtube’s site…please have mercy…

  13. Thanks all for sharing my thoughts… weird thing is I had given up on forums a long time ago, be it asiafanatic or soompi and various others at the height of my craziness… but lately I find myself going in to check out on the news on this program and well, read some less than nice things about the couples…

    I guess now, I am just adopting a wait and see stance and well, just wait if Alex & Shin Ae comes back… else… I guess its anybody guesses whats gonna happen off the program…

    Gawd… I love Alex… and dreaming of being Mrs Alex Chu… hahahaha crazy me… but then… I wish for him in real life to find love and I can’t help but feel that Shin Ae and him are so good together and I hope they become a real couple off the program…

    on the bright side, there’s his new album to look forward to…

    o-cha: you are right, I guess maybe the PDs aren’t sure either… but I have a naggy feeling towards the PDs, like “hey you guys created this, come on, let us viewers have some “answers” or “closure””…

    jess: the debate over at soompi is whether did Shin Ae know or didnt know about Alex leaving beforehand? or was it planned in such a way for Alex to reveal on the program and to catch Shin Ae unaware totally? thats the scripted or unscripted part that well… saddens me…

    but if scripted or unscripted parts allow for more spontaneous kissing… i am all for it!!! ho ho ho…

    ahh… alvin just added in alex singing part from ep 8 last night in youtube… Thank you so much alvin!!!

    watching without subs my heart was already aching, and i dun know korean beyond the regular k-dramas punchline… i better dun watch alvin’s subbed one in the office else, i will cry a river and my heart will just break…

  14. Porcelain, do not let the sadness of their departure hover over you, though we all miss them dearly we must be optimistic and hope that they’ll be back to give us that closure we’re needing and answers that we’re seeking. You must watch Alvin’s subbed version of “Hwaboon” (Flowerpot), though it’ll make you cry (I did), it is wonderfully beautiful with the translations of the lyrics and you just can’t help but get the feeling that he is putting all of his heart into the song for her, his emotions are bared for all to see and what we see is a man who is wanting to be by the side of a woman he obviously has fallen in love with but it isn’t the right time for him so he’s telling her in one way or another that he’ll be there still, hence the flowerpot.

    Gosh, I just love that song to bits.

    Notes: I was just on Shin Ae’s cyworld and there are so many messages telling her to cheer up and be strong, hehe. Korean fans are with us too!

  15. Ah… Jess… hmmm I can’t read korean but I want to have a look at Shin Ae’s cyworld… can pass me the link? thankies…

    Yes I will try to not be sad… silly me…

    It will all be ok… aja aja fighting!!!

  16. Reading all your posts really make me feel good.

    One thing I want to request here is Alvin or anyone who can understand Korean please keep update their news.Post it on your site or soompi,I’ll keep on searching their news.

    Thanks Alvin(again) for all your works for Al-Shin
    Thanks Luv for your lovely cap
    Thanks Jess for your tribute(great work) and Shin Ae’s cyworld
    And I would like to say thank you for all of you here to give me this great feeling that I’m not alone.

    So I think we’ll meet again when they come back to the show.;)

  17. This may be off topic but can anyone provide the link to Alex’s version of “Flowerpot”? I tried soompi, but I couldn’t find it. Thanks a million in advance ^_^ Wishing Alex and Shin Ae all the best ^_^

  18. Sammi510, you can try this link :, courtesy of

    Do i assume that Junji and Jess are one and the same? If yes, thanks again for ripping Alex’s “Flower pot” for me and everybody else who loves it.

    Porcelain, it sure feels good to meet a fellow Alex/Clazziquai fan in this thread. I’ve been their fan since “Kim Sam Soon” days and anyone who has been following their live acts will know that Alex’s sincerity and genuineness on this show are REAL.

    In all his live appearances, Alex has never failed to extend his warmth, love and gratitude to his fans in the audience. There will always be a wide smile, a friendly wave, a genuine handshake or a kind word for them. That’s just who he is – sociable, affable, easygoing and a bit of a TEASE (LOL)!

