On Air to be extended by 1 instead of three episodes

The original plan was to extend “On Air” by three episodes, but the latest news is that it would be just 1 episode, making it 21 episodes in total.

On Air

Screenwriter Kim Eun Suk had written on “On Air” official forum on 30th April, “There had been many discussion about the drama extensions, but the drama will officially end at 21 episodes and that’s definite.”

Since airing, “On Air” which talks about the story behind tv drama production has been enjoying high ratings and popularity among viewers. The word on the street was that it would be extended by three episodes.

The three episodes extension arosed from the pending discussions with the cast members and one SBS staff had expressed then, “We are now in discussion with the cast and they have agreed to the extension too.”

But the schedules of the cast members was a big problem and it was practically very difficult to extend it to three episodes because of this.

According to someone from the production team, “Nothing has been decided officially and we haven’t receive any word from the tv station”, “But since the screenwriter has said this, I guess it would be extended to 21 episodes.”

Thus SBS “On Air” will air it’s final episode on 15th instead of 22nd May and MBC “Spotlight” would undoubtedly be immensely happy with this news.

6 thoughts on “On Air to be extended by 1 instead of three episodes

  1. Cool. I hope group Ental will cap all the episodes so I can watch them in HD. And hopefully the krfilm.net group will sub them in English as well.

  2. hey coolsmurf, do u noe where i can get on air subbed? i got up to ep 11 on youtube but i cnt seem to find them videos no more. u reckon they suspended the person? =/

  3. ive downloaded ep 12 and the subs from d addicts and dled vsob as well. but i dnt know how to like, put it all togather so the subs show. do u have any idea?

  4. ensure that the file name is the same for both video and subtitle file in the same folder.

    For example, folder is C:\OnAir, the file name for video is on_air12.avi, then subtitle file must be named on_air12.srt.

    if it doesn’t work, uninstall vsob and install direct vobsub again. if still doesn’t work, download gomplayer, kmplayer or vlc player, either one will definitely work.

  5. oooh ty for replying ^^ been a great help ty ty

    keep up the good subbing bro (Y)

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