Fans and YG Entertainment slams T.O.P and Shim Min Ah dating scandal

Fans of Big Bang and their management agency, YG Entertainment have swiftly stepped out in response to news that broke earlier today that T.O.P and Shim Min Ah was an item, claming it’s nothing but a big fat “LIE”.

T.O.P and Shin Min Ah, Yes or No?

The news that claimed that T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) was in a relationship with actress Shim Min Ah has caused a storm especially among Big Bang fans.

Since the story broke this morning, Big Bang fans has been voicing their opinions all day, “Can’t believe this. This is too shocking.” Another wrote, “This is like Big Bang’s song, Lie. I can’t believe this.” Another group of netizens however gave their thumbs up, “If the scandal is true, the guy is suave and the girl is pretty, they are really compatible actually.”

T.O.P and Shim Min Ah management agencies have both issued statements to the media denying that any of this reported scandal was true by any accounts.

YG Entertainment said in an interview with SPN Edaily, “Big Bang has been busy with their activities, thus this scandal is bordering on the ridiculous. Although we still need to verify this but I can assure you that nothing of this is true.”

Sports Seoul making stories from pictures?
Do pictures really tell the whole story…

Draw your verdict…

44 thoughts on “Fans and YG Entertainment slams T.O.P and Shim Min Ah dating scandal

  1. Is she the one in Devil with Joo Ji Hoon & Uhm Tae Woong?

    Artists have their own life too. So what if they’re dating.

  2. i can sense some truth to it though,
    but for whatever it may be
    i am happy and sad about it.
    happy to see them happy
    and sad cause my YooTOP must wait… hay!

    are that supposed to be the reaction reading the headline?
    I always have this weird funny feeling in my tummy everytime I read scandal headline for Korean celebrities.
    so weak.. this is nothing.. it’s not like they have threesome or being beaten up by the g/bfriend.

    like Kim Jong Kok and Yeun Eun Hye, this is so nothing. not a big deal I wish they will calm down and lay down the SCANDAL word.

  4. any news about to celebrities will be a ‘scandal’ there.

    maybe the two are just preparing for a drama together…and more. ::wink wink::
    juust kidding! not really.

  5. wow, korean people are way too obsessed in the lives of their celebrities. so what if they’re dating?

  6. Yeah I agree with griffin, valski, ayu, annie, okay pretty much all of you here! yeah so what if they are dating there is nothing wrong with! they are still human after all!!! as fan if our favorite bands, actors, actress are happy we should be happy with them too!!! anyway thanks for sharing!

  7. Can someone put two and two together? How do they meet? This is surprising, but unlike the netizens, isn’t that big of deal… unless you’re a member of DBSK or something.

  8. Well we all know how fangirls are like… LOLLL… Sometimes they worship their boybands too much that they forgot that boybands are humans too. Fangirls see them as their ideals and that NO ONE can have them. Haha…

  9. I’m always on a look out for such celebrities scandals… its always interesting to see how the “relationship” will move down its path…

    i think its common that fans bash the girl.. especially when it is a YOUNG boy-group/band…

    thousands and a milion of critics… well… kinda need mature fans for a better response to the scandal/actual relationship..

  10. but i love him , it’s too difficult to believe it .Yes i know they all human but ……so sad….. i loved him ……

    be happy 4ever

  11. I think that TOP can do sooooooo much better than her. They are the complete opposite! She’s old, he’s young. She’d ugly, he’s not. TOP…you my man, must pick someone your age. SARANGHAE!!

  12. I understand now , Korean fans esp boy band’s fans , like ELF and VIP are crazy fans …
    But It’s true honey , even they can hurt the girl who can get closer with their idol , like TOP’s case… , his girlfriend (now exgf) was a victim of VIP , when they were still in realtionship , VIP recognise the girl since her pict was spread in interenet , so I think It’ll be better if u r not one of the member’s gf.., cos if U were , U better watch out girl ,

  13. haha i think its really lie..
    the pictures dont even seem dat much of a proff dat dey are dating..

  14. so what if they are dating?
    they’d look good together.
    don’t they have the right to be happy?

    i wish them well.


  15. Both TOP and Shin Mina’s representatives confirmed that they met in clandestine like 007 agents. They reasoned that this was inevitable because TOP cannot own or drive a car, limiting his freedom to move around. Therefore, TOP had no choice but to be picked up by Shin Mina or make an excuse of meeting a friend in order to borrow the van.

