I Hate You, But It’s Fine drama ends on a happy note

KBS daily drama, “I Hate You, But It’s Fine” successfully ended its 9-month run on television by posting its highest rating in its final episode on 2nd May.

I Hate You, But It's Fine Happily Ever After

According to AGB Nielsen, the final episode on 2nd May garnered 44.2% and was its highest rated episode in the 172 episode series. Since starting its run on 3rd September 2007, the drama had an average rating of 35.4%, making it the highest rated drama since 2000 to achieve that result on KBS1TV.

The final episode saw the series wrap up happily with the main couples either getting a baby or reconciling respectively. Oh Dong Ji (Kim Hae Sook) and daughter-in-law, Na Dan Poong (Han Ji Hye) both gets pregnant at the same time. Bong Soo Ah (Yoo In Young) and Na Sun Jae (Jo Dong Hyuk) who were divorced initially, got back together after discovering that they can’t forget their love for each other, making it a happy ending for all.

Some viewers after watching the final episode expressed, “As it’s a happy ending, I felt very happy watching it as well.”, giving a thumbs-up reaction. But some beg to differ hoping for more episodes, “Not only does one couple reconcile, some parts were not handled very well with some loose plots still hanging at the end. It’s a pity that the episode had to end so surprisingly.”

6 thoughts on “I Hate You, But It’s Fine drama ends on a happy note

  1. I felt the ending was rushed. It would have been better if they wrapped everything up in the course of a couple of episodes, but I guess it just didn’t fit with what they had planned. It took too much time for Baekho and Danpung to get together. Also, I wish Seonjae suffered a bit more, he was one of the characters you loved to hate. As for Sua, her change was a bit awkward for me. How she accepted Baekho and his mom was a bit weird and her becoming a good daughter in law was a bit weird also. I’m glad it garnered high ratings though, it was a great kbs drama. Let’s hope KBS’s next daily drama, “You Are My Destiny” starring SNSD’s YoonA does just as well.

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