Recap of Alex and Shin Ae from We Got Married Episode 7

Just something to remember them by before we head for our finale episode of Alex and Shin Ae. Wonder what will be Alex’s response to last week cliffhanger.

Alex and Shin Ae polaroid

And in case you didn’t know, Korean Sub Utd are currently subbing entire episodes and have episode 1, 2 and 3 up for streaming.

For a list of great songs from the show, bm05om has done a wonderful job compiling them at soompi so just visit that post to get your music.

I stress again that I did not write anything beyond this.

Lovely Alex and ShinAe..the surprise kiss
Translated words by soonjap..caps by bm05om

Alex makes a decision..

Alex:“But I was hit with an indomitable spirit at that moment. “Fine, I’ll just go ahead and kiss her!” So I just went ahead and did it.”

ShinAe: “But I never imagined that he would actually do it and I thought, “Oh, I think this person is interested in me” and that “this person likes me.” And so, I’m very carefully thinking this over.”

Reaction from others..

*My personal fave moment,when ShinAe answered that Alex’s heart dance was could see Alex smiled.But then when she took quite some time to answer which kind of kiss she preferred,Alex looked nervous and even got slightly fidgety..and when ShinAe finally answers that she preferred his and shyly touches her face/close her eyes,Alex then smiled boyishly.


Alex: “From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, I love you. From the depths of your heart and through each part of your body cavity, I love you.”

Alex: “Whether I’m happy or sad, or when you sprain your ankle [Alex’s ad-lib], when you’re pouting or having a tantrum, or even when you are sobbing, when you’re running with heavy steps, or stepping gently,…”*don’t they just look like a little boy and a little girl here?

Alex:”Yesterday…today and tomorrow…I’ll love you forever. End.”
ShinAe: ^__^

The book that Alex gave ShinAe “사랑해,사랑해,사랑해” is originally called “I Love You Through and Through” by Bernadette Rossetti Shustak, it’s really an adorable book to read for a child (my nephew has his and he loves it!)..I was a bit freaked out when I saw the book on the show cuz it looked familiar to me and then a few seconds later I knew for sure which book it was..apparently the sales number for it have increased in S.Korea after it appeared on the show cuz now even lovers are buying it, not just the parents.

Many thanks once more to soonjap for translation and caps by bm05om.

12 thoughts on “Recap of Alex and Shin Ae from We Got Married Episode 7

  1. Hi coolsmurf…
    Finally found your blog.
    Thank you for all your hard work…I really appreciate it.
    Thank you for all the video clips & all the entries about We Get Married. I enjoy reading & watching them.

    I can’t wait to see the next episode but at the same time don’t want it to come because it’ll be the last time I see Alex & Shin Ae on the show…I don’t know if I’ll feel the same about show after tomorrow…Aww…I’m feeling so sad already…sigh…

  2. Ello mister…

    Watching the 7th episode of We Got Married on Alex and SinAe couple cut really kept me wondering what book was it he was reading…
    Finally u were attentive i’m already checking through to buy it online..!!!
    Thanx ya…
    And thanx for the links of the shows streaming…
    can’t wait to check that out…

  3. thanks. they are my favorite, the other couples seem like they are acting, but they seem real almost. how come they blurred out the cover of the book, but Alex could read the whole thing on tv?

  4. Thank you for your hard work in subbing Korean shows and letting all of us have a wonderful time watching them. You introduced me to a lot of funny and wonderful shows and eventually to many lovely Korean stars. I hope you’ll continue to sub shows because us non-Korean speaking fans appreciate all your efforts.

    Alex and Shin Ae became my favorite couple because I got to watch them through your YT channel. I understood them better and learned to love them because of your translations. I hope they come back in the show and that you’ll continue subbing the episodes until my fave couple returns.

  5. Hello coolsmurf,

    I so happy to find your blog.

    Thank you very much and my heart felt appreciation for the hard work in uploading all the video clips, entries and translations for the show “We Got Married”. I particularly love the couple, Alex and ShinAe. It’s sad that they’re leaving. I hope to find more articles about them through you.

    Now that I know the title of the book and the author, I’m going to purchase them as memorabilia of Alex and ShinAe and also as gift to my love ones.

    THANK YOU!!!

  6. hi!
    i just wanna thank u for all the effort u’ve given and we do really appreciate it…thanks for giving us a wonderfull experience to know better about the show…without the sub, i guess it would be hard enough for us to understand the beautiful feeling that we experience now…keep the good work and thanks again!!

  7. thanks coolsmurf for all your effort,,,realy appreciate it,,,thank you,thank you,thank you,,,without you,we wouldn’t be able to understand the show and experience the sobful feeling coming from the words of the couple towards each other,,,

    again,thank you and keep up the good work,,,hope you’ll continue with what you do,,,c;

  8. hey coolsmurf! thank you so much for the great job you’ve done!!!

    love all the still shots you’ve put here too! =))

    I miss alex and shin ae soooo much!

  9. WOW! IT’S A REAL BOOK?! i mean… it’s a book that i can find?! IN ENGLISH?! AHHH! i looked it up on, and there it is. i’m going to walk to my bookstore afterschool tomorrow and buy it. i’ll probably buy tons and give it away because of its greatness from alex. you’re amazing, coolsmurf. i can’t believe you even found AND recognized the book. hahaha!

  10. guys,

    i’m new in watching the show… over the internet… and i really really like it…

    i just wanna ask the title of the song Alex sang for Shin Ae i forgot the episode but it was during when Shin Ae ask Alex to sing a song for the first time the setting was in their house… the tone of the song was romantic – melody? i guess i’m not really good in music… but i know when to appreciate a really good music…

  11. thank you coolsmurf ^^

    i wanna ask, and i think its the same as dany boi,
    but do you know the song that Alex sang for Sinae..
    and it was something like `i want to kiss you`.
    The one that even the host kept singing when
    something happens at Alex&Sinae couple

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