    It is said that the two met through a friend. And TOP asked for acting advice from Mina while he was filming the drama, “I Am Sam.”
    YG is denying all the news and is suing!!!!

    Update: Both sides are now denying that they are dating. YG Entertainment said that it is true that TOP and Shin Mina are good friends but that there was a misconception. They find this scandal ridiculous because TOP has been too busy to date and the dorm is constantly surrounded by fans that would have taken notice by now. Furthermore, YG said that this was all a fairytale made up by a few papparazzi photos. They might believe in it if there were pictures of the two together but they were separate in all of them. Shin Mina’s management company is also simply stating that this rumour is groundless. I guess we’ll just have to see who opens their mouth first.

  16. GET, Over it…..Whose cares who he dated, I still like him…And he can date who so eva he choose and it aint ur business…Get a life instead of bein crazy over this shit…WOW…a date scandal…So Stupid…Ya dont understand makin a big fuss bout this…Man he’s hot of course claws wants to grab him…

  17. seriously, YooTop needs to come out, wish THEY would date. yoobin and top are both rappers and hot, would love to see them dating. but i love shin min ah too, so i don’t know

  18. fans of TOP
    girls who are crazy over TOP,

    why don’t you accept the fact that they are lovers!who cares, age is just a number and besides MINAH looks young with her age. it’s not their fault that they liked each other. girls who wants to rip off Shin Min ah are so overrated. get over it, they are perfect for each other. Min ah is HOT and your NOT, so stop hatin’ this girl. why don’t you support them and be happy for them because i’m very much happy for them. love them both.

  19. i cant believe this. wake up T.O.P.
    shi min ah is too old for you.
    i hope that you will go with Sandara Park.

    Sandara Park and T.O.P. are compatible.


  20. they look great together but …..*sigh* … whatever the truth is I still like TOP and bigbang

  21. I personally think that they go good together =D
    And yes, yes. Korean fangirls are too obsessed with the male celebrities :/
    It’s kinda weird..
    Having strangers be obsessed with you…o___O;;
    …Well…they are celebrities so, whatever xD
    But anyway, GOSHH!! These fangirls need to give them some space xD

  22. haha this is ridiculous!!!:))))
    She is too old?!?!?! Are you nuts ?! He cant date because of crazy fans?And we could even find him a girl we want?! hahahaha, This sounds so damn funny! Girls get a real life, find some hot cute and regular boy in your high school. Difference between TOP and those cute guys is just only in popularity…that’s it… There is a lot of TOPs out there


  24. lots of TOPs out there would you say the same abt gd,@mima stfu omg what guy other guys, has charisma badass looks, power rapper,amazing gorgeous eyes,turn guys gay when his hair long

  25. ah!!! so what ?let dem live their own lives.and whats the problem if she is few years older than him> grow up people!!!

  26. You rabid psychotic butthurt fans are so pathetic it’s not even funny.
    Age ain’t nothing but a number.
    He’s human.
    She’s human.
    And he’ll never date you.
    So get over it.


  27. Screw you people talking down on Min ah, she is a beautiful woman and if she wanted him she could have him! I love TOP just as much as you people do, but I love her as well! I don’t know why she should be bashed if she was in a relationship with him, if we are free to have our own relationships, why couldn’t they? If they were together then they deserve each other. Leave her alone and quite bashing on her!

  28. оО,,это его девушка?? ТОР такая красавчик, моя мечта его увидеть. Повезло этой девушке!!

    seriously, couldn’t have said it better myself. I hate the fact that ppl are totaly bashing her!
    If its true, congradulations to them. If not, well…i’m surprised their friends.

  30. it’s ok for me .
    because minah is a really great actress and really cute too ^^
    and if tabi oppa really love her . we cant do anything about it .

  31. lol but he’s wearing a pink jacket and backpack, I highly doubt it XD He looks like a little kid being picked up from school XDDD (so cute TOP!!)
    Seriously though, obviously since this was years ago, he wasn’t dating her. Somehow I can detect what stories are true and what is false. Seungri’s scandal seemed true to me and turned out it was, this story seemed false to me and it was. I guess I just know their personalities well 🙂

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