    I had to post my first comment in THAT ‘intimidating’ thread simply because i just couldn’t stomach all that ‘Alex-bashing’ in the first page itself.

    But, i try not to take it all to heart. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, isn’t it?

    Sorry for the long post. I just feel like i’m among friends here, that’s all. ):

  19. dihei, nice to see you here too! By the way, to answer your questions, yes it is me, junji from soompi. You’re welcome for the song.

    We welcome long posts as they are fun to read so do feel free.

    I, too, am a Clazziquai fan and when I heard that Alex was on the show I just squeeled, haha. I always thought he was cute and such a gentleman form all the other shows I’ve seen him on. I wasn’t a big fan of Shin Ae’s but that was cause I didn’t know anything about the girl. However, after seeing her in this I’ve come to like her a lot. It is just too unfortunate that there isn’t a lot on her online. I’ve found some cfs but other than that, nothing.

    I’m wondering how Solbi’s mom is feeling about their departure cause she likes Alex and also because she thinks Shin Ae’s is prettier than her own daughter, lol.

  20. I wonder if Shin Ae will be invited to star in his music video for his first solo album?

  21. ^ I was thinking the same thing too! But then wouldn’t that just create a storm in the press world? Lol. I’m secretly hoping that is what they have planned. Shin Ae is wonderful in music videos. I loved her in Sung Shi Kyung’s “Please Remember”. I especially loved the part where he was writing on her…gosh, simply beautiful.

    Luv, my dear, thank you for Alex’s single, am waiting to buy it.

  22. ^
    There are talks about AnBi being invited to star in CFs, so I think it would be great if Al-Shin can also collaborate outside the show (Kinda how YEH worked in one of KJK’s videos).

  23. yay for Alex+Clazziquai fans!!^_^ it could be painful to be in THAT thread when you’re one but I guess sometimes ignoring some of the thoughtless words there is the best solution.

    Btw did you guys squee’d when Al-Shin began singing Romeo N Juliet?I was way,no way omg they’re do the duet with this song?!squee!!Them recording the chorus part together is one part I kept rewatching over and over,it’s sweet,cute yet flirty and sexy all at the same just feel the chemistry ..loved their body language there.Especially when you’re used to watching Alex in his professional,polished mode performing the song with Horan on stage,to watch him with ShinAe as they’re singing together is looked very personal and intimate,at least to my eyes..with all the smiling and the laughing,leaning into each other..they were two people who were absolutely enjoying that moment of being together..and when you consider that it was already midnight when they were singing the duet(when Alex sang Flowerpot it was almost 1.20 am)..sighs.

    And I love how ShinAe’s singing voice is like super cute and adorable,an absolute contrast to Horan’s beautiful,sensual voice..and I’m sure Alex appreciated the difference as well.Everytime he sings the song after this he’s probably gonna be reminded of the other voice that he once duetted with..

  24. me too!!!! i was wondering if Shin Ae might appear in the MV for Alex’s upcoming single or something from his new album… maybe a duet even!!!

    yeah i agree there isn’t a lot of Shin Ae online… but I really warm to her when I see her with Alex over the weeks…

    dihei: glad to meet fellow clazziquai fan! have u been to their concert or live perf. ? i wish i could see some long performances… the one in youtube are mostly short… but i come across some swell one like alex rapping, never did know he can do a mean rap… and oh yeah, THAT post, they can’t stop commenting how greasy or cheesy Alex is… but well like u say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, isn’t it? I just love Alex the way he is…

    jess: thanks for Shin Ae minihompy.. can’t read no korean but nice to see her hompy and pictures… and the song!!! Thanks, for the Alex version of “Flowerpot” love it! and hahaha… solbi mom and her calling “anseobang” had me cracking up and her doing the heart shaped logo so cute… but i think she will miss Alex too… ho ho ho…

    so fellow Alex&Shin Ae fans and Alex/Clazziquai fans, till then… fighting!

