Embarassing Moment at Music Bank for Epik High and MC Mong

An embarassing moment happened during the announcing of the winner of the K-Chart yesterday evening on KBS Music Bank.

The numbers for the K-Chart was being tabulated live on screen with the three contenders, Jewelry, Epik High and MC Mong at the very end with MC Mong appearing via satellite. Nothing seems amiss until you look closely and see that the pictures for Epik High and MC Mong was swapped probably by accident.

But no one realized anything was amiss until the winner was announced by Kim Sung Eun that Epik High was the winner although the numbers indicated CLEARLY that it was MC Mong who had won it. MC Mong who was off-location recording “1N2D” was confused as well when he saw the results together with his fellow hosts, total oblivious as to what was happening live at Music Bank.

The boards at Music Bank has since been flooded with complaints from viewers and fans criticizing the mistake. Although It was an unfortunate human error, it could have been handled better at the end rather than the awkwardness.

Looking on the bright side, Jewelry is not No.1 anymore!!!

19 thoughts on “Embarassing Moment at Music Bank for Epik High and MC Mong

  1. Ok, I’m a HUGE Epik High fan, but really, did Tablo have to make such faces and gestures?! I know it’s not his fault, but he acted so unprofessionally and he could have handled that so much better. It’s called 표정관리; he should really learn it…

    Not to mention that Kim Sung Eun didn’t handle it well either.

    Aww… My MC Mong… So so cute and I’m sooo happy that he’s toppng the charts. Honestly, I think “One” is the better song, but I love MC Mong and 1박 2일 to death!!

  2. aww. i cant blame Tablo for it. he just looks soo confused, and it was pretty embarrassing. you will tend to loose all sorts of composure in that kind of situation. soo ehh..

    and the only best thing about this is noo more Jewelry!! yay! omg. that songg is just soo…
    anyway. its ok MC mong won this week.. because the next few weeks will just be Epik High. ^^

  3. I didn’t think it was too bad..its true that they all looked a little bewildered but its a very natural reaction in my opinion. It would have been worse if they announced the wrong grp as the winner and have them to do the encore song and all only to have to later issue some kind of apology.

  4. Well, at least something interesting happened rather than just the normal performances. xD

  5. That is the downside of live broadcasting, there’s no NG or take 2. Hahaha ! I wish I saw that… so, who won?

  6. it was funny to me actually lol… when the results was shown MC Mong was confused and then Eun Ji-Won noticed that MC Mong actually won and started messing with him lol..

  7. I am huge fan of Tablo and Epik High, but I agree for the most part with SGLove (though I don’t really understand why KSE didn’t really handle the mistake well?).

    Tablo looked PO’ed imo.. I guess I would be too if I were in his situation, but it’s a live broadcast so it’s really important to act professional, even at moments like this. I really disapprove of how Tablo took care of this situation. :\

    Congrats to MC Mong though. 🙂

  8. I was watching live and this was the most confusing and screwed up Music Bank ending I have ever seen. They were already a little off track because of MC Mong appearing by satellite, and KHD being there too. I noticed the cameras above the wrong names as well as I was watching and was confused as to who really won.

    I really don’t understand why Tablo was so pissed off though. imo, Jewelry winning it 7 times in a row really made the Music Bank #1 award worthless and unimportant.

  9. Your last line…
    Looking on the bright side, Jewelry is not No. 1 anymore.

    That cracked me up! 😀 Cause I also don’t like Baby One More Time 😀

  10. omg how they man-handled mc mong after the results were announced. XDD
    it doesnt’ matter if tablo got the flowers cuz everyone knows that mc mong is #1.
    hopefully Epik High will win next time.^^

  11. late reply, i know.. haha cause i saw this on the 1n2d version and they only showed mc mong’s reactions.. didn’t get to see epik high’s side.. at first i was happy cause of mong.. how he ‘didn’t’ cry haha. but tablloo.. i dont think he was pissed off or acted unprofessional in annnyy way.. he was confused. everyone was! even mong was clapping politely for them and they announced epik high.. they were given flowers and everything and suddenly ‘mc mong!!!’ and its like huhh?? and i’m not sure if the screen fixed itself or if they could see it at all.. they couldn’t clear it up properly too cause it was live.. tablo had the right to be lost.. that was a misfortunate mistake..

  12. lol
    i think tablo had the right to look shocked and all but he should have masked it. don’t blame him tho, its hard to think fast in a situation like that : )

    OMG WAS IT ONLY ME OR DID ANYONE SEE JUNGMIN’S ‘Song Calling for you dance’ in the middle? 😀 😀 😀

    anyway— well done to MC Mong ~
    EPIK HIGH too, for getting nominated
    Tablo <3! : )

  13. I think tablo was confused too with the mix up I don’ t think he was upset I just think the mess up with the names and screens were what caused him to get upset. I think he would have been glad too I think he noticed it as well the mistake.

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