8 thoughts on “BoA with short hair Hite Beer CF

  1. She shouldn’t have cut it ALL off.
    Should have just left some, something like more like Tiffany SNSD hair, that would probably looks cuter on BoA.
    But anyways, the girl is pretty, she’s still pretty with whatever hair.

  2. goodbye to boA’s long hair.. XD. woah, she still speaks in korean hehex! XD. let’s just give her hair a time to grow XD. her hair really made her look older hehex.. she looks a cutie with her long hair..

  3. It looks like a wig… I’m kind of sick of her long hair; it makes her look like a little girl with her already childlike face. This new hairdo is a little TOO drastic but I like it a lot better. Much more fresh, wholesome, and older, mature image of her.

    I can’t believe Koreans drink this beer though…It’s soo watered down.

  4. She needs to lose this hairstyle. Long hair gets boring, but don’t you have a hair stylist???

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