  25. LOL! Just wondering what Coolsmurf is thinking when he drops by here and sees all these Alex/Clazziquai fans instead. Ha! Ha!

    Jess – When i first saw Shin Ae on this show, i thought she was the most NATURALLY beautiful female Korean celebrity i’ve ever seen(obviously Alex thought so too!) ^_^

    However, i do wish that she would let down her guard just a little bit more when Alex broke the news to her. In this way, we, the Al-Shin fans, would have got some kind of a closure regarding their ‘relationship’ on- as well as off-screen. Well, i guess it is all up to the both of them now.

    Btw, have been playing Alex’s digital single release of “Flower Pot” to death ever since i downloaded it last night. Thanks again to Luv for this wonderful gift. I tried to purchase it online but the loading took forever and nothing came of it in the end. Maybe it only works for certain countries…

    Porcelain – Sorry, i should have said “following their live acts ON TV/INTERNET…LOL! You can watch Clazziquai’s teleconcerts at

    Er, is it alright to post links like the one above in this thread? Wouldn’t want to get anyone into trouble here. Sorry, i’m quite new at posting comments online.

  26. dihei, I always thought she was one natural beauty but I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan for a reason, a really stupid reason: Minwoo. Lol! Yes, I hated that she was with him so it was more like jealousy but after seeing her on here, I’ve somewhat become obsessed with her and Alex of course. I sat through a re-watch of their story last night, watching their parts from when they first met to him telling her to wait for him and then “Flowerpot” … aish, I just sat there crying like an idiot. I honestly think that she cares for him as well. It was obvious she was trying to hold back the tears. She may not like him as much as he likes her but we have to remember that she was hurt in her previous relationships so it is understandable that she would have her guard up. However, I am sure she fell for Alex too, who wouldn’t? (Some people on soompi, haha.)

    Anyways, I’m still holding out the small amount of hope I have that they’ll pop up this weekend, hehe.

  27. I have always been a fan of Clazziquai since I heard them sing the theme for MNIKSS but I really came to love Alex after watching him in We Got Married. I only watch the show because I wanted to see Alex and Shin Ae. Eventhough I don’t understand Korean I would still watch the unsubbed version that would often be uploaded the same day the show is shown in Korea because I can’t wait to watch my fave couple on Monday.

    Them leaving the show made me very sad. I’m not sure if I can watch the show again without them but I will definitely still look for news about these two online although I have to agree that there’s not much online on Shin Ae, which I think we fans should do something about.

    I had just read a comment in soompi regarding who among the four couple could be the most popular…and I don’t really know the sentiment in Korea but I get this feeling that online it’s definitely Alex and Shin Ae although they also have their fair share of haters.

    Shin is so pretty..and I’m certain she’s a natural beauty. I just love her eyes….I think it’s a little bit similar to Lee Young-Ae, don’t you think? I hope she and Alex really do become a couple.

  28. “I honestly think that she cares for him as well. It was obvious she was trying to hold back the tears.”

    Jess,I totally I’ve said on YouTube,how she reacted to the “news” was pure ShinAe.I kinda expected that reaction from her..if she were to bawl her eyes out crying it wont feel like ShinAe,I’d probably doubt her reaction if it was the way it turned out.

    What got me even more was seeing how obviously she was struggling to stay composed,even as the tears were forming you could see her mentally telling herself “no,you are not going to cry” and then trying really hard to give off a nonchalant expression as it all sinks in.T-T If I ever had any doubts whether Alex has come to mean something for her,it was her trying to hold back the tears that told me that whether she’s ready to admit it yet or not,he already has a place in her heart,no matter how small.

    And Alex being Alex who has been able to read her so well all this time and has begun to understand her nature of putting up the brave front with a smile even when things aren’t right will totally get her reaction,and I’m sure he could see how hard it was for her to accept the news,and he should be able to understand what that means.

