YG to unleash Female Big Bang in July 2008

They haven’t decided on the name yet but a 3-member girl group labelled as the female version of Big Bang will officially debut this summer.

YG Entertainment boss, Yang Hyun Suk revealed in an interview with Money Today Star News on 30th April that they will launch the new group consisting of 3 girls in July 2008 and is now simply known as the female version of Big Bang.

The group members have been decided and they are Park Bom, Gong Min Ji and CL. The trio currently YG trainees and will now be put together as a group.

Park Bom

Park Bom is the most well-known member of the trio and had been featured in Big Bang’s 2006 singles “We Belong Together” and ”Forever With You”. She became popular after appearing in a music video with Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Jun Ki. Originally set for a solo debut and fans are disappointed that she is debuting instead in a group. Expected to carry the group and possible leader.

Gong Min Ji

Gong Min Ji was discovered at an open audition and is the granddaughter of dance artiste, Kong Ok Jin. Already enjoys a following with the teens.


CL is a 16-year-old YG trainee who first appeared at the 2007 SBS Gayo Daejun. She can speak French, English, Japanese and Korean, rap, sing and dance. She was featured in Big Bang’s second mini album intro track, “Hot Issue”.

Yang Hyun Suk was upbeat about the success for his new girl group and is adamant that they will be different from the girls groups out there.

G-Dragon from Big Bang will be in charge of producing the trio’s debut album.

No more WonderBang?

38 thoughts on “YG to unleash Female Big Bang in July 2008

  1. It’s almost weird how this works out isn’t it? While YG is releasing a girl group, JYP is releasing a guy group.

    So I guess, logically, Wonder Girls and Big Bang will be paired up more with their own respective labelmates than with each other.

    Then again, Wonder Girls and Big Bang each have five members so it works out perfectly……..YG’s girl group has three and JYP’s guy group has ten so it’s really uneven lol.

  2. i feel like what’s the point? there’s already wonder girls.

    and wow. gong min ji looks like she’s five.
    i wonder what the plan for sandara is.

  3. hehex. yeah me too i wonder wat’s the plan of YG to sandara.. hehex, anyways.. since YG is making a bigbang female version why don’t JYP make a wonder girls male version haha. XD. i still like wonderbang. XD .

  4. akon, its not all accidental. jyp and father yg has been rival ever since. soo. yep.

    naw wonder bang forever. hehe.

    but jyp’s new boyband is hottt. i mean hott. and yep.

  5. Gong Min Ji is my age then.. prob even older… o.0 lol

    They look pretty and cute! 🙂

  6. park bom, CL… wow, talented kids there… Wonder Girls need to step up their game, because those girls are FIRE!! they a clearly a direct rival to Wonder Girls because WG always struck me as a female Big Bang… well, competition brings the best out of people, so i know Wonder Girls will Bring it!

    about the whole wonder bang thing.. lol it got tainted now that T.O.P has a girlfriend (yet to be confirmed…???)

    i’m looking forward to YG’s new group… its going to be very urban and fresh…

  7. CL!!! She was amazing that performance. As for Park Bom, I’ve been anticipating her debut foreverrr. I think they’ll be pretty successful and different from the bubblegum pop groups nowadays=) FIGHTING!

  8. I’m going to be shallow and say “nose jobs”.
    The one in the middle looks like she’s ten.. is she?

  9. park bom & CL !
    woot ! i love them.

    but, i dont really want them to be considered a girl version of big bang.
    i dink WG is girl version BB well i consider them.
    & gong minji looks younger than me !
    omg… -_-

    i wished that CL & park bom debuted solo !
    it would be better. >.>

  10. I am kind of disappointed that Park Bom wont be a solo artist! I think her voice has the same potential as Younha, but with other songs that would make her something awesome. However, it might not be that bad after all.

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  12. To me, it’s more of a female Epik High. Even though the ONLY connections are that there are 3 members, at least one can rap & speak English and that one member can possibly be a solo artist.

    Rapping Member – CL (Tablo & Mithra Jin)
    Member who speaks English – CL (Tablo)
    Member who can be solo artist – Gong Min Ji (Tablo)

  13. Sorry but saying that the wonderfirls are the girl group equavelent to Big Bang to me is an insult to Big Bang

  14. update update!

    i heard sandara park is officially in the group and they are still planning on having a 5th member.

    and they’ll be debuting in february.

  15. damn all of them are ugly(telling the truth)!!!
    (not jealous if thats what your thinking)

    I perfer wonder girls there 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x
    better then the new big bang girl group.

    wonder girls got the looks,the voice and the dancing skills,what more does korea need.wonder girls are titled korea’s little sister<333

  16. How can you say the wondergirls are better when the female big bang group hasn’t even debuted yet…and i do love the wonder girls no doubt about it…YuBin is the best!! ^___^…btw, they’re still lookin for a name…i hope they come up with a good one..=]
    and the 4th girl is gonna be Sandra Park…the 5th, they said its a secret and they’ll reveal her when they debut…i think this is girl group is gonna have to battle against After School for the top spot…after school is sounding good right now


  17. ohh and I don’t think they’re ugly… well in those pics they’re definitely not beautiful..but those are old pics…haha =]…and who cares they all have great voices..^____^

  18. im..like just thinking as well
    why the hell do they need another big bang ”female” group
    isnt a guy group enough ?
    they match wonder girls man




  20. ^ yeah right… 2NE1 is the best rookie right now… hahaha

    good thing you didnt join hahaha~ 😛

  21. WOWWW time sure pass fast!! now look at them …they are a really a big and powerful girlgroup !! I like the wondergirls….but i think they have just a different style they are more like pop style..when 2ne1 is more hip-hop, pop style i think 2ne1 matched with bigbang more! just my opinion!
    awww so so proud of 2NE1 this girls are the definicion of : FIERCE!!
    2NE1 NOLZA!!!

  22. Now, tell me i3abyviet??

    what can you see right now? of what 2ne1 have reach right now??
    they are now an international k-pop idol group in ASIA!! They are more than of what your favorite girl-group has,
    they are going down now!! And the 2ne1 are going up.. hehehe.. your LOSER!!!…

    Who are the loser now??
    Now tell me..??

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