    But you guys know what?When we consider their body language at the MBC studio on Apr 15 in the matching white top and jeans(for the recording with the rest of the cast),basically after all the “farewell” had happened, I noticed that there was something different there.I dont know if it’s just me but it seems like they were closer and more playful than before,at the studio?There were a few instances were SA was indirectly teasing Alex(she never does that previously) and they were bantering back and forth as they were watching the clips,and there was almost no regard for SA’s “personal space” on Alex’s know that polite distance you maintained when sitting next to somebody you’re not intimate with.

    They were leaning towards each other a lot,and mirrored each other’s movements a lot..hmm.Made me wonder if there were any good news that came after the last “hug” at his studio.And that intriguing little “communication” between them when the MCs were talking abt off-program personal contact between the couples(which was so obviously directed at them)..lols I really should stop rewatching their clips.

    And yeah,it’d be a nice surprise if a compilation clip of them pops up this Sunday or something,I noticed there were some of their scenes that were previewed but never really surfaced on the real ep..maybe they should show those..lols.

  29. Just heard about another new couple that will replace dondon-saori couple. And it is widely believed that they will be earmarked as the next “romantic” couple because of lee hwee jae’s reputation.

    I’m keeping an open mind about the new couples, but the developments are making me nervous. I mean, will the PDs still welcome a comeback by Shin Ae and Alex (probably in June, after his album preps, some say) after all the recent entrance of the new couples, particularly the niche of “romantic” couple being filled up by lee hwee jae’s couple?

  30. bmO5om: I agree with you all the way..everything you noticed in the studio segments I noticed too ..actually everything you just said I’ve been thinking….especially rewatching all the alex/shinae scenes lol ..can’t wait to see ep. 8 w/ subs -alex/shinae parts that is lol..i will be checking every hour on the hour LOL.

  31. porcelain: just read your post ..I had that thought too about the mv w/ alex and shin ae lol..i think i posted it somewhere lol

  32. whats the title of the song that alex sings with the lyrics ” i just wanna kiss you” & the artist?where can i download it & the flowerpot song? :<

  33. Feel kind of awe about Lee Hwi Jae acting as the next couple since he was the MC for the show in the first place. He knows what the show is all about and his acting wouldn’t be natural isn’t it? Oh well, will see how the interacting goes in episode 9.
    Hey guys, love reading your post…interesting.
    Aja….aja…..fighting for both Alex and ShinAe.

  34. Jeany – u might want to try the first page of this show in soompi for the song list.

    Just watched the subbed segment of Alex-Shinae in Epi 8 – a big thanks to Coolsmurf and SuhHyunMine.

    Guess i owe Shinae an apology for thinking that she already knew of Alex’s departure prior to taping AND for being biased towards Alex! ^_^

    While i feel sorry for her, i do think that Alex has made the right decision to concentrate on his upcoming solo album. After all, he’s already 29 and can be considered as a late bloomer (for a solo artiste) in the highly competitive Korean music industry. It’s not likely that an opportunity like this will come knocking on his door on and off. Besides, like somebody says in Youtube; it’s not that he’s leaving Shinae but rather, he’s leaving the SHOW.

    Gosh, STILL can’t get this couple out of my system simply because what transpires between them in this episode is so REAL! So, excuse me while i crawl under my blanket and shed all those tears that Shinae couldn’t (sigh!). : (

    [P.S. – Just wondering what Alex was referring to when he said that “There are complicated, personal thoughts and situations so it’s tiring.”

    What is so TIRING? Was he referring to him having to juggle between the recording of his new album and the show OR was he talking about having to break down the psychological barrier that Shinae has built around her? Sorry, maybe i’m thinking too much here. Shall crawl under my blanket now. LOL!]

  35. I saw the subbed epi a few days ago and I just have to get this off my chest:

    –I understand shin ae’s initial resentment upon hearing of alex’s departure. Its really hard for her to open up and can’t help but feel duped after she learns that he will leave, but then again she did say that it wasn’t as if she would never see him again

    –like bm05om said, the feel of them in the studio recording after the “farewell” was recorded was playful and light–it gives me hope that they have at least continued their camaraderie after that

    –If they ever come back (I hope they will), it will be akward for them again and it will feel like Alex starting again (unless they have continued their communication away from the show), but like spuddevaughn said in soompi, its a battle worth fighting for

    What my most favorite in the epi is how Alex’s response justifies what I feel about the show being scripted or not:

    Like he said, If it was any TYPICAL show, it would be easy to say goodbye, but its more REALISTIC and HUMANE. So to all the haters out there, it IS a variety show, but safe to say that it is also a sort of REALITY show. So you can’t blame us if we can’t help but speculate about their relationship outside the show.


  36. To dihei:

    I guess the “tiring”part bears more on his own personal feelings, thoughts, and expectations rather than that of shin ae’s barrier. I don’t think he finds doing things for Shin Ae tiring but like he said on Epi 7, he finds it satisfying

  37. Friedtilapia – u do have a point here. I guess Alex himself has his own demons to deal with where taking part in this show is concerned. First, he probably knew from the beginning that he wouldn’t remain on this show for very long due to his new solo album schedules. But that was before he found out that he had been paired with an emotionally fragile girl like Shinae.

    Then, he ended up doing thoughtful things for her. Next thing he knew, he fell in love with her unexpectedly or was at least deeply attracted to her! Just when things were looking up for both of them, he had to leave AND break the news to Shinae on the show itself. Phew, no wonder he’s tired. LOL!
    ( I honestly don’t think he would have done so if given a choice.)

    As for Shinae’s reaction to the news, i take comfort in the fact that she did not discount the notion of them seeing each other outside the show. I guess she also sees it as Alex leaving the show rather than leaving her. So, there’s hope yet for this couple to build something together in real life. Let us all keep our fingers crossed over this. ):

  38. dihei:
    aww you are so cute and ur insights on Alex and Shin ae is excatly what i need . i been feeling so down >< OMG Shin Ae is too beautiful !!! i looked all her picturs on her cyworld…:D hahaha I heard from my friend that the possiblity of them returning to the show is slim…I realli wish that his album woudl come out !!! so it would great chance to PROMOTE HIS ALBUM ON THE SHOW since he is always singing to her anways !!! I HOPE HE MAKE ALL HIS FANS AND FANS OF WGM HAPPY!!!

  39. Hi just visited, to see if there is any other news about shin ae and alex. would be nice that there is still happiness outside of the show for both of them.

    thank you again coolsmurf

  40. Awwww….wait am confuzed thou. Are all the couples really offically married? or is this juz a tv show?? I wud love to see Alex n shin ae together again….simple adore them. 🙂

  41. @ Nysh: They’re “married” just for the show.

    Sigh… this is sad… I’ve watched T.V. dramas but don’t get too personally saddened because it is fiction. But this, this is something that got really real.

    Looking from the reaction of Shin Ae when she first heard the news, the way how she was able to compose herself and not cry… only people that have been through enormous hurt before would be able to display such a reaction to heart-breaking news.

    For me, I think I would have stormed out of the studio…

    But than, this is not the end of the world for their relationship. And if both Alex and Shin Ae do like one another as much as we’ve seen and heard from their lips, they’ll figure out something.

    Like the saying goes, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

  42. Alex and Shinae came back!! I love the AlShin Couple the best^^ I hope they never get apart ever again!!

  43. pssh. im kinda late with all this. but i really loved these two and was sad when they left but i read that they came back in ep 13. then i felt that these two really had it.. they could be a real pair. when i researched i read that shinae married a close family friend in real. how sad. i feel so annoyed i dont even want to finish watching the show.

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